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At the top of the page, there are different tabs for my archives, adventure list, links, and about me. If you click on links, you can now see my list of favorite blogs. Soon I will add other links to fun sites that I frequent, but I thought I would go ahead and link to those I read regularly. Eventually, I will add to the about me section, too. Fortunately for me, most of my readers know me pretty well, even just from reading my blog! In a way, my blog is one big about-me section. It’s just hard to summarize sometimes, especially when it is yourself you are describing.

Anywho, not many adventures recently between Christmas shopping and not feeling well. :( Actually, I am feeling much better today. I also chopped off my hair at a mall salon, which I have to say was not one of my brightest ideas. I’m glad the old, weirdly layered hair is gone, and now I have new, nearly all one length hair. It’s ok, but lacks something. Probably style. Harhar. Oh well, in a month or so it will be the length I want it to be and I will pay a zillion dollars for some style at that length.

I actually considered waiting until we got to Athens on Saturday before having my hair cut, but that would be stretching my luck. I was ready to go, but I still miss the town and the people who were in it, once upon a time.

In today’s paper, there is an article about the Catamount Trail, which is a 300 mile cross-country ski trail in Vermont. In some places, you can ski inn-to-inn! Now I just need some skis and a fellow traveler.

Actually, I also need a decent job with lots of time off. Right now, I just have the time off but not enough cash for adventures!

Christmas Time is Here!

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Well, we finally decorated for Christmas! I had been putting it off until Reed could help me get the box out of the attic, but never reminded him when he was home. Today, I went up to the attic to see if I could get some things down myself. Yep! I actually could get the big box down and everything else, so I put up our garland and wreath outside before Reed came home tonight to surprise him.

Then, he carried the big box downstairs and I put up our little Christmas tree. Reed helped by finding Christmas music on the tv, and he has to put his ornaments on the tree in a little bit. We just have a tabletop tree, so it only takes a few minutes to put the tree “up”. Now we have a place to put the Christmas presents we have ready!

We also found out that it gets REALLY hot in the attic in the summer–or at least when we have days when the outside temperature is 105 like we did this year. Our two pretty Christmas candles melted into funny little shapes. But I had wrapped them up in tissue paper and they didn’t make a mess. Everything else is fine.

I think I’m going to use some of my birthday money to find a few more Christmas things for our house. I’ll work on pictures of our decorations soon.

Pullen Park


Well, because of car trouble, we ended up going to Pullen Park today rather than yesterday. Both days have been been clear and warm (70’s) so it was no problem to delay.

Pullen Park was donated to Raleigh in 1887, and it is pretty close to downtown–probably less than 2 miles from the Capitol–and adjacent to NC State’s main campus. It was the first public park in North Carolina. It is a very urban feeling park, with lots of families pushing strollers and chasing toddlers, and paved paths around ponds. There is a historic carousel and a mini-train that goes through the park during good weather. It made me think of Stuart Little and also what it was like going to Zoo Atlanta when I was little. We always had a picnic lunch at Grant park after a morning at the zoo, and it felt like that, although I’m not sure that is descriptive to anyone who resides outside of my head. Pullen Park is like leaving a 1980’s Zoo Atlanta and eating fruit roll-ups at a concrete picnic table. See how helpful? Actually, that probably sounds pretty grim to anyone who visited a 1980’s Zoo Atlanta. It’s not supposed to!

Actually, we only walked in the lower half of the park, near the paddle-boat pond and up to the tennis courts. The huge oak trees are what I like most about the park where we walked today–well, not just the oak trees, there are lots of pretty and interesting trees. We had to recharge the batteries for the camera, so no pictures today. Sorry! It was nice to crunch through the leaves, and see the zillions of acorns that some lucky animals get to feast upon. Next time, we’re going to walk around near the arts center and theater. It’s 72 acres, so there’s plenty to walk around in.

Another neat thing is that we saw a new bird for my list! Actually, a pair. In Lake Howell, although most of the birds were Mallards and some kind of domesticated duck, we saw a pair of Hooded Mergansers. Woohoo! I’ve updated my Life List following this post–and this time, I’ve checked to see if I have any syntax errors in the code!

Happy Birthday!

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Well, belated, because yesterday was my birthday! I’m 28! Woohoo! Strangely enough, now I feel as if there is a lot more pressure to do my 30X30 adventure–like the months before my birthday were extra and now we are in the thick of things. Twenty-four months to go, and 25 adventures to do! Eek! I really must do an adventure this month.

Yesterday was a great day, though. Thanks for all the birthday wishes! Mostly, I just had a guilt-free hanging out day–I watched some of my recorded shows from PBS and played on the internet and looked at my birthday present from 007. She gave me a book of adventures–500 trips of a lifetime! I think I’ve really only done 2 of them, but several of the trips are on my adventure list. I wonder which one she’s going to take with me?

We also went out to eat at Dos Taquitos, which was new to us. It was a good choice–the place was packed, and the menu was not the usual Tex-Mex. I had the tamales, one chicken with salsa verde and one pork with a sweet and smoky ancho chile sauce that was kind of like a tamale made with bbq. Reed had the enchiladas plate with three different types of enchiladas. Delicious! The salsa was great and spicy, and I picked tortilla soup as the option with my meal, which was also wonderful. We really liked it, and we’ll have to find time to go back and try some of their other dishes. Like empanadas!

