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Monday blahs

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I’ve recently been wearing my 3-Day training socks with my everyday shoes–they’re colorful and I need to do laundry so my usual socks are gone. I love them. They make my feet feel so comfy and like I could walk forever. So I think I’m going to give up on other kinds of socks for everyday living. Thankfully, I have six pairs of these fabu socks, so I won’t go broke trying to get enough of these $8 socks to wear. If you have a burning desire to spend $8 or more on socks that will make your feet happy, then go here, to Fox River. They have boy socks too, but I didn’t link to those. They even have skiboard socks!! (I’m trying to infect all of you with the word skiboard. Because I like it better.) My favorites are the Adventure Cross Training qtr–it would be, wouldn’t it. I certainly need more than the gray and dark blue ones though, hmm.

Secondly, I realized I am up to #79 on my list of 100 things I want to do in my life. Who knew that this little project would take so flipping long to do? Surely I can think of twenty more things I want to do in my life (well, adventure-wise). Once I finish it I will share with all my devoted readers! You’re on pins and needles now, aren’t you? Off to work on that.

Thought I’d give you something to think about if you’re going through the Monday blahs. Not that I am. The sun is out–you know I’m bouncing off the walls.


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Well, today I decided that I would kick myself in gear and actually go ride with the rec group here in town. The calendar said the leader would be doing 37 miles at the slower pace of 13 mph (there were other distances too). That’s usually do-able for me, even when I’m not riding for long stints at a time.


I did six miles. Which doesn’t actually bother me because my bike has been gathering dust for three months now, so I’m not shocked that I’m a weakling. Plus, it was a really big deal to actually go there with my bike, dressed to ride, without knowing anyone. So I did good just by showing up! (And actually I did know someone because the county atty was riding and I worked there over the summer.)

I was surprised at how tired I was from the very beginning–my legs tired and lazy within the first mile. Usually, I can get on the bike and just go, and it’s the sitting that limits the ride. Usually, though, even if I’m not riding I’m running or riding that infernal bike at Ramsey or otherwise exercising several times during the week–which hasn’t been happening lately. So I am in horrible shape, and I hope that I will be spurred on to work out starting this week.

Anyway, I had a great time and really enjoyed what I did. It was a beautiful day on a road that is pretty for the most part, and even coming back by myself wasn’t bad. I saw a pretty pasture, nice houses, a giant oak tree (that needs its picture taken), the Hispanic grocery store that is supposed to be very good, and the giant storage tanks for Athens’ gasoline–and a few other things, but those were the highlights. There are two intersections that are pretty busy, but I do actually know how to cross a street. Those and the light to cross the highway back to the parking lot are the only worrisome spots on this route (the light is very short, so you have to be speedy or else you’ll sit there forever waiting for another chance).

And now I have a map of a route out there so if I want to ride farther with friends then I can. I’ve never ridden with an official rec group ride before–and this one’s funny because no one’s supposed to be dropped and all abilities are welcomed and it’s supposed to be for everyone, but it has developed into something more like the slow racing team in town (there are several fast groups in town affiliated with the different bike shops). It is pretty intimidating even for someone like me who has ridden long distances before and is (sometimes) in shape–because I’m more like a true recreational rider, I ride to see what’s out there and I don’t do cadences or what not. I want to see something pretty and talk, and I’m not all that interested in how fast I can go. So I really need to find a friend with a bike who can ride a bit here or there.

And that “no dropping” thing… hmm. I don’t care that I rode by myself, in that my feelings aren’t hurt and I’ll probably come back for another ride, but there was no way for me to tell anyone that I was turning back early because I couldn’t catch the group ahead of me. I hope they didn’t spend too much time waiting for me or backtracking to see if I was hurt–I left a note on one of the cars letting them know I returned safely. But I was pretty much dropped because I was so slow! But I live to ride another day! Woohoo!

After the mean potluck


Thursday the Adventure Monkeys convened for lunch at Clocked, a local diner. I was the only one who had been there before and that was a long time ago. So we headed out on our adventure, which it really was since ita€?s in an area of downtown that is a little out of the way. The food was wonderfula€”one of the best patty melts that Ia€?ve ever had outside of my own kitchen and we shared cheesy tater tots. They serve RC instead of the red can so thata€?s another little interesting feature. What wasna€?t so interesting is that their service is the worst in town. Which is really saying somethinga€”never quite had the stunning combination of unhelpfulness, snaila€?s pace, carelessness, and rudeness in one place.

