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Yesterday, 007 and I had our last training walk! We did about 9 miles–and they were good miles because we spent them exploring side roads in Five Points. So we saw lots of pretty houses and yards and walked in very quiet neighborhoods–no traffic except for us and the squirrels! A nice walk that was cool and overcast.

Of course, I ate six meals yesterday! I am so hungry on days when we walk–I had breakfast, an apple on the walk, 2nd breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a third bowl of cereal before bedtime. So, three bowls of cereal, two apples, a pbj sandwich, potato chips, cubed steak with gravy, mashed potatoes and green beans. That’s what it took to fill me up yesterday. I couldn’t believe that I was hungry after dinner, but I actually was. I’m just amazed.

It looks like the weather will be good so far this weekend–not much chance of rain! I can’t wait! I still have to go out and buy some things for packing, but that will be done soon!


Sometimes in class or just when I’m sitting around the house, I will suddenly have an image flash through my mind–it’s usually something related to an adventure that just sums the experience up. Like the memory of standing in the shade of one of the only trees in sight, after leaving Wrens, GA, waiting for my mom on BRAG. Everywhere around us were gently rolling, green, lush fields–it was one of the most beautiful sights on the ride. That was our longest day–and the first hot one of the ride.

Or of the myriad churchyards we stopped for rest breaks and lunch. Old churches with black shutters on the windows, tiny churches in groves of trees, a church with lush centipede grass shaded by pecan trees in Garfield–where we first saw tobacco growing.

The feeling of riding along at the dawning of the day–leaving the starting point each morning with a pink sky, not knowing all the beautiful places you will see or the highs and lows of the day. When you are on your bike on a long ride, the day really does stretch forward with various opportunities. I think of this often on our training walks that start early in the day.

It’s not just BRAG, either. I think of the enormous mountains in Alaska along the highway to Denali. The slate grey river we hiked along. The roads which rode like roller coasters.

Or from our honeymoon–the sea turtle we saw while snorkeling, having my passport scanned at Cancun’s airport, the color of the water.

I wonder what memories I will have from the 3Day after next weekend. What will I remember again and again? I’m so excited about this, and yet I’m nervous. I know that we can do the distance–even if we’re slow and even if it takes all day. I doubt that 007 and I will argue or fail to have a good time together. I don’t even think I’m nervous about blisters or sore muscles–I can work through them. So the nerves are probably related to not knowing how everything will turn out! Hah! I can’t wait to see.

007 has helped me with my fundraising so much–she met her goal this week!–and I really appreciate how generous she has been. Right now, I’m at a little over $1800–although not all of that has cleared yet. 007’s mom is my latest sponsor–thank you so much!! Also, some other law students have lent a hand–thanks to J, L, and L! And G, who donated while I wrote this! I appreciate all of my sponsors so much! If you’d like to contribute to my 3-day, 60 mile walk to raise funds and awareness of breast cancer–please click the breast cancer icon on the top right side of the page to go to my fundraising site!

Run/Walk 4 of September

Woohoo! I went to the gym today! I hope this means I’m getting back into a routine. Still didn’t go after class–I went at 5, but I had such a good day. I think it is because I’d eaten about an hour before so I had some fuel. Maybe that will help me if I keep running at this time.

Anyway, today was Day 1 of Week 5. The same distance as week 4, but more run/jogging at a time. So it was 1/2 mile r, 1/4 mile w, 1/2 r, 1/4 w, 1/2 r. The first two running sections were pretty good–the last one I was dragging a bit, but no big deal. One more running day until the all at once running! Although I think I will take it easy because the 3Day is next weekend and I don’t want to be worn out for that. So I think I will probably run on Sunday and on Tuesday–but either the same run as today or a week 4 run, just to keep moving but not to put any stress on myself.

After the 3Day, I will move on with week 5. I’m glad I have a plan for that, because I won’t feel behind now. I was glad that I went today, and it was nice to be back in the postiive attitude part of the world! I really think it was the pbj sandwich that did it for me, though.

