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At this moment, the president is still in the middle of the speech, but the first part seems to have sounded the theme of how if we seek isolation from the world we will be sending the country down the wrong path. I thought when he first started talking about this, who on earth is demanding isolation? Now I realize that Isolationists is the code word for Democrats, Liberals, Anti-War people, or just who ever opposes the particularly violent method of intervention that we have currently chosen. Changing the type of intervention used, or discontinuing a type of intervention is not necessarily isolationist. War (or this type of war) is not the only intervention in the international sphere. I hope this new coding doesn't stick--it's so oversimplified. Now he's talking about cutting spending--right after talking about how we're supposed to show the international community American compassion, thereby drawing them to our ideals. That same American compassion that cuts community development block grants that funds local poverty and housing initiatives, etc. When we no longer have children who go hungry, workers who cannot support themselves or their families on their pitiful wages, and good healthcare only for those who are very lucky, then perhaps we will have something that exhibits compassion. Of course, those things might require spending. Wait, I thought the line-item veto had been declared unconstitutional? Should I go re-read Chadha again? [Yes, apparently, because Chadha is about a legislative veto. Which is unconstitutional because it doesn't go through bicameral vote and presidential approval. Or something. BUT Clinton v. City of NY is about the line item veto act re: appropriations being declared unconstitutional because it fails the presentment part of how a bill becomes a law. Or something. I'm not a constitutional scholar. Or rememberer. Hee.] Oh, wait, national tort reform. Down that rosy path. And clean energy--I think I've heard this part of his speech before. Wasn't there also something about fuel cells in a previous State of the Union speech by this Prez? I believe so. Where is my fuel cell car? Is it locked up with my flying car and the safe way to dispose of nuclear waste? Human talent!! So, we'll teach evolution across the board? Woohoo! We'll pay graduate students enough so that they'll be attracted to public research rather than industrial private research? Hmm, maybe. We'll hire better teachers? No, just more of them. Rigorous enough to compete with other nations--is that code for teaching evolution? Because that is what it will take to compete with other nations in biology. Ooh, REDEFINING MARRIAGE!! By activist judges, no less. Haha, watching the justices decide whether to stand and clap for the new justices. How cute, Thomas and Souter? Or Breyer? I can't tell those two apart. Prohibiting human cloning in ALL its forms. Chimeras, blah, blah. Why can't we clone pieces of ourselves? If I want to clone an ear to replace the one my dog chewed off, why can't someone do that? Where's the ethics in that? Would this stop that mouse from having an ear on its back? Not that that's not disturbing, but what if I need my ear? We could have been complicit in the oppression of others? Could have been? Um. . .Ok. We are ignoring many CIA activities in this sentence, as well as our oppression by inaction of many places suffering from human and civil rights violations. Not to mention the injustice in our own nation. I love the callers on CSpan. No matter what they are talking about, they sound like nuts. Woohoo! Overall, I think that the speech was disappointing. Of course, when so much is going down the tubes you don't have as much time to talk about big dreams and how things are going to be better in between all the spin. The new governor of Virginia is annoying. His hands distract me. Is he a mime? (See, I'm an equal opportunity basher.) And his speaking style is horrid. It's too much like a term life insurance commercial. AHH, the odd pauses!! I get it, there's a better way. (PS--Working together is not it. Neither is generic "service" in the pursuit of efficiency.) You know, it's kind of awful, but the most inspiring campaign speech I've ever heard was at the end of the 3Day walk. Maybe they should give lessons. Maybe I should go to more rallies. I guess things like this remind me that I should be doing more.

Awake Monkey


Last night, I made myself go to bed at 10:45. Even though I wasn’t finished with any of my reading for today. Even though there were plenty of other things that needed doing. And today I feel really good. I finished reading for one of my classes and just let one slide. I’ll get caught up with that this afternoon I hope. In a little bit, I can go home and do a few errands.

