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Birding Goal for 2011

I still can’t really believe that it is 2011. Last year went past like a blur! I was updating my life list this afternoon, and realized that I am at #119. There are so many opportunities here on the Gulf Coast this year, that I am in a great location to add to those numbers. I just need some motivation!

So my birding goal this year is to make it to #200. I guess I will be tackling shorebirds this spring, and maybe making some special trips. Exciting!

Yesterday, we had a great day in the outdoors. We drove down to Lake Jackson and visited Sea Center Texas. It is a nature center/fish hatchery that focuses on sea life. We went inside and browsed around before walking the boardwalk out along the ponds. Inside, there is a touch tank and a number of aquariums exhibiting different habitats and the fish that live there. We did not have an appointment to tour the hatchery, but it would be neat to see it.

Outside, we walked down the boardwalks and looked at the different birds. I saw two new birds for my life list, the Common Yellowthroat and the Sora. Other birds there were: Great Blue Heron, Great Egret, Blue-Winged Teal, Yellow-Rumped Warbler, White Ibis, and American Coots.

After that, we ate lunch at the Luby’s and then headed over to Brazos Bend State Park. We visited there last April and walked along the 40-acre Lake. This time, we walked around Elm Lake. We saw several large alligators, but they were all on the islands and none were on the banks or the trails. We also saw many, many birds, but I did not identify any new ones for my list. I really enjoy this park, and we talked about coming back and planning to visit the observatory at night.

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