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Good Quote

My cousin J has this quote as part of her email signature, and I think I should print it off and put it all over my life!!

The time to fix the roof is when the sun is shining.–FDR

Thanks, Goose!

back again

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I’ve slacked off the bus riding for a while–I’ve been driving a lot and I guess I just got used to it. But I think I’m getting back in the groove.

Anyway, yesterday I picked this book up from the library so I would have something to read during lunch–Longitudes and Attitudes by Thomas Friedman. Friedman is a foreign affairs columnist for the New York Times, and the book is a collection of his columns from a bit before 9/11 and its aftermath. So far, it’s interesting–that actually feels so far away in time and it’s hard to remember what I felt like exactly, but it helps to re-read something from that time. I can remember reading some of these at the time.

Anyway, a few of the ones that I’m reading right now are about how we junked the ABM treaty. I had forgotten all about that, apparently not a day-to-day concern of mine, and was thinking about all the news that we forget, even in times when we’re all reading the news and paying attention. Which led to me thinking about what I do remember from when I was little–before I cared about news.

What I remember is: the Challenger disaster, Oliver North testifying before Congress (Grandma said he had long eyelashes), wanting to live in Tel Aviv because it was always in the news (my parents were opposed to this idea), the Berlin Wall falling. Gorbachev. The Gulf War and yellow ribbons everywhere–and writing one of my classmate’s brothers who was over there on pink paper. Vaguely remember Clinton getting elected–and being glad that I was going to public school unlike Chelsea and could wear whatever I wanted to school. I’m sure I could think of other things…but it’s pretty random.

That’s my odd little post for today.

I'm Famous!!

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Well, I’ve finally made the big time!

“Tiffany Cartwright, one of the visitors who came to the GreenFest kickoff Sunday, said she attended only one of the GreenFest events last year, but she’s considering going to more this year. The kickoff party was a good chance to get out and see what was happening during this year’s GreenFest and it was a fun way to spend a Sunday, she added.” (link, use bugmenot.com for registration)

Yep, I’m in the paper! Totally as a result of my mindless chatting with anyone who walks up and asks me questions–I wasn’t paying a bit of attention when the girl said she was from the paper so I just thought she was friendly and curious!! Reed and 007 were laughing at me, as I just babbled on about whatever as if I were making a new friend! When she asked my name at the end of the “interview”, I asked hers and found out she was a reporter! I was SO embarrassed! Lucky for me, it is easy for me to laugh at myself! But I don’t sound like a complete idiot, so I guess she’s ok.

100 Adventures, Part D

The next 10!

1. Run a half-marathon. 2. Visit each continent. 3. Take a camping trip on a bike. 4. Read all the Booker Prize winners. 5. Learn CPR. 6. Write a letter to the editor. 7. Visit every state park in Georgia. 8. Work backstage on a play. 9. Volunteer at a nature center, teaching kids about critters. 10. Milk a cow.

No, I’ve never milked a cow. I’ve fed a cow a bottle, which is fun–although more in a once-I-did-that way, rather than a I-have-to-get-up-in-the-dark-early-morning-and-make-that-calf-its-bottle-because-Daddy-is-at-work way. So I just want to milk someone else’s cow–I don’t really think I want a cow I have to milk every day.

Also, I’ve been to many state parks in Georgia–but I’ve got at least half of them left.


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Well, last night I went to Atlanta to volunteer for the GAWL (Georgia Association of Women Lawyers) Art Auction–partly because I heard that it was fun last year and partly because I was required to attend since I was a finalist for the GAWL Foundation scholarship. After help from 007 in navigating the parking deck, I arrived at 3:15 to find no one there to help because of crossed communication about what was needed when. Which was actually pretty upsetting to me, since I had pumped myself up about how everything would be ok and work out in this certain order and that plan was out of commission! But it all worked out beautifully–I used to work in the area so I just wandered down to a food court that I used to eat lunch at almost every day and read a magazine for a few hours. (If I had been thinking straight I could have gone to the High, but I wasn’t.) It was a perfect example of getting worked up over nothing, and something to remember.