Reed’s making dinner tonight (I think), so I won’t have to deal with that. I can just try to catch up on my work. Then I should be able to go to bed early again tonight!

I had baked beans for lunch today. They were ok, although I noticed that they too have a ton of sodium. Actually more than the soup–41% per serving. Of course, you only eat one serving of baked beans. Something to think about. I might just have to get an insulated lunch bag so I can bring my own healthy leftovers–well, even if they aren’t healthy they aren’t confronting me with their nutrition contents!


Back to feeling ok. Well, semi-ok. I was late to class this morning, forgot my notesies edit, and felt tired. But it’s 8:30 Con Law, who isn’t tired. And being late means I wouldn’t have to worry about being called on–usually that’s the case. Not the reason why I was late, mind you.

Anyway, worked in the clinic and now I’m home eating one of the microwave soup things we bought for me to try for lunch–I don’t like eating packed sandwiches on regular bread (it’s too soft and smushy) unless I’m starving, I don’t want to bring anything that I have to put in the fridge, packaged food icks me out (mostly because I’m trying not to eat stuff with MSG, high fructose corn syrup, or partially hydrogenated stuff–which is sort of a limitation when dealing with packaged food), and in general I just really want to eat at a restaurant everyday for lunch. Which is ridiculous, seeing as if I want to eat something other than pizza, I will easily rack up $40+ a week just for lunches–that’s like a week’s worth of pay from the desk gnome job! So, I tried to find some microwavable things that I could just throw in my bag and keep around forever. I’m trying out baked beans and Progre33o lentil soup.

The lentil soup isn’t so bad–it doesn’t have any of the yucky stuff I don’t want to eat in it. It does have tomato paste–I’m not sure why people think that every (non-cream) soup needs tomato paste or tomato something in it to make it soup. This is a lie! It would be a whole lot better without tomato paste and with real onion pieces instead of onion powder. Anywho. But I probably won’t get it again–because it contains 70% of my sodium for the day! That’s just outrageous. Of course, on the label it just says 35% per serving, but then the sneaky thing is for two servings. Because no one would eat an entire bowl of soup (2 cups) for a meal!!

I guess my next move is to try those dehydrated soup in a cup things–maybe they are both good and have less sodium. Of course, I could just make my own soup which would be better in all respects, but probably wouldn’t keep as well. I will probably do that next week–I seem to have developed some kind of inordinate fondness for lentils. Poor Reed.

Anyway. At least the baked beans will be good. Baked beans are almost always good–unless you put peppers in them. The only thing that should go in baked beans is bacon!



Well, I feel about a million times better today–must be all the sleep I’ve been getting. Just wanted to let the blog-world know I’m all better now. Except for still being behind! Arg.

Ugh. I just wrote a long, self-pitying entry about what I’m not doing–blah, blah, blah. Woe is poor little me. I have a health and fitness goal this week–I will drink 5-6 glasses of water each day. And that’s that.

Still tired

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Ok. So I did the groceries and the laundry. Went to lunch. And I made dinner. And I slept for a couple more hours. I have had a really bad headache and half the time I’m just very very tired.

I’m going to bed in a bit, and then tomorrow I will try to get some schoolwork done. I guess I’ll take a vitamin too.

If I don’t feel better next week, I guess I’ll go to the health center and see if there’s anything wrong with me.


No treat this week, although now is when I really feel like I need one.

Well, after Thursday’s entry I took a nap, woke up, got dinner, and began working on my Notesies’ edit. By that time it was after midnight, because I procrastinated a bit by talking to Reed about my day and vice versa. Notesie 1’s note is really good–but it took me HOURS to mark what I thought needed changing and write up the letter/email to tell her what I thought. Then it was too late to do the other Notesies or read for classes. So, I went to bed, got up after a few hours and did Notesie 2’s–also really good, but it only took me an hour or a bit more to do hers. I think I’ve realized now why I spend so much time on Notesie 1’s notes and write so much–she’s always first, so I have more energy, and make more comments, and give more examples–I want to be so helpful. Then I’m sick and tired of looking at notes, so Notesie 2, who is always second, gets my thoughts–but my attitude has changed to “she’s a smart girl, she can figure out examples for herself.” So, then since I hadn’t read or slept I didn’t go to class yesterday, much less prepare for them.

