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Thoughts on today:

It’s hard to be enthusiastic about the little things in my life when there are so many people who suddenly have nothing. I do have to wonder if the federal gov was the only entity in our hemisphere unaware that a potential cat 5 hurricane was bearing down on the Gulf shores of three states. News today of Navy ships and the floating hospital heading that way means they will get there in a WEEK. Why? Because they were still in Virginia today. Maybe, just maybe, they should have been moseying on down toward the Gulf a couple of days ago–yes, it costs something to move them, but thousands of people are stuck without food, water, medical attention, or law enforcement and surely the federales could have just eaten the cost of turning around if it turned out they weren’t needed. I mean, I know there’s a war on and everything, but we’re not completely destitute as a nation. At least not financially anyway. I won’t speak for our national moral state. By the way, speaking of the war–which I don’t do very often here–apparently increasing casualties and insurgent attacks are no reason to cut short a vacation by the prez, but the Gulf getting wiped off the map is. Those people vote! I hope the prez is refreshed so he can deal with another major US city being devastated on his watch. Maybe this time we can start a war with Haiti or something.

Ok. Well, let’s stop that bitter, bitter spiral before I am in full-on rant mode.

In other news, I was called on in Con Law today. The first half was painful, as I had no idea what I was talking about and had to contend with the sound of silence as my classmates all stopped taking notes since it was clear I was saying nothing of value about the Commerce Clause. Thanks for the vote of confidence, guys! I always tapped my fingers along at those intervals to give faint moral support. The second half went very well, since I had my little handwritten brief of the case right in front of me and could surreptiously read off of it. I have morphed into some kind of super-nerd this year–I read everything twice and take notes and brief my cases. I did very little of that first year. There were no notes first year–outside of the margins of my book, anyway. Fear of the smarter 2L class and of forgetting how to be a law student have compelled me to take serious measures. Maybe one day I will become the little slacker I used to be–although I’m still asking for people to get out of that building and live a little. Do not be defined by the law school–life is not waiting for you to pass the bar!

In that vein, J and I rode our bikes together this afternoon! We met at the end of the Greenway and zipped along for a little bit over a mile and then back. She is still getting used to riding and her new purple bike! But it was enough to get our hearts pumping a bit. I hope we do that more often, because it felt so great to be out on a bike again! And with a good friend, too! The Greenway was nice and cool and shady. We saw a few other people–a woman walking and a person walking his dogs, but for the most part we had the place to ourselves! It was a nice way to end the day.

Run/Walk 7 for August

Another day of heading to Ramsey after classes to get a run/walk in. It is so much easier to go there after class than it has ever been to get out of bed early and run at home. I’m not sure why–maybe going to Ramsey gives me positive feelings since it’s like I’m a real exerciser if I go there. I don’t know.

Anyway, W3D3 went fine. I didn’t have to use brain power to keep my legs moving since they didn’t have any burning problems. On Thursday I start W4!! And I switch from running based on time to running based on distance, which means I’ll be running more since I won’t be able to just run slower and get it over with!! I think the indoor track is 1/8 of a mile, but I can’t find that info anywhere. (In fact, I am the 4th & 5th goog1e hits for the search. Arg.) I remember from when I first started this program that moving on to the next week’s program always seemed impossible, but I always managed to make it. I hope that holds true.

3Day Training

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Today and yesterday I met 007 on campus at the ridiculous time of 6:15am to go on training walks. Yesterday, we walked “with” a group training walk–the quotes are for the fact that we (007 & I) walked together and the rest of them flew! I felt so slow, but I think we made good time. Both of us are still a little sick, but being well would really only close the gap by a tiny margin. I don’t understand how anyone can walk that fast! haha.

Yesterday, we walked 12 miles and today we walked another 9.25. I think those are pretty good distances, especially for being back to back, although we need to be able to increase them a little bit. I am so sore, though!! It’s sad–my glutes (to be polite) hurt so much!!! And I have 3 blisters.