It was also an excellent example of how when I am nervous, I chat. I made friends with the security guards, I got to know some other UGA 1L volunteers, I introduced myself to as many other finalists as I could, I joked with people who were buying parking tokens from me, and I smiled at EVERYONE. I was way more ME than usual, which is fun. I don’t think about that as being part of nerves, but Reed totally pointed that out when I told him about my evening–and he’s right. But I guess it’s an excellent strategy–it makes me feel good and I usually get to know other people better.

So in the end it was an evening well spent. It was fun watching the bidding and looking at the things up for auction. Plus, I ended up being one of the three scholarship winners, which is incredibily exciting and amazing–it makes me feel like I can do anything! Although I kept waking up last night “realizing” that I forgot to give an acceptance speech–thanks, brain, I appreciate some random panic every now and then.

The next 10!

1. Run a 10-mile race. 2. Collect interesting music. 3. Take ballroom dancing lessons. 4. Get my pilot’s license. 5. Take a cruise. 6. Know the constellations. 7. Clean a fish. 8. Ride on a sailboat. 9. Own some original art. 10. Learn to make rolls from scratch.

Interesting music–I can’t really explain this, but I guess I mean a variety of music that most people don’t listen to (because I’m a snob at heart). And I’ve never cleaned a fish before myself. Just watched or helped take the scales off or something.

Camping Adventure!


Well, well, well. A big-time adventure!

N and I went camping at Black Rock Mountain State Park yesterday–it was N’s first time camping! We had a good time–or at least I did, and N said she did! Haha. We got up there about 3–set up the tent and settled in a bit and then hiked the Tennessee Rock trail. It was beautiful. We saw a horde of woodpeckers, got lost and found, and beautiful mountains rolling away in the evening sun. Gorgeous! In a few weeks, the rhodedendron will be blooming and then everything there will be magnificant! It was nice to be out in the woods at a different time of day than usual, too.

After our hike, we tried to get our fire started which was moderately successful–enough so we could have hot dogs and toasted marshmellows. Delish! The campground is very nice–and the comfort station was fab and toasty! Our little campsite was sheltered from the roaring winds by a nice retaining wall–and the winds did roar almost all night long! All we heard was the noise, because we were nice and cozy. Before we went to bed, we got to see tons of sparkling stars and the pretty lights of Clayton below us in the valley.

Reed is so getting a new sleeping bag this year, because I was way too chilly in his!! But generally a good time–not too cold and just enough hiking and wandering around.

Anyway, we got up this morning and packed up our camp and decided to wander over to Brasstown Bald. Then we hiked up to the top of Brasstown–which is the highest mountain in Georgia! Really, we hiked from the parking lot to the observation deck–.6 of a mile and very steep! But we could see for miles–the ridges where the AT runs and the Great Smoky Mountains–beautiful!!

That was our adventure–so much fun. AND we have a challenge–which is to hike the 7.2 “most difficult” trail at Black Rock–because the visitor center had some t-shirts to commemorate “surviving” that trail! Bwhaha.



This weekend was great! It’s spring break, so I simply dropped everything to just have a break. How wonderful! I went to Ellerslie to see my family.

On Saturday, my mom and I rode our bikes around the house a bit. We decided not to ride in the Wheels o’ Fire ride because neither of us felt up to the huge climb at the beginning–instead we rode about 13 miles on the nice roads near the house. So much fun! It was a beautiful day. Later that day, we went shopping and had dinner together.

On Sunday, I beat the digipartner again–11:47. It was harder to run when I didn’t have my usual landmarks to think about. Plus, the road is pretty flat half of the way and the hill is not as steep as the one here–so even when I was running downhill I didn’t have as much momentum to help me be speedy. Mama ran/walked with me, so that was nice too! Anyway, tomorrow I’ll move up to two miles at 12:00/mile.

In general, it was a fabulous visit–we had a good time spending time with each other besides being active. I also got to see my grandparents and have lunch with them today. Woohoo! The rest of this week, I’ll have to do some work–at home and for school. It’s nice to be home again!

100 Adventures, Part B

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The next 10!

1. Swim with manatees. 2. Compete in a triathalon. 3. Reach the 1000 mark on my birding life list. 4. Watch whales in the wild. 5. Make every recipe in Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone. 6. Learn to make jelly. 7. Fly a remote-control airplane. 8. Visit a tropical rainforest. 9. Own some fancy chickens. 10. Build a bird house.