So I’m behind. This weekend I still have 5 hours of clinic to account for, reading to catch up on, reading to prepare for class, grocery shopping to do, laundry to finish, the bathroom to clean…bleck. It’s all doable, and I do have enough time I just have to DO those things. Plus, it would be nice to get back on track with the sleep, healthy eating and healthy exercising. Last night I did sleep 13 hours, after going to bed before 10, so that’s great. If I can just go to bed on time tonight, then I’ll be so happy!

I gues I should go get started.


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I haven’t written anything in a while because I feel like I’ve been run ragged this week. I’m just not getting enough sleep, and I have lots of work to do.

Last night, I worked til midnight at my library gnome gig, came straight home, ate a cup of ice cream, did a sudoku puzzle and the usual get ready for bed routine and got into bed. I was still awake at 1:45, when I kicked Reed out to watch tv in the living room. Usually tv watching doesn’t bother me, and I prefer that he hang out with me and watch tv while I fall asleep–but I was so tired it was distracting for some reason. Then I still didn’t sleep well. Got up this morning after seven since I hit the snooze a couple of times. Went to Con Law at 8:30. I’m ok, eyes open, typing my little notes–class was about… um, equal protection? Ah, Grutter and the other Michigan affirmative action case. See, I do remember.

An hour between classes, which I used for reading the T&E II assignment and trying to figure out the problems about a trustee’s duty of impartiality. Natural Resources woke me up, even though it was about NEPA compliance (still). I really like that class so far–I am really interested in the underlying facts of the cases, so I don’t mind dealing with the law parts. Then, T&E immediately afterwards–I thought I would like nothing better than to lay my head down on my laptop. I probably looked dazed, and I’m sure my notes are excellent since I kept realizing that I wasn’t keeping up with the discussion.

Lunch sent two cokes my way, and I was perked up enough to meet with L about Edith House, the lecture series our organization puts on in honor of UGA Law’s first female graduate. All through our meeting, I debated whether to skip Family Law and go home and sleep. Finally, I decided to skip. After all, I’ve got so much that needs to be done by tomorrow it’s best if I sleep early and then have plenty of time to work in the evening before I have dinner and go to bed for real. So, L and I go to talk with some admin folks and put the date on the Dean’s calendar, blah, blah, blah. As we’re talking to the admin about the Dean’s calendar, who happens to pop out of his office? Why the professor of Family Law, of course! He talks to L and me, asks us what we’re doing, we tell him about Edith House, he’s glad that it doesn’t conflict with his class–which would be Family Law, of course. He leaves the office, and I turn to L and say–I guess I’m going to Family Law. She got a good laugh out of that.

I could have gone on and skipped it, but really I had no excuse–it was 30 minutes before class started, what was I going to do, come down with Ebola? And I sit on the first (real) row. Hmm, Ms. Cartwright mysteriously didn’t make it to class today. Wonder if she got lost walking the 100 feet from the rotunda to room K? Realistically, I know he probably doesn’t care–but I felt like I’d been spotted and couldn’t simply go home to sleep. There might be inquiries.

Luckily, class was about Lawrence v. TX which I already know and understand (well enough), so it didn’t matter too much that I didn’t follow along as well as I would had if I’d had as much sleep as I needed.

Anyway, as Prof C said this morning in Con Law–going to class when you’re tired is good practice for work. He really knows how to inspire us. heehee.

On a side note, I don’t know if it’s because I’m actually paying more attention now, or if I’ve self-selected into classes that are interconnected somewhat, or if it’s really because the cases I’ve noticed really are important cases that outline basic/fundamental concepts, but the number of important cases that are “new to me” are dwindling rapidly. I guess that’s a good thing. I think I’ll make a list. After my nap.



