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Yard Work

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Today was a good day. I have not studied any yet (I am finishing ALL of Hearsay tonight, no matter what!), but it was very productive.

Daddy and I packed up all our bags for our trip and packed the bike. Everything fits, and we’re not taking anything extra in the trailer. (I’m taking binoculars, but Daddy is carrying a radio!) It’s a little bit heavier than we thought it would be, but not a whole lot–like a couple of pounds. We went to town and bought some last minute items, and came back and repacked and weighed everything. This is going to be fun!

Then, we went and picked up pine cones at my grandmother’s house so that they can mow the lawn. I enjoyed that, even though we picked up a whole truck bed full of them! Well, Daddy raked them into a trash can, but I picked them up and threw them into the back of the truck. Pine cones stick together like legos, so I could pick up almost a dozen at a time.

I love yard work, so it is a shame that I don’t have a real yard to move to in Raleigh. I think I like it so much because it is useful and productive, but you don’t have to think a whole lot about it or talk during it most of the time. It’s very simple.

In Athens, our ground is straight clay, and you have to mix it with other dirt to grow anything and try to keep the shrubs hacked back. It wasn’t bad when I didn’t have homework + work, but the past few years have made it impossible to do anything like that. This year, I didn’t even get to go outside and see my tulips and daffodils blooming until there were only two bloomed-out yellow tulips left.

In Raleigh, I guess I can plant flowers around our steps in the front and back and have plants in pots on the deck. That will be fun! Our trip is less than a week away!

God of the Gnomes

I was talking to Reed last night, after watching the “debate.” I said that it was annoying that Edwards got the “Who is your moral leader?” question, because (even though it took him long enough) he was basically going to say God/Jesus and that wasn’t going to be anything new. (Not that this isn’t a perfectly fine answer, but I don’t think it tells us anything about the candidate.) I told Reed that I would have preferred if Kucinich got the moral leader question, because that would have told me something new about him and I bet it would have been an interesting response. Reed’s reply–“You just want to know who the God of the Gnomes is.”

[Note: This is not verbatim, obviously, this is what they said in MY words. Ha. Also, non-responsive isn’t necessarily a bad thing for the candidates, since they are introducing themselves to people–that’s the point of this “debate”–so they are playing the game, but it still irritates me.]

Obama was asked: Who are our 3 most important allies? He said something like the EU, NATO, and an Asian country (no, really, he said the East was important, Japan and China, etc.)?

Biden: What 3 (non-Iraq) nations are the other biggest threat? Russia North Korea [stopped paying attention]

Gravel: None, treat the rest of the world as equals.

Edwards: Russia was in the news recently–friend or foe? (Non-responsive)

Richardson: How would you do things differently with Russia? Assess our strategic issues (control loose nukes, more humane re: Chechnya, stable source of energy for us, democracy in their own nation). Focus on dealing on the real threats to US–stateless terrorism, loose nukes, Darfur and genocide.

Clinton: Democrats don’t understand terror. We will be safer with a Republican President. Why do people think this? I’ve worked on things to make us safer, instead of just talked. This administration hypes fear w/out delivering on the promise of making US safer. Admin has made the world less stable. Hope we can put that myth to rest.

Dodd: Why Democrats seen as weak? It’s a myth, when you consider what the admin has faced after 9/11.

Kucinich: Do you believe there is a global war on terror? It’s a pretext. We need to address the real issues of security–get rid of all nukes, participate in weapons treaties, Kyoto, etc. Stop the dichotomous thinking.

Obama: If we learned that two cities were hit by al Quada–how would we change Armed forces overseas? First, focus on emergency response. Then look to intelligence. What we can’t do is then alienate the world community–talk to (non-responsive).

Edwards: (non-responsive along the same lines as Obama)

Clinton: move as swiftly as is prudent to retaliate if we can determine who is behind that–and if there are nations who supported or gave material aid then respond.

Impeach Cheney? No one but Kucinich–is it appropriate? (non-responsive) Yes.

Dodd: Gay marriage and civil unions difference? Loving relationships should be sanctioned by the state, support civil unions instead of marriage b/c of tradition of marriage.

Biden: Climate–what would you propose that would be hard? [Sorry, I stopped paying attention.]

Richardson: Normalize relationships with Castro? (non-responsive about an earlier question) Find ways to deal with a post-Castro Cuba, etc.

Gravel: Are we behind in use of nuclear energy? No. (non-responsive Re: war and terrorism)

Obama: What in your personal life is environmental friendly? Teach my children about lightbulbs and plant trees. (non-responsive re: terrorism)

Kucinich: Obama wants war with Iran, we need to stop dependence on oil.