My day didn’t start off that well, because I came home from my only class of the day to find out that I LEFT REED AT HOME. So he didn’t get to the class he TA’s today. I mean, I knew I left him in the bed–but it just didn’t click in my head that he needs to go to class too. I felt REALLY bad. I guess he’s going to have to write me a note from now on or something.

Now I have to work on classes for tomorrow.

Run/walk 3 of September

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Finally! Today was the last day of week 4! Yesterday, I changed into my gym clothes, drove to the gym, walked a warm up lap, stretched a little, ran a lap (1/8 of a mile) and left. How pathetic! I was tired, and hungry, and felt slow, and on and on and on. Quitter.

So, I had to go back today and run what I needed to run yesterday. Arg. I didn’t want to do it today either, for almost all the same reasons–and because since it had been “so long” since I ran last it was going to be harder. Well, yeah–it doesn’t get easier the longer you go in between! But I did the whole day because I was so annoyed with myself, and I felt ok at the end of it. Not fantastic, but ok. I was barely moving that last running lap, but I did it.

I think that most of this is actually the time of day that I’m exercising–after 5pm. I meant to go immediately after class, but I left my clothes at home (right beside the door where I wouldn’t forget them, of course). Then it’s just so annoying to drive back to campus, park in the north deck and catch a bus to Ramsey and vice versa. Much easier to wait until free parking opens up at Ramsey, and then I can also pick Reed up for dinner afterwards. Unfortunately, I’m in a bad mood for exercising at that point of the day–it’s just too late and I should just wait until I feel better. Tomorrow.

Anyway, I look at the other runners around me and think–wow, I wonder what it would be like to be that fast! Then I realize that they’ve run 2 laps and then they’re outta there. So I don’t feel too slow. Yellow Shorts and The Marine are very speedy and run for a long time, and they make me feel slow–but that’s offset by the fact that I “recognize” them. heehee. It took me a few seconds more than 30 minutes to warm up, run/walk, and cool down–which is 1.5 miles running and .75 walking.

Anywho. Next time, I start Week 5, which should be interesting! I really want to be finished with the walking parts of this training so I can run outside where it’s “fun”. And run with other people!

In the end, I have to thank some strange “Amanda” character who is so wonderful and supportive of my 3Day fundraising!! You’re the best!! Thank you so much!

3Day Training!


Today 007 and I did our usual Saturday morning training walk–we did almost 9 miles I think. It was a beautiful day–not too hot and nice and breezy. We also explored some by walking down to the end of the Family Housing road, which was interesting (and smelly because of the dumpsters–ew). Tailgating wasn’t as bad this week because we’re playing Louisiana-Monroe instead of an SEC team.

I’m on my fourth meal of the day, and it’s not even noon yet! haha. Really I had oj and pb on bread, then a 1 slice pb sandwich while walking, then I came home hungry and had two oatmeal raisin cookies and more oj. Now I’m having real lunch which is a slice of leftover cheese pizza and a cup of applesauce. Then I hope I will be set until dinnertime! Good grief. I really have been physically hungry each time. Plus our house smells like collard greens that Reed has in the crock pot, and that doesn’t help! Yummy!

I didn’t run on Friday because I came home and went to sleep after classes. I’ve had too much coke this week, so it’s been hard to get to sleep at a decent time. No more of that!

Run/Walk 2 of September


I cannot believe this is only my second run/walk this month! What a slacker! Oh well, what matters is that I’m getting back on track. Harhar.

Today was W4D2, which meant that I “ran” 1.5 miles and walked .75 (including warm up and cool down)–not in big chunks like that, but mingled around together. It took me right at 30 minutes, which I don’t think is all that bad. A very difficult day overall, though–I was wobbly-legged when I finally stopped. That is what I get for not working on this at all for nearly two weeks!

On Friday, I will run/walk the same distances again–and then on to week 5! Week 5 is a little scary because it has the first no walking day of the program! I am thinking that I will try that one outside instead of on the track, but we’ll see.

End of the Ten Percent Challenge!!