In the course of reading through my usual round of blogs today I stumbled across a link with the quote: To me, school gym classes were an Orwellian nightmare of enforced socialization. This really made me think about how phys ed classes are interacting with the increasing numbers of people who are overweight/out of shape in our society. In my opinion and from my experience, I think that it is probably a significant factor in a couple of ways.

The first, and most commonly talked about, way that p.e. impacts “the obesity epidemic” (I’ll just use that phrasing to fit the general idea that I’m talking about, even though it includes more than obesity) is how schools have cut these programs so that many children do not receive much/any p.e. classes or recess time. Whether this is attributed to the need to increase instructional hours of those subjects that are tested for fed/state objectives, or there is a lack of funds to pay p.e. teachers, or there aren’t safe facilities/equipment to use, the lack of phys ed at school probably does contribute a lot to the inactivity and weight gain of children. (Along with diet, tv and computer use, socioeconomic status of parents, etc.)

But that’s not what I’m thinking about. What I want to hash out here is the way I think that phys ed fails to meet its purpose of increasing (lifetime) physical fitness when it actually is taught.

First of all, this isn’t a rant about how I was the nerdy kid who hated gym because I was picked last for teams. Even though that does describe me to some extent, I don’t really care about that. I had a lot of fun in gym in elementary school–I remember really liking to play field hockey and playing volleyball with a beachball. In middle school, it was ok–probably the same low-grade horror for everyone. And even though I detested gym class in high school, I chose to take weight training as an elective as a fluff class my senior year. I never played sports really–softball one year (I was awful) and I was part of a competitive dance team for an awfully long time for someone with no rhythm (snort).

Even with those good experiences, I can’t help but think that the bulk of those classes completely failed me with respect to educating me about physical fitness in order to live a healthy life. I mean, I know that someone named Naismith or something like that invented basketball using peach baskets (this was probably on every single test I ever took in p.e.), but I didn’t learn things like how many calories are appropriate for a person of my size to eat, or what a healthy resting heart rate is, or WHY it matters that I exercise at all, other than an administrative requirement in order to move to the next grade/graduate. Therefore, when I finally put this hurdle behind me I felt free to let any concern with fitness float away as something I would never have to bother with again. I think many people are in this position. We didn’t necessarily put forth efforts of our own accord to be fit, then didn’t learn to enjoy fitness, and finally were released from any obligation and never looked back.

It seems a lot of us never looked back. This isn’t just an “obesity epidemic”? problem though—people who are not overweight are not necessarily fit. I believe that it is phys ed’s purpose to set us up for lifetime fitness, just like social studies/government/civics classes have a purpose of setting us up for a lifetime of good citizenship (hmm, maybe I’ll write about that later). And, being the opinionated person that I am, I have some ideas about how the system that I (and probably many others) experienced could change in order to improve the achievement of that purpose.

This Week

So this week I need to set a goal to keep me going. I think dinner and a movie with Reed–let’s see, hmm dinner at Mia Madonna and Brokeback Mountain? I think that will motivate me.


After visiting THREE video stores, we finally found a copy of The Constant Gardener. I just had to sign up to be a member of the last store we went to, but seeing as I was about to pull my hair out because apparently 60 other people in our area wanted to see the same movie it was a small inconvenience.

In the end, I didn’t think the movie was as powerful as I was hoping. It was a very solid movie and I enjoyed it very much, but it certainly didn’t wow me the way City of God (another movie by the director) did. I think most of it is that I didn’t really like Ralph Fiennes’ character all that much. I don’t know–but I’m glad that I finally got my treat!

The thing about delaying fun and treats is that if there’s a delay, then you can’t be sure that you’ll actually get them. Tonight I went to the video store to rent The Constant Gardener and they were completely out. Actually, they were out of almost every new movie in the store.