Obama: No, I don’t want to start a war with Iran, but they shouldn’t get nukes! They are the largest state sponsor of terrorism.

Kucinich: It IS disputed.

Edwards: Who is your moral leader? I couldn’t identify [just] one moral leader. The Lord, my wife, my father. [too hesitant, perhaps?”>

Clinton: Is Walmart good or bad? A mixed blessing–when it started, it brought goods into rural areas and allowed people to stretch their dollar, but as it grew brings questions of corporate responsibility. (non-responsive re: corporate/admins hate poor people)

Biden: If Dems lose again, they will go extinct–is there a winner on the stage tonight? Yes. (Nonresponsive re: happy talk about peace.)

I think that Clinton, Dodd, Edwards, Kucinich did a good job. Obama seemed a little shakey, except when he got in a debate with Kucinich–now that’s a debate I would want to watch, just a free for all among themselves! Gravel is the Sharpton of this election, but I appreciate his involvement–no nukes against Iran! (The audience is cracking up about him.) Biden is the joke candidate, in that he does not attempt to bring anything new to the debate (unlike Kucinich or Gravel) and is not going to win–he doesn’t even take himself seriously. Richardson gives good answers, but is not cooperative within the debate format.

Kucinich should always run for President. He has very different opinions than most Democratic candidates, and it would be great if he could be a moderator for a debate sometimes.

The talking heads are all about Obama and Clinton, although their praise seems to be incredibly insulting to each of them. Clinton managed to keep her voice controlled? I really don’t think Sen. Clinton has a reputation of having a problem randomly shrieking, does she? Obama gives multi-part answers? Well, who on earth didn’t? Richardson counted during most of his answers!

Anyway, I don’t think this was a great debate–just an introduction of all the candidates.

And, the talking head who is not Chris Matthews (Keith?) has whitened his teeth too much.

Blah, blah, back to admin law.

So today I decided to treat myself to a real lunch instead of the nothing that I usually eat during the day when I have only corporations (at 12:30--which means I leave my place at noon, so I would have to eat lunch early and I'm never hungry at that point). Why? Well, because today is the Last Day Of Classes I will ever have in law school or graduate school. EVER! And, we got out early enough so I could. I went to Zim's to have my favorite sandwich there--the Tuscan, which is pesto, greens, marinated veggies, and fresh mozzarella on a bagel. Very yummy but incredibly messy to eat. I pick up my bagelwich to take the first bite and *kapow!* it falls apart, toward me and the table. I get pesto all over my pretty turquoise top (the one with the spangly beads that I wear with my brown gaucho pants) that is lovely and yet very unlike the majority of my wardrobe, and it falls on the table. Ew. So I decide to eat the other half more carefully, which is also impossible. Why? Because there is like a half a cup of pesto on my bagelwich!! When I pick it up, it squishes out and goes everywhere. I like pesto. A tablespoon of it. But I quickly ate all my chips and drank my yummy Athens-made strawberry lemonade (that I will also miss when I move away) and then ran to The L0ft next door and bought a new shirt so I could go to work without a giant green blob in the middle of my shirt. My new shirt is light green and looks suspiciously like the green shirt I wore yesterday (from the same store), except the neck line is different and it is made for a person whose torso is about 8 inches longer than mine. I guess that's the style, but I think it is dumb. But since I had 5 minutes to decide on a shirt, that is what I got. I had them clip the tag off of me at the register and wore it out of the store. Lots of fun, standing in line with the tag hanging out of my shirt. The girl at the counter asked, "Don't you have another shirt [to ring up]?" and I said--no, this is the one I wore in. I mean, really, I'm asking you to let me wear a shirt out of the store that you just cut the tag off of--I probably should have at least ONE other shirt in my possession. Thankfully, the turquoise shirt was in the tiny percentage of non-tshirt clothes that did not come from The L0ft. (Of course, most of the clothes in that tiny percentage are all made by the same brand. I stick with what I know.) Anyway. I hope the pesto comes out of my shirt! I'm going to wash it tonight and hope for the best.



Well, I’m packing up things here in Athens a little bit at a time. It seems as if it will be never-ending! But if I can just get the books in boxes, and then the kitchen done, we’ll be mostly finished. I took a few things to the thrift store the other day: my old magazine rack, a toaster oven, some clothes, two glasses, a shoe rack, etc. Just a little bit. I also bought a pair of shorts for my bike trip which is coming up! (Actually, I bought two pairs, but I’ve already decided I’m going to re-donate one of them because I don’t really like them. They were like a dollar a pop, so no big deal.)