Because we’re increasing our training walks on the weekends, I’m going to only run twice during the week so my legs don’t go on strike. I think I will also try to walk one medium sized walk during the week as well to help with the miles, but I’ll have to see how that goes.

Back to the books.

It's not just in person. . .


I just went to Mia’s site and read her birthing story (she has gorgeous pictures up too–not of the birthing, of the sweet little baby! haha). And you know what? I don’t just attempt to pass out when I hear, in person, delivery stories! Wasn’t even thinking about it–I’m reading, reading, reading baby is born, reading, suddenly realize that the world is turning black and have time to click the window closed and push the keyboard out of the way! A few seconds with my head between my knees straightened me out. Good grief! I’m such a nut. Anywho, I’m glad that she and baby Scott are home safe and happy.

In other news, I didn’t run today because all that stuff I said about feeling better turned out to be a bold-faced lie. Not at the time, of course, but yesterday I spent the whole afternoon in bed and only managed to read for one class today. Today I hacked my way through classes–charming, I’m sure. Had to leave two classes to go out in the hall and cough more. I feel much better after another long afternoon nap–if I can keep my throat from being itchy, I actually feel great. I would also probably feel better if I wanted to eat something more substantial than orange juice and applesauce. 007 seems to have something like this too–and so do at least two other people I know. Arg. Anywho, I’m hoping that I will be completely better by Monday. If not, I will definitely have cough drops.


Happy Confusement!

I was staring at my 3Day fundraising page this morning (sending it good vibes I guess?) and noticed that I had a new name on my Honor Roll. I don’t know if I have overlooked her in the past couple of days or if she’s new, but I have to thank Ms. B for sponsoring me! I appreciate it so much!

Run/Walk 6 for August

Even though I woke up at 8:05 for my 8:30 class, I still made it there with minutes to spare and with breakfast and with my clothes for Ramsey. Apparently, I was so tired last night when I set the alarm, I set it as if I were going to a 9:30 class. And of course I hit the snooze once. Lucky for me, I had packed everything up the night before and decided what I was going to wear–so I jumped out of bed pulled on the clothes, slapped on some makeup and ran out the door with a glass of oj. I had a Pri@ bar in my bag and I ate that between classes.

I have a slight cold that I think is a result of sitting directly under a vent for two of my classes, so my poor neighbor had to listen to me making snotty gurgling sounds for two hours since he has the good luck of being in the same classes with me today. Poor him, I felt so disgusting. I’m not really that sick, just a bit stuffy.

Anywho, after T&E, I took my stuff to the car and hopped a bus to Ramsey to run/walk. Same routine as yesterday for W3D2, but today—OH THE BURNING! My legs were not happy, and from the first 3 min run onward–even during the walking–they were sore and burning like they were at the end of their rope. Tough luck for them because I did it all anyway, but I have never had such a hard run. Rest doesn’t agree with them, I guess. Then I walked the mile+ back to the deck. heehee. Tomorrow is a rest day, and then Friday afternoon I will run/walk again.

I also had the sudden realization as I was changing at Ramsey that I hadn’t put any deodorant on this morning in my haste to get out the door. Notice that I did put makeup on–mascara and lipstick and concealer. We can see where my priorities are, I guess. Perhaps my luscious lashes distracted anyone from any stink emanating from me. I can only hope. Haha.

In better news, I have three new sponsors for the 3Day! J, K, and R, thank you so much! It’s so nice to have you on board!

Run/Walk 5 for August

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Last night, I laid out my clothes and everything to go to Ramsey today after class. I packed it all up in my backpack and took it to school. After classes, I so didn’t want to go–but I did. Woohoo! Getting there is the worst part.

So I ran the Week 3, Day 1 (W3D1) program–2 reps of 1.5 min running, 1.5 min walking, 3 min. running, 3 min walking. My first two laps on the indoor track were so speedy! Haha. The rest were very much slower, but I did it all. I could tell my legs were tired from the walking this weekend, and one of my legs cramped up a little, but overall no big deal. Tomorrow my legs can rest.