It’s so frustrating–I feel like I’ve put so much effort into doing what I was supposed to do and then the Cosmic Adventure Monkey didn’t follow through with its end of the bargain. Drat it. Which makes it harder to want to keep doing my work early and working on other things instead of just trying to fit all the fun I can into every single day. After all, I can get by just fine without working ahead–I have a lot of stress, but I also have a lot of fun AND apparently it doesn’t affect my outcomes too much. True, I might have a bit better grades and potentially a cleaner house if I kept working at it–but in reality my grades aren’t so bad that I want to improve them for anything other than improvement’s sake and a messy house isn’t the end of the world either. (Plus, I’m used to living with the deadline stress.) Changing the status quo isn’t motivation enough to give up what I feel that I’m giving up–the chance to call around and drag someone (007) outside on these beautiful days we’ve been having, to go to a movie, to go out to eat, etc.

Last year, I felt the same way about hiking–I would tell myself that I would work really hard and then as a reward, go hiking. But when reward time came around, the weather would be atrocious or no one would be able/willing to go. So I gave up on that–which was a huge disappointment.

This is probably good news to those Adventure Monkeys who have vowed to make me break my resolution of not procrastinating and studying hard during our last semester together. Not that anyone thought I would be hard to persuade.

Anyway. We’re going to try to find a copy of it tomorrow. I’m not going to give up on my resolution, because it’s pathetic to be frustrated by a video store’s inventory. Tonight, instead of a reward I’m going to fold clothes and study for T&E II. WAHHH. I detest character-building.

Long Weekend!!


Yay! I got all my work done–I read for each of my classes and took notes on all my readings (well, all relevant readings–some things were not note-worthy). Tomorrow we’re renting my movie and watching it. And, as a bonus, I’m having lunch with my Adventure Monkeys on Monday! Plus, I’ve already started on next week’s work! What on earth is wrong with me!! haha.

This weekend I still have to type up notes that I took by hand and organize the papers from this week. And I’m going to try to finish reading for four more sessions of classes by the end of the weekend–which should take me through part of Thursday’s readings.

Today I had to go to a retreat for the Land Use Clinic that I’m taking this semester. It was pretty interesting and I think I will really enjoy the work I’ll do in there this semester. With week one under my belt, I think that I will really enjoy this semester.

Anyway, with my new motto of “do it NOW” I’ve actually gotten a lot of work done around the house–not completely noticeable really, but there aren’t quite as many loose ends hanging around as there usually are. I hope that as I keep doing things on time there will be less and less of those random things waiting to trip me up! I even went to Ramsey and rode the bike for 45 excruciating minutes! Well, not really excruciating just boring beyond belief and I had to think how sad it was that I had to use a simulation of exercise to get fit rather than being outside or just living an active life. But it’s a little hard to exercise outside in the dark, so I guess I’ll do what I have to.

Not much news in my little world. Some very sad news this weekend.

(By the way, I hope all of you millions of readers out there ignored the grammatical and narrative nightmare that was my last entry.)



I am so tired. Very very tired.

You see I’m on restriction. I’m not “allowed” to do anything extracurricular that is fun (hiking, camping, movies) unless I’ve studied. The quotes are because although Reed suggested this rule, I fully agree with it. So, during the week I have to read for all my classes and take notes on my reading. Otherwise, I don’t get to have weekend plans. Today is my busiest day–I have four classes today between 8:30 and 4:30. Yesterday, even though I thought I had plenty of time, I only finished for 3 of my classes–and that took until 1 am!! Arg. But I still got everything done and then had 40 minutes of free time at school. Which is when I should have written this, but that’s ok. Tomorrow I only have two classes, but no reading for one! Yeehaw!

If I finish reading and notes for T&E II and for the retreat before those classes meet, then I get to rent and watch the Constant Gardener! I wanted to see this in the theater, but it got away from me.

But, all that running around makes me tired. I didn’t even get to exercise yesterday, but after I do my work for tomorrow I am going to Ramsey to ride the bike thingy. Whee!!