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Well, well, well! The Ten Percent Challenge (TPC) has come to an end (because it’s midnight)! Overall, I think I’ve done ok. I am still drinking plenty of water–and I am choosing to drink water even when we go out, which I rarely if ever did before. I didn’t get much exercise in the past couple of weeks, because of silly excuses, but I have been exercising more than usual. And the fruit eating is going well.

The result is that I have lost 5 pounds and 3.5 inches total. Not bad for such overall small lifestyle changes, huh? It’s not even half of 10% of my body weight, but that’s ok. [Edited to add next few sentences.] Because I was too lazy last night to go to รูเล็ตออนไลน์Denise’s site and make a link to her, I completely skipped thanking/blaming her for this challenge! Haha! She inspired me to get out and see what healthy habits I could build, and gave me a good place to start. I appreciate it so much!

So what am I going to do next to continue my healthy habit building? In an ideal healthy world, I would like to lead an active life with fun active-ities most days 4-5/7. I’m not big on the idea of working out or exercise for their own sakes–that’s so dull and duty-ridden that it’s no wonder most of us don’t do it. I guess that means I would like to have many days with running, walking, hiking, biking. And other things, but I don’t know how to do them yet (like tennis or swimming). (Hey, and if any of you say that I can’t run yet either, I will throw water balloons at you.)

Also, in my ideal healthy world, I would like to eat closer to the new food pyramid’s plan for me instead of the more meat and potatoes diet I have now. More veggies and whole grains and fruit. Little junk and/or heavily processed foods.

I can’t do all of those things at once. I haven’t even gotten regular activities built into my schedule–and I’ve been working on that all summer! I think I may have to shift my thinking some from thinking of activity as a discrete thing that I fit into my schedule and think of it as something I do all the time. Which sounds a whole lot like walking up four flights of stairs in the parking deck and not using the elevator after class. Bleck! haha.

I think the four week interval is a good way to evaluate how I’m doing with my habit building, so I’m going to stick to that. In four weeks, I would like to be starting week 8 of the C25K running plan and that combined with 3Day training should keep me busy. I also will not use the parking deck elevator except on Friday mornings (I carry over 30 pounds of books/class materials for my first three classes on that day–yes, I just weighed most of them.) Continuing with the 5 glasses of water and 2 cups of fruit–those aren’t really part of the challenge any more since I do them out of habit now.

It would be nice to lose 14 more pounds at least. I would “officially” be out of the overweight BMI category if I did. Technically, this could be achieved by the end of the year. Technically. Eh, I guess I’ll see where I am then.


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As a close reader of The Times and of poverty trends,” S. M. Miller, of Brookline, Mass., told me in an e-mail last week, “I was surprised to learn of the poverty conditions that prevailed in New Orleans. … Why didn’t the economic-social-racial conditions in New Orleans get some attention in the paper?” His conclusion: “The Times let us down.” –quoted in Covering New Orleans: The Decade before the Storm by Byron Calame, NY Times 9/11/05

This week the public editor of the NY Times who audits how well the newspaper is serving the public and meeting its ethical standards focuses on the lack of reporting about poverty and race in New Orleans prior to Hurricane Katrina. The above comment is included as an example of the NY Times’ failure.

The NY Times has failed in this regard, don’t get me wrong. Our news media as a whole simply does not report widely about issues of poverty, race, unlawful discrimination, elderly, prisoners, labor issues, disability rights, etc. The public doesn’t want to hear about those things–too busy with their own lives to muster up any concern about things that do not benefit them directly. It’s too dark and depressing and requires action. Occasionally, there will be features or special reports dealing with an especially horrible aspect of our society–how we institutionalize people with disabilities and then ignore abuse by those institutions, the death/disappearence of children who are being supervised by the state in foster care, etc. The reporting overall is not proportionate to the problems that our society faces.