I had to plan my day out to do this–I ate a bigger breakfast and drank tons of water and then had a Pri@ bar about an hour before so that I wouldn’t be starving for lunch and trying to run. It worked out very well–I didn’t feel hungry or full. Since it went so well, I’ll probably do it again–although I think I will rent a locker so I don’t have to leave my bag by the stairs and watch for it every lap! Yay!

OOPS! I totally saved this without doing something VERY important! I need to thank my newest 3Day Sponsor, Denise!! Thank you so much for your support!!!! Woohoo!

Well, this weekend has been excellent with respect to getting exercise. 007 and I walked our first back to back training walks–8+ on Saturday and almost 5 today. It is tougher than I thought it would be to recover for the second walk, but I think we will be able to build on that and make some good progress in the upcoming weeks. Also, it is incredibly humid even in the very early mornings when we are walking–bleck! I drank so much water this morning, and I think it’s because I felt so oppressively hot all the time. We also saw some other 3Day walkers out and about–and a running club! I would love to be able to run with a club–how exciting!

Thanks to two more sponsors I am nearing $1200!! Thanks so much to Michelle and Matthieu–I really appreciate your support!

Ten Percent Challenge--8 weeks

Well, this week is about the eight-week mark for the Ten Percent Challenge inspired by Denise. I challenged myself to drink more water, exercise 5 days a week, and celebrate life–and I’m having mixed results acheiving those goals. It’s been difficult to exercise as much as I should, but on the other hand I’ve been drinking water for the majority of the time. Most days I drink 4-6 glasses of water, which is far beyond what I used to and I think has been very good for me.

Also, at the 4 week mark I decided to add eating 2 cups of fruit a day. That has been overall an easy thing to add to my life–today, for instance, I drank a cup of oj with breakfast, had a 1/2 cup of applesauce with lunch and just ate most of a nectarine. Plus, I usually eat packaged cereal with fruit for breakfast, but I don’t count it really. I am trying to use fruit as a substitute for sweets that I usually want, like ice cream or candy, and it works out pretty well.

I haven’t lost any more weight in these four weeks–I lost a pound and gained a pound–and that’s probably a result of having more milkshakes than are good for me and not exercising regularly. Since the beginning of the challenge, I have lost four pounds which isn’t bad.

I’m very happy with the water drinking and fruit eating parts of the challenge–I know that I can keep these up over an extended period of time and that they are good habits to have. Until the end of the challenge, which is officially Sept. 14, I am simply going to focus on getting regular exercise instead of adding anything additional to my goals. To do that, I will try to keep a gym bag in my car so that after my morning classes I can go to Ramsey and run or exercise before going home to study. Also, I am going to start using the Couch to 5k running program to keep myself on track running-wise, since my home-made system is apparently too loose to help me build up. I’m going to start with week 3, since I know I can at least do that.

That’s the Ten Percent Challenge (TPC) wrap-up for now!

In other news, I have fallen behind this week in thanking new 3Day sponsors!! A huge thanks to Ms. K, Ms. H, Ms. N, and J!! Woohoo! I appreciate it incredibly, and now I am over the 50% mark! Finally! If you haven’t heard, I am walking a 3-day, 60-mile walk to raise money for breast cancer research, prevention, and treatment through the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and the National Philanthropic Trust. As part of this great adventure, I have committed to raise $2,100–and I’m now a bit over halfway! So, if you’d like to help me meet my goal I would be extremely grateful–just click on the breast cancer icon on the top right hand side of my page to be taken to my fundraising website! I am so thankful for those of you who have already chosen to be sponsors–you are wonderful!

Back to School


Yesterday was the first day of class for me–I’m back at the law school! I was completely stressed out yesterday for my first class, because it’s been a whole year since I’ve done this law school thing and the professor for the class is very demanding. Plus, when I got there, I realized that I didn’t really know anyone in class! Ack! I mean, I knew some people from the Guild and WLSA, but not all that well. A whole bunch of intimidating factors–but I think I’m over that now.

