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Birthday Balance


Today is my Mama’s birthday! I hope you had a good day, and I can’t wait to see you tomorrow! We’re going to have fun!

Happy Birthday!

And now my blog is not too gloomy after my last post.

The Good and The Bad


The good thing about my internship is that sometimes I can see how the law can be an incredible, practical tool for change in a person’s life who needs it. I love practical. Sometimes people can get the support they need to live the life each of us deserve at minimum. And there are people who are very good at giving of themselves to help others in tangible ways.

The bad thing about my internship is that I can see how much the law either just cannot help a situation or creates situations that seem unjust. And the pages and pages of terrible things people will do to those they should love and care for. And the lack of resources that are available to meet needs in the community. And the astonishing amount of need that there is.

There is a lot more of the bad than the good. But my internship can’t help that. Probably nothing I can do will help that, but the alternative is worse.

Number Ten


Number 10 on my adventure list is “Help with a Bird Banding Project.” So I was very interested in reading yesterday’s post at bootstrap analysis where the author describes her day at the bird banding lab and posts links about bird banding.

Through the links I also found where there are bird observatories with banding projects. Ones close to me are Fort Morgan State Historic Site in Alabama and the Old Myakka Bird Observatory in Sarasota, Florida.

If you don’t know much about bird banding, click on the link above to go to the bootstrap analysis post. It has pretty pictures of pretty birds!

Government Appreciation

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I think that my Public Finance class may end up being my most interesting class this semester. The readings are very interesting–I’ve been thinking of them as government appreciation lessons. Like music appreciation. Big chunks of political debate that I can follow–deficits and surpluses, trust funds and expected shortfalls, etc.–become much clearer even with just a little reading. Of course, the practical exercises that we’ve been assigned are impossible, but that’s another story. We’re reading about how agencies/political groups/administrations can use budget structures to acheive political goals.

I like it, but it’s certainly not a subject I thought I would enjoy. I haven’t decided whether the (multiple) authors are all very skilled at writing about government budgets in an interesting way or if it is just something that I’m good at picking up and wrapping my brain around.

In other news, I realized that I am annoyed that I want to know more about random subjects and that there is no way for me to learn about them. Or learn about them easily. Reed and I were watching some show about Hollywood machines and the show mentioned a machine that hovers using magnetic forces repelling each other. Why does this happen? WHY? I don’t know! Reed doesn’t know either, so that is doubly irritating. I could read the wiki about magnetic levitation, but I just don’t have the patience or time to click through EVERY SINGLE LINK, which would be necessary in order to understand the vocabulary in the article. Plus, there are equations, which means my brain turns off.


Cutting out the fluff

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So, it’s been about a month or so that I’ve had TV. (Yes, I still have cable–they haven’t cut it off to basic cable yet–but I haven’t watched TV in Athens other than DVDs in this time.) I’ve been so busy recently, that it is kind of beside the point. But I don’t really miss it.

Since Reed has been in town this weekend, there have been several times when he’s said something about tv and then said, “Wait, you haven’t seen that, have you?” And I haven’t. I haven’t seen previews for new movies or funny new commercials. And I haven’t been keeping up with the show that we watched together. It’s strange in a way, because obviously I’m missing out on big chunks of pop culture. Well, I still know about new movies because of reviews on NPR and in the paper, but I don’t see new ads.

Recently, I’ve also cut out cokes/etc. I haven’t had any to drink in about a month either, and I’m finally at the point where I can go out to eat and not even debate about whether I should have the usual or water.

Anyway, I feel good about both of these new habits. Neither of them are necessary for me–they are just extra, fluffy parts of life that aren’t so great for you in large quantities. I’m not going to rule them out completely, but I’m ok with them not being part of my everyday life. In fact, I don’t even know what I’m missing for the most part. For example, if I don’t watch tv, I won’t see S0nic ads for their new drinks–which I LOVE, but I haven’t been reminded of them in a while so I haven’t wanted one. Grrr. They have a new peach drink! I could live without knowing about this. Also, I can live without the previews for all the Halloween movies coming out soon.

Dogwood Tray

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I went to the library this morning and found the collector’s book for Frankoma pottery. My little dogwood tray was made from 1982 until at least 2001 (the latest edition of the collector’s guide), and it ranges from $4-5 in value. It is made from Sapulpa clay, which I believe is the local clay from Oklahoma.

Flipping through the guide was interesting–most of the items do not have extremely high values. A lot of it made me feel like I was looking through a catalog for a Perry Mason set from the 1950’s.

I think I’ll keep my eyes open for other dogwood items, just for fun.


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Today has been a very good day–I’ve cleaned up a bit and done my laundry AND have gone to the grocery store for a few things. Plus, I’ve taken a nap. Fun!

I broke my rule about not buying anything from the thrift store on Wednesday. I priced a lot of little things right before closing and found a neat little dish. It’s pale pink, and it is about the size of my hand, shaped like a dogwood blossom. It says Frankoma 204A on the bottom. So I paid the .27 cents for it, and brought it home. (I’ve only broken my rule twice–once for a nice tote bag that I use almost every day, and also for an outrageous belt that made me laugh. But I have the rule because otherwise I would spend a dollar a week and bring home loads of junk that I don’t need.)

Tonight I have finally had time to think about it and look it up online. Frankoma is a pottery in Oklahoma that has been making things since the 1930’s–dinnerware, commerative plates, etc. I found a collector’s guide for them through their collector’s website so I could find out how much my little dish is worth and when it was made. On a whim, I typed it into the PINES library catalog for public libraries in Georgia, and there is only one listed in the state. And it’s here at our library! So now I’m going to get up early tomorrow and go over there and look at it.

I could be a collector! (Of something purposeful, as opposed to papers and junk that I collect now. That stuff just accumulates.)

Happy Birthday, Mattikins!


Today is my brother’s birthday! I hope he has a great day!

Well, I found out that I passed the mpre–even for slightly more ethical North Carolina! So, I’m glad that I don’t have to take that again in November!

I went to bed last night before 9pm. Of course, I woke up at 2am and stayed up for a while–but I skipped spinning and slept until 10. So nice. Today I have to do all the chores that I haven’t been doing for the past two weeks. Bleck. But I’m going to have a nice relaxing day, and not worry about anything too much.

Also, I’ve named the blackcat that lies on North Campus. His name is Rattles.

First Hike of the Year


Of course, I’m starting the year from July 4th. It’s the hiking year, not the calendar year. Reed and I went to the William B. Umstead State Park yesterday afternoon because the weather is so beautiful right now in Raleigh. It’s right here in town, about 20 minutes away. Just a short .6 mile trail, because it was late in the afternoon. The Oak-Rock trail was fairly level and nice, with signs about the trees along the trail–unfortunately several of the trees that the signs were about were dead. They seemed to have the worst luck picking trees! There was also a little rock outcropping with a tree growing up in the middle of all the rocks. So, now I’ve only got 74.4 miles left to go before next July 4th.

The park is really nice, and if we had mountain bikes we could ride all around it. There are dirt roads all through the park for hikers, bikes, and horses. And there’s an airport overlook that I want to go see. The airport is right next to the park, so you can hear the airplanes taking off while you’re walking out in the woods. That is a little strange.

I’m having a good weekend–I’ve been so busy with my internship, desk gnome job at the library, and with classes starting up that I haven’t had time to write much here or check my email or do anything really. I will try to be better about that! Also, I started spinning last week and I think I’m going to enjoy it! Some other people also should be riding their bikes more if they want to ride in Newnan, but I won’t name names!

Also, hello to my Aunt T who is my newest (and only?) reader!

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