I do have to say that the food almost makes up for all of thata€”it is that good. Of course, ita€?s just greasy diner food but there are ways to screw that up and make it horrible. There is nothing horrible about the food. My patty melt was on marble rye, two slices of cheese, red onions, and Russian dressing (even though I asked specifically for no dressing). So so very good. It really beat the patty melt that I had for dinner from the Waffle House by way more than a mile. (What can I say, I love patty melts. It will all balance out with the tofu and salads that are the other half of my diet. Ia€?ve apparently settled on being a moofutariana€”only beef and tofu. But thata€?s another post.)

Anyway, Clocked is the kind of place that you go when the purpose is to hang out in that space, and oh by the way also have something to eat. Very college towna€”if your college town is an artsy town with a bunch of too cool for school townies hanging around. If you are using Clocked as some kind of adventure cave, then it has its benefits. If you are using Clocked as a diner/restaurant then you will probably be disappointed.

Ia€?ve been thinking about the adventure cave-ness of it, and I bet that tips arena€?t very high because ita€?s really small and people just hang out forever. So the waitgrrls with their witty thrift store clothes probably dona€?t have an incentive to offer good servicea€”which further reduces their tips from people who believe that Clocked is a place to eat.

Today I went to Mel!ow Mushroom for lunch, and it was oddly packed for being after 1 and a Tuesday. I asked for a table, since I was going to review for Family Law–but there really aren’t tables for less than four. While the person was cleaning off a table, another girl came in behind me with an armful of papers and highlighters–so I asked her if she was eating alone, since then she could sit with me and we could both read. Plus, I would feel less guilty about taking up a table and not eating at the bar.

So, we introduced ourselves and settled in to our reading for the eternity that it takes to actually get a meal at MM. When our food arrived, I said that I hoped what she was reading was more cheerful than the divorce stuff I was reviewing. . and lo and behold, she was studying for her MPA comps! We spent the rest of the time talking about professors and classes and all sorts of PA stuff.

The lesson? Talk to strangers!! haha

My latest ambition

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Ok, so it’s been an eon since I’ve looked at a new bird. Maybe two. I just don’t have the time to wander around outside and it’s cold and cloudy. Well, cold for here anyway.

BUT. We’ve just finished the section on the Endangered Species Act in Natural Resources and my latest goal (as of today) is to spot a red-cockaded woodpecker. I have an adventure all worked out to visit a place where they are supposed to live, so whenever you adventure monkeys want to get up really early to go look for a little birdy in the woods just let me know!! Woohoo!! It’s not that far away, but the site says the best time to see them is in May and June.

Oh, and while I haven’t figured out the chickens part of bobcat and chicken ice cream, we could definitely walk down to see the bobcats at the zoo and then walk to Marble Slab, 007!! Perhaps we could pretend the owls were chickens. Then we could have exercise and ice cream.

Terror on the Cheesewagon

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Well, I finally read the story behind the headline that’s been teasing me for a couple of days–the Enlisting School Bus Drivers to Keep an Eye out for Terrorists story. Apparently that paragon of efficiency the Homeland Security Department has started a program to train school bus drivers to be alert to “suspicious activity.” The reasoning is that there could be someone scoping out the school bus route in order to hijack the bus, load it down with explosives, and blow up a building. (Note that I am not making this up–but this is what was actually in the article. Lest anyone think I am actually scheming about how terrorists would use school buses.) But this scenario could all be prevented by the beady eyes of school bus drivers. Remember Beslan and all that! Not surprisingly, many of the bus drivers who were taking their Spying 101 class had never dreamed that they could be targets of terrorism. This program is part of Highway Watch, which the American Trucking Association has been given $50 million in domestic security funds to operate. I’m glad that we’re outsourcing part of our highway homeland security to the trucking lobby. It makes me feel so safe. What else could we be doing with that money? Training actual law enforcement officials? Perish the thought.

Go. NOW.


Everyone should go at this very moment or maybe the next to the following sites:

Dharma Bums to see the pictures of the bobcat. You’ll probably have to scroll down a bit.

Rurality to see the fluffiest wittle chicken.

Then, you should all contact me and figure out what adventure(s) we can take this week inspired by such critters.

Ba da bing

Woohoo! I feel all ready to start my new low-stress life!! Woohoo!

Last night, I went to (hmm, I’m running out of initials–I should just start renaming people) La’s fabulous wine and cheese party. It was so wonderful. I met some new people, learned new stuff about people I knew, and believe it or not actually may be added to a new listserv (don’t worry, flyers aren’t involved) if I’m not already signed up for it. Plus, I got to see La’s very cute place downtown. Lots of talking and nibbling and drinking (well, not so much drinking on my part). Wore my very cute wedges and found out that when I stand in them for 2 hours my knees want to die, but that’s too bad. So much fun. Also, I met a giant fluffy white cat whose name is not Snowball or Frosty, but instead has a quite sophisticated name that I can’t recall right now. It’s good that he’s not my cat, because then his name would totally be Frosty and he would be very depressed.