I’ve had a class in each of my large classes this week, and I have two smaller seminars that I haven’t been to yet. I think I will like my semester–3 days I’m done before noon. Monday and Friday will be tough days because of my ridiculous schedule. I totally ignored that aspect when choosing my classes–so I have 3 in a row on Friday, and then a seminar that afternoon. What a good excuse to have Friday evening all to myself, though!

I’m going to have to figure out how to work exercise into my schedule and still have time to study and get enough sleep. Sleep and study are higher priorities than exercise, so it might take a bit.

Run/Walk 4 for August

I finally made myself get back outside and exercise today. It’s been almost a week since I did anything exercise like, which is sad.

Anyway, I got up and out this morning. It was later than usual because I gave myself 8 hours to sleep, and the sun was already over the trees. So it was hot. I planned on seeing how far I could run at one time on the way back, and the answer is: not very far at all. I think this is because I haven’t been running recently, it was hotter than when I usually run, and my last meal was Krystal hamburgers. Dinner last night was a little gross, but it was so much grosser when I thought I would revisit it this morning. I only ran every other one on the way back, otherwise I would have been sick. Now I know! I’ll try to get out earlier so I won’t be so hot.

I’ve been drinking plenty of water recently, but I need to eat more fruit. Yesterday, I got my 2 cups in and I probably will today as well. I think I’m doing pretty well as long as I will get outside and exercise!

Tomorrow is my first day of classes–I’ll be back in the law school! I’m semi-nervous about that. I still need to go and buy a book and some paper. Then I’ll spend the rest of the day reading and re-reading for classes this week. As long as I’m not called on during the first day, I think I’ll be fine. Or as fine as usual. Eeek!

I might be thinking too much about butterflies. Last night, when Isabelle was trying to find a place to sleep (and in the process walking all over me) I dreamed that a giant butterfly was walking on me.



These past few days I’ve spent in my hometown with my family, since it will be the last chance before classes start. I had a great time, as usual, and spent a lot of time wandering around and relaxing.

I got to see Blackjack’s new girlfriend, Jennifer. She is a very pretty little donkey that is not quite as dark as he is–and she is still a little shaggy from her winter coat. Unfortunately, I forgot to get a picture of her before I came back! Silly me.

On the way down, I saw wood storks! They are pretty rare in Georgia, but there they were in the swampy part of Hopewell Road–I turned my car around and went back to look at them. Of course, once I got back in my car, turned around in the middle of the road and started on my way again, I remembered that I had the camera! So I had to stop, grab the camera and run back down the road to take a picture of them. It didn’t come out that well (we totally need a digital camera with a telephoto setting), but here it is.

Those white dots are birds. Trust me.

Anywho, on Tuesday, I did some more rambling around at home. There are herds of butterflies in my parents’ front yard visiting the lantanas. Lots of swallowtails, mostly Eastern Tigers.

This is one from the front yard.

And this is in my brother’s yard across the street.

While I was visiting/trespassing at my brother’s, I looked at all his pretty flowers and picked some figs and took pictures of the pasture and of the scuppernongs. All of which is a really good argument why you shouldn’t live within walking distance of family–because they’d always be poking around. Lucky for him, I don’t live within walking distance of him so he doesn’t have to put up with me always hanging out in his yard. Or mooching frozen pizza off of him (and then making him cook it for me). My parents say that they wait to be invited before they wander over and bug him, but I don’t stand on any such ceremony. That’s what sisters are for, though, being pests.

Plus, he has a very interesting yard. When I crossed the street, there was this beautiful butterfly in the driveway. What is so interesting about it is that it has very similar markings to the Pipevine and Spicebush swallowtails–it is black, with blue on the back of its lower wings, and on the other side it has orange spots like those swallowtails–except smaller and in a different pattern. Only this butterfly is not a swallowtail. I don’t know who is mimicing who in this situation, but I love it! I believe this one is a Red-Spotted Purple.

I love knowing things about animals and plants! And the more you know, the more you notice–so observation is very rewarding. There’s always the chance to see something new. I think I’m going to have to get a butterfly and moth field guide soon, because they are as fun to watch and figure out as birds.

