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My mom and I rode 55 miles this past weekend at the Cruisin’ in the Country event in Claxton, Georgia. It was a beautiful ride–perfect weather and no really bad hills. Not as flat as I thought it would be, but certainly not a hilly ride. I don’t have much time to write about it now, but I wanted to put up the pictures from the ride.

One of the many lakes and ponds we passed with cypress growing in them.

We rode through mostly farmland. Cotton was either ready to be picked or in the fields in these huge bales. There were always tufts of cotton along the side of the road.

At the end of a very long, very flat stretch of highway, we reached Manassas, Georgia for a rest stop. Their post office really made us really feel like we were in a small town.

Cruisin’ is known for its themed rest stops–riders vote on the best one at the end of the ride and I think they win a prize. At the first one, the church was making muffins hot out of the oven!! I had a mini pear muffin that was divine. This rest stop had a 50’s soda shop theme, and was created by the high school band. The kids were all dressed up and danced and lip sync-ed to oldies music. Very neat. Plus, there was this huge tree with rope swings hanging off of all sides. The deer head on the tree is one of those joke things–it’s the mammal version of the singing fish plaque! Heehee.

We had a great time. We wanted to ride the century, but just weren’t prepared for it. Maybe next year!

I think I will take a break from blogging until the end of the semester. I have so much to do, and I don’t need another excuse not to do my work. So, I will return sometime in December!!! I’m sure I will have lots to talk about after such a long break.


Well, well, well. Apparently, I have been completely ignoring my little goals in the interest of having more time to procrastinate. I’m sure we can all agree that this was possibly the most productive use of my time ever.

I wanted to have 16 days of exercise by day 24 of my countdown, but due to my near complete inactivity for the past few weeks I only have 8. Still, that’s better than nothing.

On Saturday, N and I walked all around campus and saw the beautiful leaves and enjoyed the weather. We visited the garden behind Snelling and Ecology’s fishpond. Very scenic.

Yesterday, 007 and went to Tugaloo State Park on Lake Hartwell. We walked a bit more than half of the loop trail, and then walked back on the road. A good decision because we probably would have been rained on a bit if we had done the whole trail. Not very much rain, but still. The leaves were gorgeous. We also saw a group of deer! We stood and stared at each other for a while, and then they all ran off when we decided to keep walking. So pretty. It was a nice walk.

I’m glad that I got to do these things this weekend–it reminded me how nice it is just to walk around. If you can believe it, I really enjoyed training walks–it’s fun to have time to do something active and still be able to talk! I have missed that since the 3Day–especially because I never see 007 anymore!

Anywho–there are a couple of pictures in the second half of the post after the link!

P.S. I also went to Ramsey for the first time in forever and rode an evil bike for 30 minutes. Which almost makes up for all the coke and french fries I ate today. arrr.



A few months ago, I added a link to the Participate section of my blog–a link to Save Allan. Here is my post from then:

I wanted to draw attention to a site and a cause that is very important to mea€”The Fund to Save Allan. Allana€?s a much better writer than I could ever hope to be, so I will let him speak for himself:

My name is Richard Allan Glenn. I am 20 years old, a New York City native, madly in love with the girl of my dreams, and I am dying.

Please visit this site and blog to learn more about Allana€?s story, and what you can do to help him. Your ideas are welcome! Please feel free to pass this information along to those you know. I have known Allan for several years online, and he is a fantastic person who deserves every chance there is out there. And when he says hea€?s madly in love with that gala€”well, he means it! Hea€?s one love-struck bunny.

Allan and Jess, I wish you all the best.

He had been very ill this past week, and Jessica had been giving us updates every couple of days. Just a few days ago, it seemed that he was pulling through–but when I got the email with his name this morning, I knew it couldn’t be good news.

It wasn’t. This morning, Allan passed away. If you didn’t visit the link, Allan had cystic fibrosis and was in need of a lung transplant. Due to complications resulting from an infection, the only place that would consider performing a transplant was the hospital at UNC-Chapel Hill–so he moved there, only to have Medicaid deny him coverage.

Sigh. The world is a poorer place today.



I was having a decent day. Free lunch, talking to people, hearing about NYC from 007, feeling like I am really a law student.

Then I come home to the gas bill. arg. It’s less than $8, so it’s not like it’s the price. It’s (how many times can I say it’s?) the fact that although there are more than 30 days in between meter readings we have not used any gas–with the resulting $0 gas charge. Yeah right. This summer, no one read the meter for like two months–which I didn’t notice until I realized that I didn’t get a bill to pay for September. Of course, I thought I’d lost it (because you know I’m a messpot even though I’m pretty good with important stuff) so I called and asked. Nope, just hadn’t issued one since they didn’t get a report from the meter people. OKAY.

So, last month we ended up paying for two months worth of gas–not a lot because it’s still hot here and all. But still not something I really want to do every single month especially with winter coming and all. Today I ripped open the bill and—no gas charge!! ARG.

I hate calling service people and dealing with the automated stuff–it’s like I’m 90 or something, so I can only imagine that people who are 90 want to claw their eyeballs out. Blue Cross Blue Shield is the worse because it picks up on my (faint–no one laugh) southern accent and can’t figure out what I’m saying at all. I’m almost to the point where I just dial the service number and press zero to get directly to a real person–huh, maybe that’s what 90 year old people do too.

Anyway. I called. I talked to the customer service representative, who was very nice but could not help me. She did give me the number of the meter people who I then called–and explained all over that I wanted to know why our meter wasn’t being read every month. Finally, I spoke to the local meter people who claimed that the meter was read this month, but that we hadn’t used any measurable gas in over 30 days. Okay. She claimed that this appeared to be normal for us. Looking back over our bills for the past couple of month, what is normal for us is to increase 2 units every month–not zero. She said someone would come out and read our meter again in the next week–although I told her not to bother.

Everyone at different levels volunteered that they could teach me to read my own meter! Well, whoopee. I asked how that would help anything, and I was told that I could then mail my own meter reading in–and I could apparently never read it and they wouldn’t know anything was off since that’s pretty much what they’re doing. In any event, I actually do know how to read a meter. So I went outside and read ours. It appears that we’re up two units. I guess we used all that gas in the last twelve days.

Whatever. We haven’t even turned our heat on here–it’s only been actually cold a couple of days. First, we were seeing if we could not turn it on before November–and then on the 1st we decided that we still weren’t cold. The ac actually came on last night, which was ridiculous–so we turned the whole thermostat off. I wonder when we’ll have to turn the heat on–in a couple of weeks I guess. Maybe we can make it to December! Heehee.

I enjoy pennypinching about random things way too much.



Yesterday evening, we set our little jackolantern luminaries out and waited for little goblins to come by our place. And they did! We had probably a half dozen groups of trickotreaters, which was more than usual. How fun! We ran out of candy bars and had to just give out gum.

Then this morning, we had a spooky surprise of our own. A flat tire! How much fun is that? I took a turn a little too close yesterday and edged off the road–which wouldn’t usually be a problem except the edge of the road dropped off into a giant gash. Apparently that is what caused it, since that is the tire that hit the hole. No problem, we just put the spare on and went to school a little late. We could have just hopped over in to the other car…but due to a combination of busy-ness and laziness its battery is still dead! So we came home after lunch and took the car and the tire to our mechanic, and everything should be all fixed up by this afternoon! Yay!

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