However. If you are surprised to learn about the fact that New Orleans has a large poor minority population you have spent a great deal of time with your head in the sand. If you are surprised the vast majority of the poor in New Orleans are black, then you need to travel outside of the bubble you live in. (A side note– if you are surprised that crime got out of control in New Orleans–well, it’s not like New Orleans was known for a lack of violent crime either.) If these facts are surprising to you, especially as someone interested in poverty “trends”, then I’m not sure that the NY Times can help. To get you up to speed with the state of the nation, there’s going to be some serious hand-holding going on.

How surprised can a person be that black Southerners are poor, and that when we say poor we mean it? If you are a member of a minority ethnic group in the US, it is likely you are poor. If you live in the Southeast, it is likely you are poor. Combine the two and the likelihood doesn’t go down! For crying out loud, this approaches willful ignorance.

If you have just come to the United States by way of UFO, and are surprised that poverty exists Our Great Nation –and *gasp* perhaps even outside New Orleans!–then you might want to take a look at the following links.

รูเล็ตออนไลน์Poverty in the US–Census data about poverty, how it is measured, who, what, when, how long Poverty Links Poverty–Wikipedia Carl Vinson Institute Study on Persistant Poverty in the South

Oh. My. Goodness.

I have just spent 4 hours or so working on my thesis statement/outline/bibliography for a research paper that I thought was due tomorrow, neglecting the 2 billion pages of reading for tomorrow. After deciding that I need to get off the computer NOW at 11:30pm to try to read, I double checked the syllabus and found out that the next page started the assignments for next week, instead of just continuing the assignments for tomorrow. On the bad side, I just spent the evening flipping out about not being prepared to hand in this outline and thesis statement and stuff. On the good side, I am now really way more prepared than I usually am for a research paper at this stage. On the bad side, did I mention that I have 2 billion pages to read for tomorrow? (Actually, 95 pages plus 6 statutes.) On the good side, did I mention that I spent this afternoon reading ahead for my Con Law class? Which isn’t tomorrow?

What a ridiculous example of time management! Note that I took 10 more minutes to write about this situation instead of reading.

3Day Training!

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Well, today was my first exercise all week! Ramsey was set up to be an emergency shelter this week, so the first floor where the locker rooms are was off limits. And since I didn’t have a place to put my clothes, I didn’t go running. Yes, despite the fact that I’ve gone running without a locker half the time this semester. There was just too much uncertainty in the air for me to continue my routine–what a silly goose am I! Ramsey has now been put on standby, since Rock Eagle is only at half-capacity and it probably won’t be needed. Now I don’t have any excuses!

Anywho, I met 007 and some other walkers this morning for a training walk. At 6am, tailgaters had already filled the lot we usually park in! That surprised even me. The game has just started now at 5:30–UGA v. USC (Carolina not California). Go Dawgs!

We walked two laps and then to our car which ended up being a hair under 11 miles. Not bad for a game day! I was really trudging though during the second half–apparently I need to work out more! I think I will be good to go tomorrow morning, because I’m not really sore at all anymore. We shall see.

I have a great big thanks to the H’s who are my latest 3Day Sponsors!! I appreciate your help so much.

Now, I’m going to go watch the game and clean during commercials! Woohoo! My Saturday is full of excitement!

I have to take it back. . .

This is what I have to take back:

Let me just note, that I dona€?t think you would ever catch me hauling a sled of something up some kind of glacier.

Because N and I saw March of the Penguins this evening, and the film crew had to haul their equipment on sleds out to the penguins in Antarctica, and I would so haul a sled of stuff up a glacier to see a horde of penguins. I loved the film, by the way. It was like a super-duper PBS nature show–all fancy, but soooo awesome. Baby penguins are adorable. Big penguins are adorable. Seals are adorable, but they have scary razor-sharp teeth. Also, the inside of penguins’ mouths is disturbing.

So, I’m going to have to eat crow on this one…or should I be eating penguin? Bwhahahaha.

Back to Adventures


Well, I’m glad i got most of that rant out of my system. The rest will just fester on as I re-commit to the goals I made in November. Festering can be a good thing–well, maybe not festering, but a hunger for change and accountability. I’m all about accountability–maybe it’s a byproduct of being raised by Republicans.

