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Eno River!


One of the great things about Raleigh is that it is surrounded by parks! There are greenways all around the city, plus city parks and state parks! There are about a half dozen state parks very close by in the Triangle area, and they are all exciting to us because we’ve never been to them before.

Poor Reed is being sucked into more frequent hiking trips, but now he has his nice new camera so he gets lots of practice with it out of our trips. In fact, he was laughing at me because I was getting impatient about being so long in one spot! I’ve decided that I’m just going to have to start lugging my binoculars with me more often, because then he can take pictures and I can watch birds and we won’t care how long we stand in one spot.

This weekend, we went to the Eno River State Park which is north of Durham. We hiked a little over 2.5 miles on the Bobbitt Hole and Cole Mill trails, which was pretty easy since most of it was along the river and pretty flat. Bobbitt Hole is where the river makes a 90 degree turn and there’s a pool of pretty calm water in the bend of the river. It was a pretty place, and the rocks alongside the riverbank were lovely! I love rocks and water! At the hole, some little raccoons are having feasts on the freshwater mussels because the little piles of them are everywhere. Also, the other side of the river was covered in mountain laurel, so we’re going to go back in the spring when it is blooming!

This is a picture of the river right before the bend at Bobbitt’s Hole.

The Eno River was so beautiful–my pictures of it don’t show how colorful the water was when the light bounced off it. My pictures make the water look a little gray, but in real life it was blue and green and mostly clear.

We left after lunch and got back before dark, so it is nice to be able to be outside in a nice place and not have driving there/back take up so much of the time. I want to hike all of the trails at this park, since they all sound scenic enough to spend a few hours on. It did take us hours on this easy trail–we stopped for a long time at two places to take lots of pictures! It was very peaceful. I would also like to go back to the very rocky area we walked on, because I didn’t really take that part in–we were arguing about patents or something and I wasn’t paying attention. Neither of us were really, because we were running our mouths and then suddenly the trail was less of a trail and more of a route over a chunk of river rocks. Isn’t our life interesting, that we argue over the length of time patents protect the thing patented. Especially when the patent is theoretically over a human-animal hybrid.

Anywho, we had a good time and plan to go back sometime and see more of this park. This weekend we also watched The Fog of War, which is a documentary about Robert S. McNamara. We both really liked it.

BTW, 007, Backpacker magazine ranked the trail of death as the #1 dayhike in Georgia.


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I got a Netf1ix subscription for Christmas–two movies at a time. (I haven’t watched them all in one day, 007!) So far, as I mentioned, I’ve watched four in two weeks. Not bad, although I wish I had paid more attention to when I was watching them and sending them back so I wouldn’t have ended up with nothing to watch today. I can see how the 3 at a time is the most popular level now! But really, I don’t think that anyone needs to watch more than 2 movies a week–and even that is pushing it.

Anyway, I say that because when I told my mom that I had Netf1ix, she said, “Don’t you think watching movies is a waste of time?” Well, obviously not. I would watch a movie every day if I could, preferably in the theater. Even in the craziness of first year, when I was run ragged, Reed and I went to the movies about once a week. Movies are the entertainment I like best, although it does compete with books–but movies are quicker!

I was at La’s house the other night (um, watching another movie…Strictly Ballroom, which is too funny), and afterwards, P was putting on some music. La and P both have enormous music collections, which just amazes me to no end. I think I have about 5 cds. And some of them I can’t really put my hands on–like my Norah J0nes one, which has disappeared into the ether. I am also amazed at the amount of tv that Reed and 007 consume. Reed records probably a dozen anime series alone–or at least it seems that way to me! Other than movies, I almost never watch tv. I saw the President’s speech the other day, and sometimes I turn it on to have some background noise if I’m lonely. But that’s pretty much the limit at the moment, and that’s fine with me. In the past year, I think I’ve kept up with about four series: Monk, American Idol, Big Love, and the first two seasons of House (on USA or whatever). That’s only because we’ve had our dvr to record them, otherwise Monk would have been the only one.

It’s just interesting to me to see how different people spend their entertainment time. I definitely focus on movies, books, and the internet. I have 287 movies in my Netflix queue! Frankly, that’s rather insane–if I watch two every week it will take me years to get through them all. I guess I should try to watch four a week! hah! I joke. Somewhat.

Probably, it would be best if I broadened my horizons a little and divided my entertainment time among more things–music, theater, sports, being outdoors (which I LOVE, but don’t get to do very much), being with friends. That’s what a lot of things on my adventure list is about, I guess. Hmm. I should work on that more.

P.S. Children of Men is Very Good. You should all go see it. Reed also says that about Pan’s Labyrinth, but I haven’t seen that. There are at least 5 movies in the theaters that I want to see!

Energy Conservation

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I was listening to a program on NPR the other day, I have no idea what it was, but the radio person was discussing the Carter presidency (there’s a big Carter shindig this weekend at UGA) with Dr. Maltese and someone who had worked in the Carter White House. Dr. Maltese was Reed’s poli sci professor in undergrad, and that’s pretty much the only reason why I remember his name out of the bunch.