So after trying unsuccessfully to take pictures of the other side of this butterfly’s wings, I wandered through his yard, picked some figs off the fig bush and then took this picture of the hay field in front of his house. This is a much better picture than the one from my last entry.

Also, I checked out the scuppernongs–he has tons on his vines.

After finishing up my trespassing jaunt, I moseyed down the road looking at birds. Since I had stupidly left my binoculars in my mom’s car the day before I saw plenty of birds and couldn’t figure most of them out. I did notice an interesting wading bird in the muddy spot in the pasture. That is the first place I went after lunch with my mom and her friends–and that bird was still there! I think it is a Solitary Sandpiper–but I don’t have a lot of practice with wading birds so I’m not completely sure. (It was still there in the evening when my daddy and I went to look at it–apparently that little mud hole is its whole world right now.) Of course, after lunch with my binoculars I saw lots of birds that I couldn’t figure out because they kept flying and hopping around so fast behind branches. Grr.

Also, I did a run/walk on the treadmill at their house. I probably walked more than I usually do and ran slower, but I was surprised that I felt so much better after I did that! My legs were so sore from hiking that I thought I wouldn’t be able to run much at all, but I actually stopped being sore after doing the run/walk and stretching. Something to think about. My mom and I were going to ride our bikes, but the moment we got everything ready to go a thunderstorm rolled in! It’s a shame because the road was just repaved and is now fabulously smooth instead of shake and bake.

Overall, I had a good visit with my family and got to spend time with my grandparents today too. MaNette fixed a delicious lunch and I had a good time talking to her and PawPaw. I came home to find assignments for the first day of classes in my inbox, so I guess I got my visiting done in the nick of time. Just a few more days!

Hike Inn!


A few months ago, I received an email from my 3Day team leader about a team adventure. The idea was to get together and go to the Hike Inn, which would serve as a good training walk and a chance to get to know each other better. I couldn’t believe my luck!!

I have always wanted to go to the Len Foote Hike Inn for as long as I have known it existed! It is a back-country inn reached by a five mile hike starting at Amicalola State Park. It’s only a few miles from Springer Mountain, the start of the Appalachian Trail. Everything about it sounded fabulous! Of course, it’s a bit pricey for college students and would be a huge time committment–so I have never had the opportunity to go before.

So this weekend, I drove to Amicalola and met G and the six other women who were making the hike. We met at the lodge for lunch at the buffet. Our group was made up of: a mother and daughter, a mother and future daughter-in-law, two good friends, G–my team leader, and one other person from my team. After lunch, we checked in and hit the trail.

The trail is rated moderate, and the trail elevation on the map shows rolling hills–nothing terribly steep, but there are several long climbs. At first, it was overcast but a couple of miles into the hike the sun broke through and burned off any remaining haze. The trail is well-maintained and meanders through a beautiful hardwood forest. In some places, the trees are spaced far enough apart to give a bit of a view of the mountains, but mostly it’s forest.

Our group broke into two based on hiking speed within the first mile, and I ended up in the first, faster group. Despite being only 5 miles, which in town would be about an hour and a half, the suggested time for the trail is three hours. Our group took 2.5, and the second half took a little bit over 3. It was so good to see the roof of the lodge on the last hill!

We crashed into the chairs in the porch area for a few minutes, and then checked in and got our linens and key. Each room has two bunks, a shelf with hooks, a little closet area and a stool. It is very basic, like being at camp!

The lodge consists of several buildings, all in a row, semi-connected by stairs. The first building is the lodge, with the bunkrooms and lobby. The second is the bath house, with showers and sinks and composting toilets. The third is the dining hall, which has four tables with rows of benches and a kitchen. And the fourth is the sunrise room/game room. The entire inn is meant to be an example of conservation, so they have no a/c and use solar energy to help with electricity and heating water. We were given a tour which pointed these things out and others such as the rain-water barrel for watering plants and the vermiculture beds to make compost.

This luna moth was on the bath house screen–I saw another one on the stairs as well.