Um. Anyway. Reed was supposed to come with me and meet people so everyone could put a face with a name–but our packed social calendars had a conflict (haha). One of the pop gens had her defense this week, and now is a Dr! So a good reason to celebrate–and Reed headed out the door with cheese puffs for her junk food party a little bit before I left. I’ll have to convince everyone some other time that he’s not a figment of my imagination.

That’s that!! I’m off to have adventures of a desk gnome later today. Wheee!



Well, I hope that everyone’s had a good week and is looking forward to the weekend! I certainly am! Then maybe I can get caught up–luckily, one class has been canceled today so that will cut down a bit on the work.

Anywho. I need to work on getting more exercise so that I don’t morph back into a land slug. I keep saying this, but nothing happens.

Also, I was reading Bicycling mag the other day in the library and noticed that they had the Wheels O’ Fire ride that I’m doing in March on their ride calendar! How neat! It really is a good ride–at least if it doesn’t rain or freeze you silly. Also, I emailed this random group in the Flagpole that was about Adventure Cycle Tours–sounds right up my alley doesn’t it–and they are a group trying to put together a major low-impact, low-cost bike camping trip! Either in Mexico, cross country, or along the Blue Ridge Parkway–of course, I would be rooting for the cross country trip. Because it sounds the most insanely fabulous. We shall see.

I need to hunt someone with a bike up to go on rides with me.

Happy Valentine's Day!


I wrote a whole entry about how stressed out I am with classes and everything I had to do in my life right now, complete with a long to do list for this evening. Right at the end, I got a call from Reed who wanted to know if I got his email–it was an adorable ecard–and if I wanted to go out to eat tonight. He’s so sweet! And he fixed the laptop last night so that the monitor isn’ falling apart anymore.

So, now I don’t feel as stressed out about everything. It’s so nice to be married to someone who can make everything better.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Reed! I love you.

New Adventure Cave


Bwhaha. I’ve found a fabulous adventure cave on campus that I am going to claim as my own. Well, not explicitly, but you know what I mean.

It’s very quiet and almost never has any people in it, and it has windows to look out onto the pretty sky. I just pretend I belong. heehee. Where is it? The library inside the Rusk Center! People are in their offices around the edge, and sometimes LLM students are in here–but no other law students appear to be brave enough to settle in. And they have really nice furniture. I can sit in a little alcove and then only people who happen to walk down one of the hallways can see me. There’s only like six people in the Rusk Center, and they all seem enthralled by their work–and I look busy and non-disruptive so I don’t think they care.

Maybe I’ll get brave and start studying in the little conference room by the elevators.

Perpetual Reunion


Ok, so I’ve been semi-engulfed by faceb00k–which if you don’t know what it is, be glad. I’m not sure what the whole purpose of it is–you make a profile and connect to friends and stuff, so it could be networking–but I’m not sure that networking is really on anyone’s mind. Anyway, your little profile sits there with your birthday and your interests and maybe some pictures of you. And you can add a link to your/a website.

So of course I’ve linked here, it’s my website! But the other day, I was thinking as I pondered whether to “friend” some people I knew in high school about how I would feel if they came here and read my rambly little blog. And, well, it felt weird. Not that I’m not completely non-anonymous out here on the interweb what with my picture and first name and all–and if you google my name it would be easy enough to come across this spot. And I don’t really write anything personal here–if you sit next to me in class (poor P) or eat lunch with me or in any other way interact with me, I will probably tell you the same thing I’ve written here. Nothing here is a secret or makes me uncomfortable about people knowing. I’m not going to reveal any confidences of my own or others. That makes me a boring blogger, I guess–but this place is for my silly thoughts and adventures, I’m not trying to be interesting to anyone else.

What it boiled down to was feeling that my blog may be a really “uncool” thing about me. Faceb00k brings up an absurd amount of completely ridiculous social anxiety, considering what it is! (Not that I lay awake wondering if people will friend me, but the little that it does is still an absurd amount.) People might not like me if they read my blog! When I write that out, it looks dumb. Especially considering that the people I friended who I knew from high school actually do know me–much better than many of my law school faceb00k friends–and I don’t think they’d be surprised at how I am silly/boring/nerdy.

Anywho. I’ve been thinking about it, so I decided to write it down. Plus, I haven’t written anything in a bit.