Anyway, they were discussing Carter’s energy policies and they played a clip from his speech about energy conservation. Now, I think that I’m doing a decent job paying attention to conserving the resources that I use, and that I’m at least aware of parts of my life where I could be better. (Ride the bus more, have a more efficient car, etc.) In the speech, President Carter recommends keeping our thermostats at 65 in the day time and 55 at night! 55! I almost died–that was way cooler than I had ever heard. No wonder no one liked this idea.

Of course, that’s what I’ve been doing the last couple of days. Having the heat on 55 means that it never comes on at night, because it’s not really that cold here even with the winter storm warning last week. Plus, I have about seven blankets on the bed so I’m way more than toasty. I like the feeling of heavy covers, so it’s more about that than keeping warm. I turn it up to 65 when I get up in the mornings if I’m going to be at home for a while, so the heat comes on then–but it’s only 52 outside right now, which means that the heat hasn’t come on much today. I think I like it.

I’ve also decided that I’m going to start taking the bus on Fridays to class. The rest of the week I have to go to work after class, so I need to drive to make it there on time.

Anyway, today has been a great day. So far on Netf1ix I have watched: The Motorcycle Diaries (Very Good), The Break-Up (only ok), Little Miss Sunshine (Good and weird), Memoirs of a Geisha (Good).

First Day Back!


Well, today was my first day back. I had been dreading it, but I went to two of my classes–Admin Law and Evidence. They are fine, except that I am being called on tomorrow in Admin Law. Grr. Hot oil and sick chickens, you know. Tomorrow I will have those two and my third, Corporations. I should have had all of them today, but the email said Corps started on Weds so who am I to argue. So far it seems as if I will have a nice semester–six hours and one clinic less than my last law school semester. Should be a piece of cake, except for the 2 million other things that will also occur this semester. Sigh.

Sent an email that I’ve been dreading. That went ridiculously well. Went to work, which I’ve been dreading. Fabulous. So I’ve just been dreading everything, and it all worked out lovely.

This is my first law school semester without a class with Prof. Coenen. I don’t know if I can take it, but I would have had to sign up for something like First Amendment Theory or whatever. Not going to do that! I guess I’ll survive.

Also, I signed up for a spinning class. Daddy, you better get on your bike!

12 Books for the New Year

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This year, I’m going read at least one book a month. Right now, I’m working on the sequel to a book I read last Christmas: The Protector’s War by SR Stirling. I have a love/hate relationship with the previous book, but as annoying as the last book was I want to see what happens to the characters.

The other 11 I’ll aim for are: The Sea by John Banville (I started reading this, but only got a few pages into it. I already dislike the narrator, but I’m pretty sure he’s supposed to be unlikeable.); The Line of Beauty by Alan Hollinghurst; Possession by AS Byatt; The Inheritance of Loss by Kiran Desai; The Places in Between by Rory Stewart; Special Topics in Calamity Physics by Marisha Pessl; Alentejo Blue by Monica Ali; The Road by Cormac McCarthy; The Lost: A Search for Six of Six Million by Daniel Mendelsohn; and The Worst Hard Time by Timothy Egan.

I picked these books from a number of sources. Some of them are Booker prize winners, so when I read them I will be working toward one of my 100 adventures. The rest are from the NY Times’ 100 Notable Books of the Year list. I picked them from the list because I’d either read something by the authors that I liked before (Ali and McCarthy), or they sounded interesting. The last two I heard interviews with the authors on the radio recently–on Fresh Air or something similar.

We’ll see how well I do!

More presents

Reed and I went to RE! last night to get me a new sleeping bag and him some new shoes. We were successful on both counts, and now I will be able to go camping and stay warm! Plus, my new sleeping bag packs down tiny and weighs less than 3 pounds, so it will be nice to have on the biking trip this spring.

Also, today we joined Netflix for me! I’m really excited about having a chance to watch movies more often, especially because I have such a horrible track record with late fees for the video store. So when I get back to Athens, I should have a few new movies waiting for me! I really love movies.

Just a few more days here in Raleigh.

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone is having a great time getting used to 2007! Reed and I are, even though he is now sick with the yucky cold thing that I am almost over.

Because I am bored, I went back through and read my posts from last year. Not enough adventures! This year I will have to do better, especially if I want to make any kind of progress on my adventure life list. Ninety-nine left. I hope that I will at least get number 95 out of the way, although I am planning on #11 and #33 also. I’ll let you know how work on some of the more long range goals go. Such as #13–I heard a new bird at my parents’ during Christmas–a great horned owl! Since I could identify it, I can add it to my list even though I didn’t see it with my own little eyes. Marvelous. Maybe I’ll reach 10% this year.

I’m sorry if some of you can’t comment–if there are other people besides 007 who can’t, please email me and let me know. Reed says it’s something about the spam filters? I have no idea, but it makes me sad that I can’t read your comments 007! Well, on my blog at least.

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