I have now had all my classes, and I like them all so far–I think I will like this semester better than last. And I have all my grades and I didn’t fail anything! Decent grades and my gpa did go up by the tiniest of increments.

First Day Back


Well today has to have been one of the most stressful days back I’ve ever had. For no real reason–I couldn’t figure out what I was going to wear this morning (even though I both decided the night before AND wore what I decided on the night before–don’t ask), one of my assignments for TODAY was mailed out this morning at about 9 am, my arms were sore from the silly tv workout so they kept not wanting to pull my rolly bag or carry books, I almost locked myself in a sauna, my laptop was tempermental, I had to sit in the very front seat in one of my classes, etc. Nothing of consequence really, but I feel like my brain is addled!!

I was the first person in the boardroom with the all-round windows today–because I was 30 minutes early–I walked in and thought I would die. Turns out the thermostat was set on 85. Because that’s a normal temperature for a relatively small room to be. I turned it down to 70, and then tried to leave so I could read the recently-received assignment outside the sauna. Tried to. Turns out somehow the double door caught on itself when it closed and I couldn’t get out. Please note that almost the entire room is made of windows and anyone wandering around could look at silly old me locked in the room. But not for long, since there are another set of doors that weren’t suffering from some sort of evil lock-Tiffany-in-a-sauna spell AND I managed to think of them before anyone saw me acting stupid. Ack. All I could think of was that Law & Order where that guy in a wheelchair gets left in the locked sunroom and they think it’s attempted murder. Or something.

I think I will like all of my classes. Today I had natural resources, trusts & estates II, and family law. Tomorrow begins the torture chamber (ConLaw II), but I tend to enjoy it. In fact, I think I got points on my Con Law I exam (I passed, I passed, I passed!) for looking like I have a good time in there despite my furious lack of eye contact–half the time I’m grinning at something. Like I’ve been driven stark raving mad by the Commerce Clause.

Tonight because I am a glutton for punishment, I did more tv workouts that I recorded. Even though I can barely carry my books around! And deleted some of the shows that I will never like–cardio dance class and an aerobics one. I have very little rhythm for dancing and I feel stupid hopping around the living room. But I did an hour of two shows–30 minutes of silly aerobics and 30 minutes of body sculpting. Now I probably won’t be able to walk.


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Inspired by the article in the NYTimes today about the diabetes epidemic in the city (and likely soon across the country), I decided to record some of the shows off of f!t tv and then had the bright idea to try one this morning. Even with only five pound weights my arms and legs feel very tired, and I’m probably going to be sore tomorrow. The show was Muscle 3ndurance, so maybe I shouldn’t be surprised. Of course, now I’m going to have to think about what I “need” for my little home gym. harhar.

Anyway, the article was really kind of frightening–you can read it HERE (reg. req’d). What really stood out for me was the statement that “[d]iabetes is thought to shave 5 to 10 years off a life.” (Of course, the article doesn’t tell us who thinks this or have any source for this thought.) And while much of whether people will develop Type 2 is genetic, many people can reduce their risk by changing their behavior. Eating better and exercising more. Hey, where have I heard that before? Hmmm.

So a little inspiration for today.

Hello Sugar!

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I promised my aunt that I would say hi to her on my blog–several family members over Christmas mentioned that they read my blog, and I even got a blog-related present! So that’s the reason for my blog title today! Of course, since we’re from the south it’s pronounced Shugga, but that looks weird to spell.

I walked today since I have lost my ID again and I can’t remember the new ID number I have. I did 4.35 miles in 1 hour and 10 minutes, which wasn’t bad–timed on my Garmin. Soon I will be back to running and be able to use the built in personal trainer/training partner, which will be interesting.

On my route today I saw a dead little fox–which was sad, but very neat that foxes are still living on the edge of town. It wasn’t very big.

Happy New Year!


I dona€?t generally have New Yeara€?s Resolutions. July 4th resolutions, yes why nota€”but New Yeara€?s, not really. But I figured I would give it a shot this year.