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Another run/walk at Ramsey. Walk 1, run 2 for a mile of running. This time, I did two laps as quick as I could–although since one of these laps was the last one, it wasn’t really that speedy. My legs feel better today, even though I know I worked harder. Yippee!!

Planning ahead.

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There are so many things that need doing. My goals for today are: do the dishes, laundry, go to Ramsey (check), do a tv workout, read for monday’s class, read some stuff for the clinic, look at my resume, work on an application, mail bills, buy groceries, clean the bathroom, and do some general overall review/studying for my classes. Not in that order, necessarily.

By the way, because our cable company just restructured everything about itself, we now have HB0 and a bunch of other movie channels. bwhaha. So I think scheduling things to record should also make the list of things to do.

Really, I started this post because I wanted to talk about all the things that I wanted to do and making a plan about how to do them. But…um I realized that it would show how far from being on restriction I am, and that’s like telling on myself. Reed would so fuss! Except I’ve already told him everything that I want to do except…that I want to run a 5k in March! And maybe April. heehee. I’m not supposed to be filling up my time with extracurricular stuff before getting my work done! But apparently it’s my fatal flaw. Well, not quite fatal, obviously.

Inspiration finally strikes

Yesterday I actually went to Ramsey and ran. Not for very long, time-wise. But I ran one mile. Not all together. But I ran 2, walked 1 until I got to a mile. I was going to run a mile and a half, but my ankles got tired. What a silly thing! I don’t think my shoes were laced up right–whatever.

But I felt great! So I’m thinking I’ll run again soon. Woohoo!

Why everyone should watch more PBS.

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Today I was called on in con law and floundered around as usual. It’s so strange that it doesn’t fluster me as much as being called on in other classes, even though it’s more likely that I will have no idea what I’m talking about for a couple of questions. I’m at peace with the floundering. Plus, I remind myself that by being awful everyone else feels better. I’m really doing them a favor.

Anyway, I had to get to class early today to finish reading and reviewing for class–still feeling that if I could just manage to avoid being called on about the first part I would be ok. No such luck, of course. The reason that I did my reading and re-reading this morning instead of last night is because I got caught up watching this show on PBS.

To kick off black history month, PBS is showing African American Lives, a documentary by Henry Louis Gates, Jr. Gates is a professor at Harvard and something like the pre-eminent African American Studies scholar in the country. The series–four 1-hour episodes–explores the geneology of nine prominent African Americans: Gates, Oprah, Whoopi Goldberg, Chris Tucker–he was in the Rush Hour movies with Jackie Chan (among other things), T.D. Jakes, Quincy Jones, Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot–an education professor at Harvard, Mae Jemison–an astronaut, and Ben Carson–the director of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins.

Anywho, this week’s episodes explored the guests’ family history back to slavery. Which was really interesting in lots of ways. I love geneology, and apparently it doesn’t even have to be my own to enjoy! Through their research they found out information like Oprah’s great-grandfather had a school moved to his land, and that apparently what kept Chris Tucker’s family in the South (the only person whose family didn’t join the great migration up north) was their strong ties and comittment to their church–which is still going strong today.

But. The most fascinating part of the show for me was the part where they traced Dr. Carson’s family back to pre-civil war times. His great-grandfather (I may be missing a great in there) was born in Shiloh. Harris County. He was one of the slaves owned by the Copeland family, and after the war/emancipation proclamation, took the name Copeland. Do you know how many Copelands I went to school with? A bunch–when I was in school, it was a pretty small county system and there weren’t a whole bunch of new names in my yearbook from my parents’ yearbook. And a lot of people had been in the county since before forever. (For example, my grandmother and great-grandmother were born about a mile from where I grew up. I went to school with a bunch of somehow related people–third cousins and more distant relatives. And I was not alone in this by a long shot.) So it’s completely reasonable that the Copelands I went to school with are the same family, perhaps the same exact family (not collaterally related, but directly descended from the same person) as this doctor! I think that’s pretty neat.

Of course, I think anything even tangentially related to Harris County is interesting.

Anyway, the next two episodes are on next Wednesday at 9-11. I think they’re doing DNA testing on that show.

Not a Constitutional Rememberer

Yeah, I know I said I wasn’t a constitutional rememberer last night–but I didn’t mean it this literally! I forgot to go to Con Law today. Just slipped my mind. I almost forgot to go to it last Wednesday, but at the last moment the night before I remembered and did my reading. Today, no such luck–I remembered at 8:05 and class is at 8:30. I don’t know what my problem is. On the other hand, I got plenty of sleep and am awake again today!

Oh, well. I guess I’ll have to go write it on my calendar from now on. Happy February!

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