I love the fancy chickens goal–I mean that I want some chickens that are not your run-of-the-mill breed. I want some kind of rare-ish breed of chicken, preferably that lays pretty colored eggs.


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My little digipartner is having a rough time. I just have to beat him again on Sunday in order to move on to 2 miles at 12:00/mile. Ita€?s nice to see that I can advance so quickly, but I think Ia€?m just dusting off the basic level of fitness that I have. Soon my improvements wona€?t be so easy.

I still walked about a third of the mile today, because once I really started moving I didna€?t feel as if I needed so many breaks. The first little bit always makes me feel as if Ia€?m dying and will never be able to do thisa€”but if I ignore that and finish the next little bit, then I can pretty much run the whole way if I want. But I wanted to make sure that I beat the digipartner, so I didna€?t run the entire rest of the time. Today was a nice day to be outside because it wasna€?t quite as cold as it has been, even though it rained on me a bit. It does seem like Ia€?m getting to the halfway point much much faster than when I first started, so thata€?s nice. I tried to just think about beating the 12:00 pace and not the 11:47 pace, so I was surprised to see that I almost made 11:00! Secretly I was hoping just to get to 11:30. Bwhaha.

While I did get out twice to run with the digipartner, I didna€?t make it to Ramsey at all. I have a hard time thinking about thata€”it means one more bag of stuff to deal with on the bus and fitting it in with the rest of the things I must do during the day. I could always drive back to Ramsey later in the day, but that seems to defeat the bus-riding. I could do a workout that is recorded at home, but that means I would have to clean the living room. Bleck. Maybe for the next few weeks, Ia€?ll just try to run with the digipartner three days a week and do something active on Saturdays. Thata€?s still four more days that Ia€?m exercising than I have been in the past! So thata€?s good.

Anyway. Thata€?s my life, I hope all of you are having a great week! Woohoo! It’s now spring break! Well, except I’m going to work in the clinic.

I saw Martians last night.


That’s the only explanation. I must have stumbled across Martians or some other secret government project, and then had my memory erased. Really, that is the only explanation.

Otherwise, HOW ON EARTH COULD I FORGET THAT MY 8:30 CLASS WAS CANCELED TODAY!!! AAAAHHHH!!! I last knew this information at 5:30pm yesterday. I even went to the event that allowed for class to be canceled. Then, I went home and had dinner. At some point, I completely forgot about this. I didn’t just forget this morning, when I got up and caught the bus to school that makes me three whole hours early for my actual classes. I forgot last night, because I brought my con law book to the library and read it first thing. So by the time I packed my things to come to the library at 7:30 I had completely forgotten this extremely important fact. Which also means I’ve read for a class that won’t even be held until after spring break. Anyway, now I have three hours to figure out how to do these annoying little rule of construction problems for T&EII.

Wait, this can only mean that the Martians live in my house!! I don’t know whether to be excited or scared.

Miles by Bus!


I set my goal for 100 miles by bus–which shouldn’t be hard since I’ve been riding every day. Today I was lazy and asked Reed to come pick me up so that I would have more time at home before I had to come back and work as a desk gnome tonight. I would have been fine if I had waited though, it was only about 10 minutes quicker overall. I’m estimating the miles it takes to get places–I thought about 5 miles from home to campus, but I think it is a little bit shorter than that.

I am still enjoying it–so far I have ridden to school six days and home three days. Plus, I rode to the thrift store to volunteer. I’m not counting riding the campus bus, although I did that today too. The hardest part is having to lug all my stuff around during the day–which isn’t too big of a deal, since I can stow things behind the desk at the library. Also, I’ve decided to use my time on the bus to read for fun–right now I’m reading Snow Falling on Cedars which I am enjoying.

I’ve also gotten much better at timing when to get to the bus stop–this week, I’ve only been waiting about five-seven minutes instead of 20!