Our second group arrived just in time for dinner, looking spent but ready for a meal. Dinner was delicious and served family style. There was a competition–food waste at the end of the meal could not be more than 4 ounces! (Or we’d get a sad face on the board that kept track of these things.) This is just an exercise in being aware of waste, especially since they compost everything they have and creating trash is really not a good thing. (They also require that everything you pack in, you pack out trash-wise–there are no garbage cans.) I completely cleaned my plate–it wasn’t hard to do since everything was so good and made even better by being hungry! Our group only had 1.5 oz of food waste, so we got a happy face on the board.

After dinner, I picked up a book about birding in Georgia and read it outside on a porch until it got too dark to see well. I walked around a bit and took a few pictures as well.

This is the solar calendar they have set up below the lodge. On the equinoxes, at sunrise the sun will shine through the hole at the top and illuminate the little cave room behind it. Apparently, as the sun beams through the hole, it creates a sunburst on the back of the stones–there was a fabulous picture of this in an album at the lodge. The notches on the leg of the stone are 10 minute marks–as the sun rises over the horizon, it shines through each of those notches at 10 minute intervals until it reaches the top which is the time of the official sunrise.

I also saw this snail eating an earthworm on my way back inside.

Oh, also on the tour and along the trail, I kept seeing the large black swallowtails like the one at the botanical garden–but I could never get close enough to see if they were Pipevines or Spicebushes!

After reading, I joined the rest of our group, gathered in the lobby area, and we played sort of an icebreaker game–G had a list of questions and we all went around and answered them (What’s your favorite word? What’s your dream job?). That was fun, and we got to know each other better. We all also bonded over the common desire to do great bodily harm to the children at the lodge, who were running laps around the bunkhouse and being completely obnoxious. Their parents were nowhere to be found. To be sure, it was not really the children’s fault–they were just being kids–but it was completely their parents’. I know that if I were 8 and my friends were with me, I’d probably have been running around shrieking like a banshee too–but then my parents would have threatened to jerk a knot in me or some other such ridiculous punishment and I would have been quiet. Eventually. I would not have been allowed to run 45 laps (or whatever) around the bunkhouse deck as fast as I could.

Of course, when I went to our room at the end of the evening and heard one of the galloping kids coming our way, I stepped out and politely told them that we were going to sleep and they should stop running. There was no more running. Then I had to show them how to unlock their door, since they couldn’t figure it out–yes, there were 3 kids under 12 unsupervised next door to us. That was a real joy, since they were loud even after quiet hours–but I restrained myself. Actually, I didn’t get up because I wanted to ask them to tell me where their parents were so I could talk to their parents–but I didn’t think it would be fair to “tell on them” without giving them a chance to behave after I asked them to be quiet, and I was pretty sure that they would have been quiet if I asked. Arrg, what a dilemma.

I’m almost positive if one of our group had stepped outside earlier in the evening and asked the children to stop running and to use quiet voices, we would have had a much less stressful time. However, I think that people held back because they didn’t want to get in a sticky situation with the parents–who asked you to make my child behave? kind of deal. Or maybe they felt it wasn’t their responsibility. I just don’t see the point of that–if some kid is acting up in a place where I can’t leave, I’m much more likely to ask the child to behave than suffer in silence.

Anywho, after we went to bed I could not go to sleep. I just wanted to flop around, because everytime I settled on a spot I realized that my legs/feet/back/arms/shoulders were really stiff in that position. I did sleep some, but I awoke often.

In the morning, we awoke to rain. A constant drizzle that picked up every now and then to a good downpour. I packed most of my stuff up and was ready for breakfast when the bell rang. Another good meal, and then it was time to clean out the room and finish packing things together. I bought a fantastic new shirt, and I believe they only sell Hike Inn paraphenalia at the lodge–so it’s extra special! Then we gathered our courage to head back down the trail.

I stayed dry for maybe the first two miles. I had a poncho that covered my backpack–that’s one of the best uses of a dollar I’ve ever found. We bought that cheapo thing at a game when it rained, and cheap little me stuffed it in a bag and kept it. I’m glad I did! The trail was very wet, and it rained hard and steadily the entire 5 miles back. For the last mile, my feet were squishy with water and filthy! But the rain was cool and there were longer downhill sections on the way back so we made good time and had nice conversations along the way.