In general, my resolution is to do less this year of many things and more of one. More of studying and making classes a priority. I will keep up with my sorta briefing for classa€”that did help a lot when I was doing that this semester, and I will outline at the end of each chapter.

Less putting things offa€”whether ita€?s studying, cleaning the stupid kitchen (why is it always so dirty?), or going to Ramsey. Also, less of adventures. Even though I love being able to go places and have fun, right now I just cana€?t plan my life around that. This is incredibly sad because really from here on out life isna€?t going to slow down and get easier. And less time on the computer! It drives me crazy that I spend so much time sitting at this machine! Ia€?m going to quit reading the news online and the forums that I dona€?t even post on anymore. That just leaves blogs, email, and need-to-know stuff research. That should slow me down somewhat.

ANYWAY! Where have I been and what have I been doing and how has life been treating me? Of course, these are questions that must be answered.

Reed and I had a wonderful Christmas all over the state, spending good times with family and being showered with loot…I mean gifts! Haha. In Ellerslie, we rode the Gator around on newly minted trails through the local jungle and were very helpful in the category of viewing backhoe maintenance. We spent good time with family in two other trips about the state, and got to catch up with the goings on with everyone. Which are very important this year, as there are not one but two engagements to celebrate!! My brothera€?s girlfriend/fianc??e and my cousin J are both flashing sparkly new diamonds now, and Ia€?m SO happy for all of them!! Congratulations!

Reed and I rang in the New Year in Raleigh, North Carolina. Fabulous! We went to their First Night Celebration and saw the parade and acorn dropa€”of course, we went to the family event so the acorn dropped at 7 pm, but that is a minor detail!! Heehee. After that, we went to three different performancesa€”the local improv group, a comedy troupe performing Shel Silverstein shorts, and caught the end of a performance by Adrienne Young and Little Sadie, a bluegrass/folk group. I really need to go to more live bluegrass things, because it made me incredibly happy and smiley! We bought a cd, but while I havena€?t listened to all of it yet, hearing them live gave a special energy to the musica€”although the cd is pretty wonderful.

Most of the time we spent driving around Raleigh, trying to get a feel for the town and the neighborhoods. Really, we drove and drove and drove and drove and drove!! But it feels more familiar now, which was sorta the purpose of the trip. Also, we went to lunch with the people Reed will be working with and toured the research office/lab space. After the tour, we went down to the lake on Centennial Campus and tried to figure out the gulls and ducks that were everywhere!! But it was raining and cold and the birds refused to swim or fly in places other than the center of the lake, so we couldna€?t tell for certain what they were. I think some of them were Buffleheads, but really I dona€?t know because Ia€?ve never seen them before! But now I know a good place to look for birds up there. Reed was such a good sport standing out in the cold rain looking through the field guide for the birds I was describinga€”that, of course, sounded like nothing that was in the guide.

We also managed to drop by the arboretum and take some pictures of us with trees. Heehee. This one is a blue sprucea€”I thought it was interesting since the end of the branches was a completely different color than the rest of the tree.

Can you spot the monkey in the picture? haha!

This is a striped giant reed. Not so much striped in the picture.

Today, we went to the NC Museum of Art before (driving all over creation) and leaving town (which also entailed driving all over creation, albeit a different section of it). I loved the Crosscurrents exhibitsa€”modern/current art by artists in North Carolina. My other favorites were Rabble, created by Ralph Helmick and Stuart Schecter, and The Quintet of Remembrance by Bill Viola. The Quintet is video art, which Ia€?d read about and Reed had seen one of Violaa€?s portraits when he went to Harvard for a conference. To see it in person was fascinatinga€”at first, it looks as if ita€?s just a picture of people displayed on a tv screena€”and then you notice that they are moving!! Very slight, slow movements and it is incredible. You can really see how lighting can change a piece when watching this.

Anyway, we finally got home tonight. Seven hours on the road (including dinner) can be so tedious! Our kitty babies were glad to see us.

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