As a result of riding the bus, I’ve only driven by myself two or three times in the past week. A trip to church and to work at night when the bus doesn’t run. Eventually I am going to try to work myself up to riding my bike to church, but I’m not there yet–still scoping everything out. Someone rode their bike last week, and it taunted me. Mean bike. Every week I think about some new aspect of the road there–this week, it was that the part of the route that is the busiest is actually pretty wide if I decided to ride on the street during that section. I could also ride on the sidewalks, but that is generally more dangerous–but legal here in Athens. Of course, if I tried this and it didn’t work out I could always turn around and go home and still not be late if I drove. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. I might do that next week–just see how far I feel like riding early in the morning and where I get. Also, I have to think about what I can wear that is easy to ride in and yet church-friendly. The church I go to is generally casual dress–well, it’s come as you are–but I don’t think that most of my clothes are bike friendly. Or my bike isn’t regular clothes friendly. Something like that. Or I could just change when I get there, which seems like a huge hassle for some reason. Arg. Mostly I just want some pants that I could wear to church but that I could also ride my bike in–the changing shirts/shoes doesn’t feel hassle-y. Oh, what a hard life I lead.

Spring Flowers!!


I’ve been meaning to take pictures of many of these flowers for over a month now–the hellebores and camillias have been going at it since January really. But then I couldn’t really call them spring flowers, could I? Anywho, there are bunches of them–so I’ve put them in the linked portion of the entry so you can choose to see them or not depending on whether you have a fast connection.

Take that, digipartner!

Haha. Today my average pace was 11:47–so I beat the digipartner and made my pace of 12/mile. I still walked about half of it, but I was ahead of digipartner most of the time. He caught up with me at the halfway point, but then it was time for me to run again!

I’ve decided that if I can beat the 12 minute digipartner two more times, then I will increase the distance to two miles and try to beat him at that. And so on until I’m at 5k distance. Then I’ll work on being faster.

Really did not want to get out of bed today and do this, even for such a short bit of time–but the comments from last time were the tipping point. Thanks for inspiring me not to be lazy! I do feel much better when I get out and move–and the weather is so beautiful right now, so that makes it even better!

Later today I should have springtime flower pictures! Woohoo!

Starting Over Again


With the running! Or attempts at it, anyway. Today I used the virtual partner on my Garmin to try for one mile at a very slow pace–12 min/mile. I ended up at 12:59/mile because I had to walk so much, but when I ran I beat that little digital man! Mostly because it’s almost impossible to run that slowly. So I’d run until I reached a road sign, then walk until he caught up with me and then outrun him again. I have somehow convinced myself that I’m not very competitive, although Reed (and most people who know me) laugh when I say that. And here I am competing with my little digital partner! Now I have a number to work towards beating.

This past week, I rode the bus to school three days and home once. I also rode it out to the thrift store to volunteer, but got a ride home with someone. I really love riding the bus. It’s so odd, but it helps me set up my day much more efficiently. I guess it’s just an enforced structure that I must meet, and I really like that. Plus, it makes me tired at bedtime because I have to get up so early to catch it in the mornings.

While I am trying to balance things out more in my life, I realized that I had not been making time for exercise because it is too easy to let it slide. But this week, I am going to try to run with my digipartner on Tuesday and Friday and go to Ramsey twice during the school week.

100 Adventures, Part A


Well, I finally finished my ridiculous list of adventures that I want to do in my life. To spread out the joy, I will post 10 at a time. Some of them are extremely huge! Some are ongoing. Some are simple tasks. Some of them scare me a lot, but I want to try them anyway. Almost all of them have to do with learning something or experiencing someplace. Very few are about owning something, and only one is what I would consider part of a regular progression of my life (and it’s included as sort of a joke). These are the things that will make my life more exciting and more enriching.

Maybe as I reveal my list, my avid readers will make their own adventure lists!

Without further ado, and in no particular order, here are the first 10.

1. Hike the Appalachian Trail. 2. Learn to play tennis. 3. Go sea kayaking. 4. Be a Girl Scout Leader. 5. Learn to make fresh pasta. 6. Be on an adventure race team. 7. Go on a safari. 8. Visit Petra. 9. Try skiboarding. 10. Help with a bird banding project.



This afternoon, Reed and I went to the new Georgia Aquarium! It was wonderful–packed to the gills, so to speak–but still not too overwhelming.

My favorite part was the beluga whales–I could have watched them all day long! They are such show-offs! We also liked the Asian river otters and the cownose rays. Well, there was a lot to like, actually. And we got to see them feed the sea lions and the sea otters. Pretty neat.

The only other large aquarium I’ve been to is the one in Chattanooga–and I really love it, too. From what I can remember of it, I don’t think that the Georgia Aquarium blows it out of the water. They are both wonderful, but in different ways. I would love to revisit the Georgia Aquarium when it isn’t jam packed with people. Don’t know when that will happen–it’s already had over a million visitors and it only opened the last week of November!