Anywho, today I met K at her place and we hit the road to Amicalola State Park for hiking adventures. We started out at the bottom by the visitor center and hiked all the way to the top of the falls–which included over 500 steps of staircase! Woohoo! Amicalola is the tallest waterfall east of the Mississippi. I told K that we should really work on picking hikes without staircases–in the spring, we hiked to the bottom of Tallulah Gorge and back up, which is pretty much all stairs. That was in the rain, too! After we reached the top of the falls, we had a snack and a rest and then hiked up the Appalachian Trail Approach towards Springer Mountain (and Maine!). We didn’t go extremely far, really only to the second obvious campground, but it was a nice workout and there were many beautiful wildflowers! I wish I had a really good field guide of Georgia wildflowers, because I don’t know anything about them.

Once we got tired, we turned around and hiked back down to the car at the bottom of the falls. Then we drove back up to the top and ate a late lunch at the lodge’s restaurant. The food was delicious, but probably much more so since we were hungry.

We had a good trip, and I enjoyed seeing where K lives and meeting her husband and kitty. She also cooked a delish brunch for us before we got on the road this morning, so it was a fantastic trip from start to finish!

In unrelated news, gas prices by our house dropped twenty cents today. Now we’re back under $3. Thanks in large part to my mulish brain, we did not pay ultra-ridiculous gas prices.

Oh, wait!! Some pictures are in the extended part–click the link below to continue reading and view them.

The Bitter, Bitter Spiral Continues

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At a fundamental level, I’d argue, our current leaders just aren’t serious about some of the essential functions of government. –Paul Krugman, NY Times, Sept. 2, 2005

The situation in New Orleans and other areas hit by Katrina should simply put Americans to shame. That is the long and short of it. This awful occurrence highlights the falsity of supposedly patriotic claims that we live in the greatest nation on earth. The greatest nation on earth wouldna€?t have left tens of thousands of (poor) people with no means to evacuate in the face of an enormous natural disaster. The greatest nation on earth wouldna€?t have THEN taken its sweet time responding to the crisis with a wait and see kind of attitude. The greatest nation on earth surely has some great minds capable of lining people and supplies up and keeping them on the ready and on hold when a PREDICTED emergency is occurring. The greatest nation on earth who claims its government is based on the respect for law wouldna€?t have waited until lawlessness reigned over the ruins of one of its major cities before acting. The greatest nation on earth would have fully funded protections adequate to meet an eminently possible disaster.

People, wake UP!!! We are spending great hordes of money rearranging federal agencies to make us safer and this is what we get? Starving thirsty people surrounded by corpses? Homeland Security is a farce. What have they been doing? (Trying to keep the right to snoop through our homes and libraries without letting us know and running rampant through protections of our civil liberties, thata€?s what. OH NEVERMIND ABOUT THAT RIGHT NOW THOUGH.) Just think this was a disaster that was a clear and present danger to large portions of our country. We could see it on a map, we could feel it, we could predict it with some great degree of certainty. There it was! Now, imagine smallpox in Los Angeles. Do you feel better? Do you feel safe? Ia€?m sorry, Ia€?m asking questions and that is not appropriate. Our Great Leaders will certainly protect us from that.

Australia is sending us aid! Sri Lanka is sending us aid! Thank you very much, but we live in one of the richest countries in the world with one of the most powerful economies and we cana€?t take care of ourselves? (The answer is obviously no, even in everyday lives, because people viewed as vermin simply because they live below the poverty line go hungry, thirsty, homeless, and without medical attention each day in our Great Nation. To get New Orleans just add water. The news just doesna€?t like to get the Pretty People upset about it usually, their mascara might run. Awww.) This whole situation is leading to rage and profanity on this side of the screen. I simply cannot believe the incompetence of it all. We put people on the moon! We planned D-Day! Did all the logistical engineering types die out in the 70a€?s?

