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Weekend Fun!

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This past weekend, I went to Ellerslie and spent time with my family. I helped plant pansies, and petted one of the wild kitties, visited with my family, and looked at the donkey who will never have her baby. Our huge adventure was getting up early Sunday morning and riding to Waverly Hall before church. It was COLD, but a very pretty morning. The sky was bright, bright blue, and the pastures all looked so nice. The ride was a little bit more than 15 miles, round trip. A deer ran out right in front of me on the way there! We (Daddy, Mama, and I) got to the little main street of the town and had a quick snack before going back home. Of course, by the time we got home we only had 20 minutes to get ready to go–a combination of riding a little slowly and not getting on the road as early as we wanted to. But it was fun!

Bike miles this year: 65

Just Right Here.


While I was looking at birding sites today, I found one that listed the endemic bird species for North America. Birds that are endemic to North America can only be found here–they don’t fly around the world and they aren’t common all over the place. But they can be birds we take for granted–Carolina Chickadees and Red-bellied Woodpeckers, for instance–without realizing that they’re not like us; they can’t/won’t live just anywhere like humans can. Carolina Chickadees and Red-bellied Woodpeckers aren’t endangered, unlike some of the birds listed–the California Condor, Red-cockaded Woodpecker, or the Whooping Crane, but they, too, have a special relationship to an area.

I thought it was interesting.

Almost as bad. . .


as forgetting that class was cancelled. Today, I studied up for my midterm in Local Government and Economic Development. Then, I walked out of the library, ran into one of the other JD/MPA’s who says, “You know we don’t have a test today, right?” ARG. That must have been discussed last week in the 15 minutes of class I missed trying to print out my stupid homework.

Anyway, no big deal, now I’ve reviewed the material for the test next week.

In other news, Reed has a bunch of interesting commenters right now. For a few of them, I would like to note the following. The First Amendment does not prevent people from saying that your speech is dumb or that you are dumb for saying something dumb. You don’t have a right to be agreed with or not to have your feelings hurt, and I don’t think we’re going to get a constitutional amendment about either of those things anytime soon. So, I can make this post and Reed can come over here and say I’m an idiot for having such a simplistic discussion of the First Amendment. Both of us would be exercising our right to free speech, and my right to jabber on about most things is not diminished just because Reed keeps calling me dumb. In fact, disagreeing with someone else’s speech (especially with the majority’s–which Reed’s commenters all claim to be members of) is likely to be seen as a greater exercise of free speech than saying whatever the majority thinks is right.

My favorite comment is from the person who calls Reed and those who agree with him “clueless idiots”, and then says he’ll pray for us all. First of all, why do some people say they’ll pray for others like it’s a threat? Secondly, it’s just a little odd to call people names and then act like you’re taking the moral high ground. I’ll be praying for you, you little maggot!

Not that it’s a bad thing to pray for people you think of as little maggots, of course.

Georgia Bikefest!

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Saturday, my parents and I rode the 37-mile route of the Georgia BikeFest in Newnan. We had a great time! This was my dad’s first ride ever–and the first time he had ridden his bike anywhere. It was a beautiful day, even though it was a little cool in the morning, with bright blue skies and clouds very high up in the sky. There were 600 riders this year during the Bike Fest weekend. This is BRAG’s fall ride, which we’ve never done before. We have ridden the BRAG Spring Tune-Up twice–once in Milledgeville where we almost died, and once in Madison, which is the nicest ride! All the other rides are local fundraising events, not affiliated with BRAG. The next big event will be Claxton’s Cruisin’ in the Country, which this year is the weekend of Nov. 10-12.

There were only a few awful hills, but the few there were, were horrible! Neverending, long hills–but the rest of the time, it wasn’t bad. A couple of roads with heavy traffic, which was stressful, but nothing was ever too much. I don’t have any pictures, because I never felt like getting the camera out and stopping for a little bit to take a picture even though some of the houses and fields were beautiful.

I’m still a little sore, across my shoulders and my legs a bit, and I was SO tired afterwards. Anyway, my parents are talking about doing BRAG this summer!

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