This is for N, who said she would love to go see them.


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Well, I rode the bus home safely this afternoon. Once I get more efficient at timing when the buses get to their stops then riding the bus won’t be any kind of inconvenience. Both ways, the bus goes straight from A to B, which is nice.

What wasn’t nice was lugging all my stuff up the hill to the house! What a workout! Not of course that I’m in shape right now, but what an annoying hill! After unloading my stuff, I then walked to the grocery store and bought a few things–and finally got to use my little rolling shopping bag–it’s not bad, but my arms were killing me from lugging that thing around. Wahwahwah. I know.

I have to read for class tomorrow and make brownies for the bake sale, and then I’m going to bed!! I’m so tired!

Rolling along

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Got up this morning and rode the bus again. Another early morning, which is fine with me because I am a morning person and I feel like I’m getting back in a groove again. Not all the same people as yesterday, but still got to school at the same time. The only thing about riding the bus is that I don’t have my car as a locker–so right now, I have a lot of stuff to take home with me!! I left some of it at the library last night so I wouldn’t have to carry it all this morning–but I need to take it all home today. If I downsized my purse, that would probably be fine–and I carry it inside my shoulder bag most of the time–but right now, I have to deal with my rolly bag, my shoulder bag, my purse, and a book that won’t fit in either of the bags.

This evening I will get to have the adventure of going home on the bus! A new thing every day.

Adventure Monkeys had their second weekly lunch today at the Bluebird Cafe, which is a vegetarian restaurant here in town. A cozy, fun spot–no problems with the service this week, and delicious food. I had tofu, a garden salad and black beans, and a biscuit. Delish! My favorites were the black beans/rice and the biscuit with apple butter! Very good. The menu is so different from what I’m used to, that I am definitely going to go back and try other tasty sounding meals. And for breakfast! Also, 007 brought me 3Day pictures her mom took, which are lovely.

Off to class! Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!

Well, it probably shouldn’t be much of an adventure, but it was! Today I got up early and rode the bus to campus! Woohoo!

I decided that I would give it a try because I do think that it is better for our community to use other options to get around than just by individual cars–it is more interactive with other people and our environment and conserves resources. Plus I had to walk to the bus stop, which is a bit farther than the hop to my car–so it could be better for me. And it’s a less stressful way to get from place to place–I don’t have to deal with traffic and I can relax for a few minutes at the beginning of my day. I’ve always liked public transportation, anyway. Plus, no better way to start a month.

Also, today begins the Christian season of Lent–Ash Wednesday. Lent is a time of preparation for Easter, a time to turn from distractions to refocus on one’s spiritual walk and reflect on one’s life. Many people give something up during Lent, but I’m not this year. Instead, I’m trying to bring my life back into balance and act on the beliefs and values that are important to me. Riding the bus is part of that, but it’s not the whole picture. Anyway.

It takes the same amount of time to ride the bus as it does to drive from my door to the parking deck–about 15 minutes. I had to get up earlier because I needed to catch the first bus. I wasn’t sure exactly when the bus would get to our stop, so I got up super early (a little bit before 6) and got to the bus stop a little bit after 7–the bus got there at 7:20. Luckily, I brought one of my sudoku books with me so it was easy to pass the time. I also noticed that a couple of people were riding their bikes, so that made me feel good too. Now that I know when the bus gets there, I can probably get up a half hour later. There were more people riding the bus than I thought there would be–friendly seeming people, some of them obviously knew each other.

My first class is at 8:30, and I got to school early at 7:35–but since I had reading for one of my classes to work on, that wasn’t a problem. I thought I would be the first one in the library, since I got there five minutes after it opened–but there were a half a dozen other people already there! Wow! Some students are busy little bees.

Tonight I’ve been working as a desk gnome until the wee hours, so I won’t get to ride the bus home–but that’s ok because Reed is in the lab and he can take me home! Sorry if this post is a little jumpy, I’ve been working on it throughout the day because I’ve been busy–not much procrastination!

Also, I got tired of spammers, so I changed my comments–I have to approve comments before they show up on the site, so don’t be alarmed if nothing happens when you comment!!

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