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Today has been a beautiful day!! Although it has been very windy. All the rain we’ve had recently has meant that the flowers look lovely. We have cherry trees, dogwoods, tulips, and all sorts of little flowers. One of my double daffodils has bloomed, finally. And my pansies are springing back.

After church today, I ran a few errands and then came home and planted our lettuce and bok choy from last weekend. This coming week, I’m going to freshen up our herb pots so that all of them are growing something again. I would also like a pepper plant or two and maybe a cherry tomato. Then we will have a jungle on our deck!

Also, it is the first really warm day. We opened all our windows up, and let the wind cool our house. That’s kept it about about 74 inside. One of our neighbors is running their a/c, which is ridiculous because a few days ago, I’m sure they were running their heat to get it at least this warm. Just like in the fall, when we didn’t turn the heat on until November, we are not turning the a/c on until May. That means I have to dust our ceiling fans soon!


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Today, Reed and I went on a fun outing. Well, I had fun and Reed was with me. (He is a little sick, but he was a good sport.)

First, we headed out to the Carrboro Farmer’s Market. I went a while back, and I’ve been wanting Reed to with me. We walked past a guy with a sign about “Goats for Pets” and walked through the market. One day I will bring a cooler and buy some sausage and steaks. We bought a bunch of pussy willow stems and two packs of veggies to plant on our deck - oakleaf lettuce and bok choy. I have to go out and buy a new planter to put these in, and then we will have some salad greens and some for stir-fry. Only four plants each, so we won’t get lots from them, but they will be a special supplement!

Then, because Reed was starving, we went to the Town Hall Grill in Chapel Hill. It was pretty tasty, although I didn’t have much since it wasn’t even noon yet! But their soup of the day was corn chowder, which is my favorite soup ever, so I had to have a cup.

After that, it was off to Hillsborough for a nice walk. We went to Occoneechee Speedway, which is one of the first NASCAR tracks, and the only one remaining from NASCAR’s first year, 1949. This is the straightaway in front of the grandstands, or what is left of it.

The old grandstands are still there, but the infield is completely overgrown with pines and other trees.

The track is right on the Eno River, and we walked around the dirt track and then down to where you can see the bend in the river. On the Big Bend trail, we saw many plants with tiny yellow flowers, which were hard to notice because their blooms point down and the plant is only a few inches tall. However, once I saw one, I saw them everywhere on the trail. When I came home, I looked it up in my wildflower book and discovered that they are trout lilies. My phone is not very good at taking close-ups, so this is a link to a better picture. Apparently, they are common throughout eastern North America, so if you live in a Piedmont region and have a chance to walk in some deciduous forests soon, keep an eye out for them!

Altogether, there are 3 miles of trail at this park, but we only walked around the track and then out to the bend.

A Reformed Sweet Milk Drinker


Last night, I was digging around in the kitchen for a snack. I have a half gallon of buttermilk in my fridge, although I don’t have the slightest clue why I bought so much of it at a time. Generally, I keep about a quart to bake with, but the last time I had a big grocery run I bought a half gallon. That probably means I was going to use it in a recipe, but I don’t know which anymore.

I looked at the buttermilk, and thought, hmmm. When I was a little girl, and I asked for a glass of milk at MaNette’s house, she would ask, “Sweet milk or buttermilk?” I wouldn’t drink buttermilk, so I would just have some sweet milk. (Sweet milk, by the way, is just milk.) I think I can remember my mother drinking buttermilk, too, when I was little.

Things change, though. I would NEVER eat broccoli or asparagus as a child, but I could eat it every day now. In fact, I am keeping my eyes peeled for local asparagus. In Athens, after Reed had moved here, I ate asparagus at least once a day when it was in season.

So I poured myself a tiny bit of buttermilk and tasted it. And it was not bad! I put a handful of frozen blueberries in the cup and ate it. It was a very good snack, although I don’t think I’ll be drinking it straight just yet.

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