I loved this trip. It was nice to hike in a group, because there was always someone to talk to–but because I was sort of an odd person out I also got to hike by myself for bits. It was really nice to set my own pace and just hike, and I’d like to do that more often. Another great thing is that this wasn’t a learning experience–in that I didn’t end up thinking “next time, I’ll know to do this differently so it’s not so bad.” Everything was fine–I had enough water, just the right clothes and the right amount of clothes, my backpack fit great and was packed well, and I had the toiletries I needed and the extra things like a poncho and dry sandals in the car for the trip home. Of course, I think I would have preferred my hiking boots to running shoes because my feet wouldn’t have been as wet–but it wasn’t a big deal.

This was the first trip were I had to pack things that I really needed, and I think my backpack weighed about 10 pounds–which is not much but more than I’d ever carried before. And I did fine and had so much fun! This was really a great adventure, and I would love to do it again sometime and stay another day to explore some more.

For once. . .


For once, my blog did what it was supposed to do–force me to have an adventure, no matter how small, so that I have something to write about. I tried to get out of it by searching for an interesting news article to write about, but nothing really drew me in.

Instead I went to the Botanical Gardens, with the idea that I might take some pictures of pretty flowers and maybe walk the trails. In reality, I did neither of these things and just took pictures of critters that I liked. A storm cloud was rolling in, and while it was taking its sweet time moving in, the place was roaring hot. So I just moseyed around a little bit and tried to stay in the shade.

This is a Pipevine Swallowtail (Battus philenor). I didn’t really notice its markings were that brilliant until after I saw the picture at home, but isn’t it lovely? I looked it up on this site, and it took me forever to figure out how the Pipevine and the Spicebush Swallowtails were different.

Then, as I was walking out, there were all these bees around this neat plant. It is really hard to take a picture of bees! They keep buzzing around, making the flower sway all over the place. And several times they flew off of the flower and towards the camera (part of it is a similar blue color)–at which point I shrieked , “Eeek! Stop it! I’m not a flower!” Apparently, bees aren’t complete idiots when telling whether a thing is a flower or not so they left me alone. Luckily, not very many other people were around in the heat to watch my antics.

Then, when I was almost to the car, I saw something move out of the corner of my eye–and it was this tiny lizard! When I first saw him, he was wrapped around one of those dried flower heads that you can see beside him. The camera couldn’t figure out what to focus on, so all of those pictures are a little blurry. He’s so tiny! And trying so hard to blend in.

Run/Walk 2 for August

Another great day for getting out the door and doing a run/walk. I’ve switched up my beginning sections so that they’re not so challenging, so now I don’t dread the warm-up part nearly as much. The same as last time, running sections back to back three times. I’m going to try to do this once more this week, and then next week I’ll add a little more running. Probably I’ll try to run sections back to back four times, which I think is do-able. At that point, I’ll only be walking one long section and four shorter sections on the way back.

Yesterday, we went out to eat at the Hilltop Grill, which was a nice dinner. Overall, calories were pretty high for yesterday but not really all that incredible (~2800) for eating two meals out. I’m just counting calories on fitday.com to see how much I tend to eat, and not trying to reach any set number or anything. It’s just observation.

Generally, I use it to decide whether what I ate was worth it–was it worth it to drink 400 calories of sweet tea? Or to decide what should be treats and what I’m ok with eating everyday. As for the sweet tea, the answer is yes, it was worth it–so delicious–but I just won’t have it every day. Other things, like Coke–generally not worth it, and knowing that makes it easier to choose something different. Plus, I can see whether I’m getting enough of my vitamins–and make myself eat more green, leafy veggies because that is obviously where I’m lacking.

Anywho, that’s my news! I was so glad to hear from 007, who is on vacation, because she got some really fantastic news this week! I’m sure she’ll write about it on her site. Congratulations!!

Happy Anniversary!


Today is our anniversary! Reed and I have been married for 3 years as of today! It really doesn’t seem like it has been all that long.