Also, if you notice anything new about this place, you can tell that Reed customized my blog for me. This is my birthday present from him, and I am so glad he helped me out and prettyfied my layout. I hope you like it, too! We’re still working on the links and adventures tabs, but I will be doing that in the next couple of days.

Today is still going to have a little bit of birthday celebration, because we are going to explore Pullen Park. We haven’t been there yet, although we drive by it all the time. I hope I will have some pictures up from our walk this afternoon, so check back and see!

Edited to add: Let me give a description of my pictures that are part of my new layout! The picture behind my blog title, is a summertime picture of my favorite Georgia park, Black Rock Mountain. My adventure monkey picture is from our trip to Hot Springs, NC in August–where the Appalachian Trail runs through the town! In my side pictures, the first is a picture of Dry Falls in western North Carolina. It’s named that because you can walk behind it and stay dry and this picture was taken on a hiking trip with N. The second is obviously from my bike camping trip with my Dad–we’re at the Mississippi state line on our third day from Nashville. A sculpture from the campus of the University of Alaska at Fairbanks is my third, and me about to get pinched by a fiddler crab at the aquarium in Panacea, FL is the fourth. My fifth picture is from Bobbitt’s Hole on the Eno River here in North Carolina. The sixth is my milkmaid picture at the State Fair! Next, we have one of me on the Savage River Trail in Denali National Park in Alaska and then a view from Max Patch and the AT here in NC. Finally, we have a picture of me at Dukes Creek Falls in north Georgia, sandhill cranes at Creamer’s Field in Fairbanks, and me with the Herschel Walker bulldog in Athens. I think all but the last one were taken while I have been writing my blog! Hope you enjoy them!

Peeps from my world!


We went to the dentist today and I got a dose of radiation. At least now we know we’re getting electric toothbrushes for Christmas. We both have to go back in January, though. Boo!

Also, dental work is expensive! I’m glad I get to start working in a few weeks!

It was snowing! Of course, the snowflakes melted instantly on contact with the windshield, but there was snow! It is way too warm for snow, though. It is barely coat weather.

When we came home from the dentist, I had a present from 007! I’m not going to open it until my birthday, though. Heehee!

Ok, I think I have used my allotment of exclamation marks for the day in this post. (And about the dentist, too. If I didn’t like going to the dentist so much, it might be kinda weird.)

In other news. . .

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I turned all my dish towels pink in the wash today.

The cats have made their annual transition to upstairs living.

The clouds are way up high in the sky today, wintry-like.

I got a rejection for position # 8058. No, I don’t know which one that is offhand.

Almost all of the leaves have been blown off the trees now.

Amazing Running Llama


Most of you probably remember when I was training for the Breast Cancer 3-Day event–all the posts about walking at insane hours of the morning, the grateful cheering for my donors, and, of course, the triumphant craziness of the event itself. It was really tough, but a wonderful adventure with a fabulous friend!

Well, someone else has decided to embark on a similar wild adventure! My friend, Whitney, is running the Salt Lake City Marathon in April for Team in Training. Team in Training raises money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, and Whitney is raising $1700. She’s already off to a good start, but I know she would appreciate help! Many of us know people who have had leukemia or lymphoma, and supporting research and services for people with these diseases would be a great way to honor or remember them, especially during the holidays. Whitney’s fundraising page is here. Drop by for a visit and you can read how she’s doing–like running in the snow! I told you she was amazing.

What, did you think I was running on some new adventure? I’m not a llama!

newsobserver.com | A world's worth

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A final article about a Raleigh couple’s eight-month trip around the world.

Have you ever thought about a trip around the world? When I was stuck in a closet working as a gopher in a law firm, in my free time between projects I would use a website about around-the-world plane tickets to plan my escape. I could get a lot of adventures marked off the list if I did a round-the-world trip–some can only be done that way, really.

Unfortunately, I doubt that I will ever take a year to travel the world, not a care in the world. I’ve never been gone from home that long–and even a weekend can be a long time if you are out of your element. But it is possible that Reed would have the opportunity to work abroad or take sabbaticals, and we might get to travel that way. That would be fun, but hard to be away from family. I don’t even like being a day’s drive away!

If you had a year, where would you go and what would you see? I’m going to think about that and post in a little bit.

Attempts in Gardening


I bought a spade today, and some gloves, to dig up our yard and plant both the pansies and bulbs I have. Went out back, planted some pansies in the pot that our summer plant died in. That went well. Then I scraped off the pine straw by our deck and dug in. To clay. Not Georgia red clay, but clay nonetheless. It was incredibly discouraging, because it is basically pointless to plant straight into that.

I planted some bulbs anyway. Daffodils are stubborn, and they might make it. But it would be WAY more work than I wanted to put into planting pansies in that stuff. I’m probably just going to buy some more pots and potting soil and plant them in those. That’s fine with me.

One day I want to live somewhere where the topsoil hasn’t been scraped away and no attempts made to make it livable. In Athens, I worked a lot of clay busting material into the bed in front of my door and along the back sidewalk. It was hard work and a real pain in the neck. I was incredibly grateful to the people who had built the raised bed in the back with good dirt.

I’ve been reading about people who plant things wherever they live, even if they know they won’t be there long. It’s easy to think about this with respect to trees–people who are generous enough to plant beautiful trees that they will never really see at their peak–but it’s not just trees. Improving the soil and planting shrubs can have the same benefits. I’m going to think about what will make what little yard we have better for the long term, even though we won’t be here that long. Maybe I will make a garden plan.

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