And yes, I realize that this is a natural disaster of great magnitude. But it shouldna€?t have been unexpecteda€”the governmenta€?s job is to prepare for things like this (specifically Homeland Securitya€?s). It also should be noted that the likelihood of a large natural disaster is probably significantly greater than that of terrorisma€”wea€?ve only had a handful of substantial terror-related acts in the past few years, but Florida alone had what, six large hurricanes in a little over a year? We should be more than adequately prepared for a giant hurricane (which technically Katrina wasna€?t even since it weakened to a cat 4). Ita€?s not like we didna€?t know what hurricanes are, what they do, where the Gulf Coast is and its demographics and geography. Instead, Homeland Security spent part of its year waving its hands about losing the power (which they promise they will never use, although they already have) to look through our library records without telling us when the PATRIOT ACT comes up for renewal this month. Ia€?m sure the elderly dying in New Orleans outside the civic center appreciate that.

If you wanted cheerful adventures, you came to the wrong place today.

After class today I headed off to Ramsey with my little bundle of clothes and shoes. I apparently don’t grasp the concept of a gym bag–I have bags at home that would work just fine but the connection between thing to carry stuff in and carrying stuff has not fully formed. Whatever. It was tough to decide to go, I think because I knew I was moving on to a new week of training and I didn’t want to.

Tough luck, ya big baby. Today was W4D1, which meant that the routine was 1/4 mile r, 1/8 w, 1/2 r, 1/4 w, 1/4 r, 1/8 w, 1/2 r. And the track is 1/8 of a mile–it says so on the floor. This sounds more confusing than it is–but I did it all even though I felt very slow. I also have one leg with a really sore shin–well, it feels like the muscle on the inside part of my leg by the shin. Maybe this is shin splints? I’ve never had shin splints so I don’t know. I probably need to find a complete stretching routine and this would go away. It’s not that painful, just annoying. So, I have a few days of this routine. It feels nice to be making progress.

In other ridiculous news, there’s been a run on gas here in Athens that has led to some stations being sold out completely. Based on a rumor, tons of people lined up to buy gas and then the large number of bovines masquerading as humans in our fair city saw a line and got in it. They caused an actual gas shortage! Nitwits. We have plenty of gas in both of our cars for everyday living, and our problem was having to drive around all the traffic that people were creating desparate for gas. (Leading to a mini-breakdown, where people were trying to get gas at the station on Williams street, with a couple of cars blocking the entire street—yes, the person leaning on the horn was me–get out of the street, you selfish cows.) For crying out loud, if all the gas is going to dry up then getting your hands on a couple of gallons is really the least of your worries. This “I got mine, suckers” mentality is part of our unraveling social fabric. Anyway, gas is now $3.39 on our road.

The interesting thing is that it was really disturbing to see the long lines of people waiting to get gas–it made me nervous, even while I rationally realized that even if gas ran out we would be fine for any number of reasons. I prevailed over my cow brain, and now am using the mule part of my brain not to fill up our tank today. I will not contribute to the nonsense–and I am unanimous in that! The mule part really gets a workout in everyday life, so it’s going to win pretty much any battle it tromps into. Heehee.

Goals Check-In

Last month, my goals were:

1. 3-Daya€”this must be finished this month, pretty much. (nope! But I am at $1300+) 2. Letterboxesa€”+1 (Nope!) 3. Pounds losta€”1 (yes) 4. New Birdsa€”+2 (1, since I’m not counting the one I’m not sure of.) 5. Trail Milesa€”+15 (10) 6. Training Milesa€”+88 (~34) 7. Bike Milesa€”+10 (2+) 8. Number of Run/Walksa€”+10 (7)

Hmm, I did better than I thought actually. With classes having started again, I’m not going to post monthly goals anymore. My top priority will officially be school. (Oh, that is so boring to write.) I am still going to focus on getting regular exercise and completing the Ten Percent Challenge during the next couple of weeks, but other than that I must put some things aside. (boooooo.) I rebel against the idea that school is difficult and life-consuming, but that doesn’t stop it from being so.

Have a good day!

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