Like I said, I donated my magazine rack. It was storing some Halloween Martha [Enable javascript to see this email address.], a few random magazines, and several years’ worth of Smithsonian magazines. The Marthas will stay, because I love them and peruse them for ideas all the time. The various random magazines are going Away. But the Smithsonians. … There is a dilemma about them.

I loved getting the Smithsonian magazine–a person my dad works with gave me a subscription years and years ago, and it was perfect for me. Animals, art, history, book reviews, etc. I was there. And I’m a pack rat (see the Marthas comment) so it didn’t bother me to have a magazine rack of old mags hanging out.

But now, I’m thinking–do I want to pack three years’ worth of Smithsonians up and drive them across the Southeast so they can sit in my closet/attic? It’s not as if I’ve used them in the last year. My life is not better because I’m keeping them after I read them or anything. So, I told Reed that I was probably going to recycle them (all the while saying things like “oooh, Dubrovnik!” and realizing that an odd amount of adventure list items are related to articles I’ve read). He is pretty firmly against recycling the Smithsonians, using the argument that “our children will enjoy them someday.” On one hand, we don’t have any human children and probably won’t have any who will be able to enjoy our collections of old magazines for like seven years or so. On the other hand, I spent tons of time reading Reader’s Digests from the 1950’s and 1960’s at my grandparents’ house when I was little and loved that to death. And Smithsonians beat out Reader’s Digests by a long shot.

Plus, I kind of don’t want to get rid of them.

Right now, they are sitting in a pile in the other room. They look rather bedraggled. And lonely. In a few days, I will pack them up and recycle them, despite the fact that my future children will be deprived of them (not like my parents don’t have an attic full of them, too). Maybe.

One thing that I thought was really interesting is that looking at them, I felt a lot more like the “I read it in a book” know-it-all that I was when I was little. I can remember reading a great deal of those articles (the most recent would be 3 years ago) vividly, and talking about them to Reed and other family and friends. They sparked much more curiosity than practically anything else I have learned in the past four years (with the exception of the idea of public service motivation, political spin/schemes with respect to public budgeting, natural resources law, and perhaps family law), which is strange to think about because I have generally enjoyed my joint program.

Oh well. Maybe Reed and I will have to get a National Geographic subscription when we are in Raleigh together to focus on again. We’re not getting rid of that collection. Nor the Bon @ppetit’s (already in Raleigh w/ most of the Marthas). Nor the [Enable javascript to see this email address.] Food. Reed is letting go of his computer magazines, and I probably won’t keep the [Enable javascript to see this email address.] that I have. It’s just the Smithsonians that are causing some ambivalence. Although now that I think about it, maybe I will have to look at the [Enable javascript to see this email address.] again. … haha.



Tonight I went to the grocery store where I bought:

Ready to bake French bread Pasta English Muffins Tortilla Chips Salsa Pasta sauce Pizza sauce Diced tomatoes Pepperoni baked beans Nutella Pecorino cheese

So, bread and tomatoes in a variety of forms with a few randoms thrown in. I did put spinach in the pasta sauce tonight, so I got a little bit of green in. Why the diced tomatoes? Well, I can put them in something.

Another day.


My adventure list is so pitiful. Only one thing has been scratched off since I started it last year, and I haven’t really worked on it. Time just gets packed full of boring, everyday stuff, you know? Anyway, this summer I should get to knock two of them off at least.

I was whining about not having enough time to do what I wanted to do and what I needed to do last week, and my mom asked (and I read it in some supposedly inspirational email that week) if I had fewer hours in my day than other people. I said that I don’t, but I do have more to do than many people. Which is true, but I am sure that there are plenty of people who are more productive than I am. Most of the time, I’m more productive than I’ve been lately. I just hope that I can get caught up sometime soon, and stop wasting my time.

The supposedly inspirational email told me that I had the same number of hours that “Helen Keller, Pasteur, Michelangelo, Mother Teresa, Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson, and Albert Einstein” did. However, I really doubt that most of these people did their own laundry or cooked their own meals, etc. I’m sure having a bunch of slaves really helps carve out the leisure time, hmm, Jefferson? Suffice it to say, I did not find this part of the quote inspirational. Come to think of it, I don’t find most of their emailed quotes inspirational. Really, they just make me aggravated.

Anywho, this week I am going to work on filling the hours that I have wisely so that I can enjoy this coming weekend. Woohoo! So tonight I would like to: read for classes, write my ticket, straighten up the kitchen, fold the clothes in the laundry basket. And go to bed by midnight.

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