He came back from the lab this morning with 3 beautiful red roses! They are so lovely and it was such a surprise! Generally, we don’t do presents, instead we go out for dinner and spend time together! Red roses were the flowers I carried at our wedding, and that makes it triply special! Heehee.

I hope this picture comes through ok–it looks a little blurry now that it’s been scanned. My Aunt C. took this picture.

After we went out to breakfast this morning, Reed wanted to take pictures of the anniversary moth–so while he had the camera out, I took pictures of my wild and pretty garden. If you ever have a patch of sunny ground that you don’t want to deal with, but want it to be lovely, just plant cosmos and zinnias–they’ll self sow, which is good and bad. I think it’s great! And very disorderly in a very colorful way–which suits me right down to the ground. I’ve put the multitudes of pictures about them in the extended entry part of this post, since they will take time to load.

Run/Walk 1 for August

Well, I got plenty of sleep last night and so it was pretty easy to roll out of bed and get out the door this morning. The weather was so nice and cool–it’s going to be a beautiful day! I did my usual run/walk, running sections back to back 3 times on the way home. I could probably run more at a stretch, but since I haven’t done anything for a week I decided not to push it. My legs were grumpy about running, but they got over it.

These next two weeks before classes start are going to be my summer vacation! I’m just going to hang out and do whatever I want! My last day of my externship with the county attorney’s office was Friday, but I still went in yesterday to hand in my last memo. Overall, this was a really great summer–I think it definitely ranks in my top three because I learned so much and got to use what (little) I know! Plus, I also know what I need to work on in the future.

Today is going to be a beautiful day, and would be great for getting outside and hiking. Unfortunately, our home is a mess! So, today I’m going to spend my time cleaning everything up really well so that I can have a nice sparkly house to start school off with and not have to stress about it.

Hope you have a great day!

I’m not going to say what I’ve been saying every time the first of the month rolls around sooner than I expect. Nope, not this month! heehee.

Last month, my goals were (what I acheived):

1. 3Day: +770 (0!!) 2. Letterboxes: +2 (0!!) 3. Pounds Lost: -3 (-1) 4. New Birds: +3 (5–and this was by the 4th!) 5. Trail Miles: +10 (0!!) 6. Training Miles: +72 (This will take some discipline!) (21) 7. Bike Miles: +15 (0!!) 8. # of Run/Walks: +12 (5)

Sadly, I did not come close to any of them but the birds. Most of this is because July was so darn hot that I didn’t want to go outside during the day–well unless it was before 8am, and since I didn’t sleep very much this month, I had a hard time getting up that early. Anyway, that’s my excuse.

This month, however, is a brand new month brimming with opportunity to do more fun stuff! I already have a really great hiking adventure planned, so I’m very excited about that. And I’ve already got my first donation for this month for the 3Day–I did send out more letters last month, but it was in the later part of the month so any donations from that probably won’t show up for a bit.

Of course, this month I will go back to class and start working my little part-time gig at the library (I’m going to be a desk gnome). I’m very excited about that, although it will cut into my adventuring pretty severely.

With that in mind, I will make the following goals:

1. 3-Day–this must be finished this month, pretty much. 2. Letterboxes–+1 3. Pounds lost–1 4. New Birds–+2 5. Trail Miles–+15 6. Training Miles–+88 7. Bike Miles–+10 8. Number of Run/Walks–+10

In addition, to these goals I am also continuing the Ten Percent Challenge goals–to drink plenty of water, exercise daily (with my goals list, this shouldn’t be a problem), and eat two cups of fruit a day. Other lifestyle goals are to get 8 hours of sleep a night, do an hour of home activity each day, and eat dinner around 6:30.

Some of those are must do’s–sleep, exercise, 3Day training and fundraising. The rest, I’m not going to worry about and just try to work it in where I can. This semester I have to get used to buckling down and working hard again! I’m just not thinking about it right now, so it doesn’t make me nervous.

My last comment is to say a huge THANKS!! to H, who is my first sponsor of August! I truly appreciate your support for the 3Day!

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