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Life List

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[This entry originally composed Feb. 2005 and reformatted into something more readable in Nov. 2007. To see complete life list and most recent addition, please click the continue reading link at the bottom of this post.]

I really love watching birds, but I'm not all that great at it--and I'm worse about keeping up with what I actually do see. I need to "practice" a good deal more. Going outside and watching and listening is something that is pretty relaxing also, so it wouldn't hurt to try to fit it in more regularly.

Anywho, I'm going to keep a list of the birds that I identify starting from today forward. (Yeah, I know that I've listed a few birds that I've seen in the past here on my blog, but I'm not going to count them.) Perhaps this will motivate me to keep on the lookout. I'm going to start it here, but the format may change as I talk it over with RA.

This morning I saw and heard a
1. Brown-headed Nuthatch Sitta pusilla USGS info in our backyard. It was hopping about noisily in one of the pine trees, but I didn't get a good look until it flew closer.

Man in Black

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I have been alternately very productive and ultra-procrastinating this weekend. Sigh. Also, I drank sweet tea for lunch yesterday. So what? It meant I was up until 3:30 am!! Arrgggh. At least I used the time productively to watch Walk the Line–Pretty Good. Pretty good must be between Good and Very Good.

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