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The last few days for the challenge haven’t been going too well for me. Mostly, it’s because I’m not getting enough sleep so I can’t get up early enough to exercise and we’ve been eating dinner so late (9pm) that it’s too dark to exercise at night. Plus it is extremely hot, so there’s little motivation.

I have been drinking all my water consistently. I’m pretty sure that I can count that as a fully-formed habit now–I just do it without thinking. And when I don’t drink water, I’m conscious of how much coke or sweet tea that I’m drinking.

The good thing is that I got enough sleep last night, and I’m going to try to go to bed early tonight. Also, we’ve decided that we’re going to have dinner at 6:30 in the evenings. Besides giving me a more structured day, it will be like lunch for Reed so he will have more than one giant meal a day. These adjustments will probably help me get back on track so that I can keep working on the exercise part of the challenge. I also am going to the grocery store, so I can buy more fruit for us.

Second Meanest City


That would be Atlanta, according to the National Coalition for the Homeless’ Illegal to be Homeless 2004 report. This designation was earned by ATL’s so-called “quality of life” ordinances against things like sleeping in parks or doorways, aggressive panhandling, as well as an executive order against feeding people in public.

The latest move to get the homeless out of our collective hair is the “beg ban” (AJC reg. req’d.–use bugmenot.com) being considered by the Atlanta City Council. Apparently, the aggressive panhandling ordinance isn’t enough and they’d like to stop people from being able to ask someone for food or money period. Only in certain districts though–notably around the new Aquarium that is set to open some time soon. Plus, the NASCAR museum may not come here if there are panhandlers! Who knew? Oh, the horror. I’m not sure what I’d do if the NASCAR museum went to Charlotte, an actual racing city, and not Atlanta!

Anywho, the AJC is using the fact that the opening of a new 300-bed facility for the homeless is opening up in the old renovated jail–and shouldn’t we just be glad about that? Well yes and no. Yes, because the Gateway Center is a good first step to addressing the community’s problem. No, because the Gateway Center is just the first step and doesn’t address the fact that the city keeps increasing the legal burden of the homeless.

On a semi-related note, in an article (AJC reg req’d–use bugmenot.com) about Gateway it’s mentioned that people may stay a few months–but if you’re a military veteran you can stay up to two years! You have to admit that there’s a problem with veteran’s benefits when one of the perks of being a vet is extended stay at a homeless shelter. Is that the best we can do?

In that same article, Mayor Franklin is quoted as saying that affordable and supportive housing is the next step–I hope I live to see it.

Why it's news.

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Some of you in this corner of the world might have come across news that a spokesman for South Carolina’s governor has been arrested and charged with criminal domestic violence and malicious injury to real property. Will Folks allegedly kicked in the door of the apartment he shares with his fiance and attacked her. His fiance did not want to prosecute Folks for the alleged abuse.

Why is this news? Is it because domestic violence is so rare and terrible that an incidence of it amazes us–how could people abuse their loved ones? Of course not. If that were the reason, our newspapers and tv shows would have daily features on the topic. This is news because it involves the hint of political scandal–it’s nothing more than a potential political loss.

Unfortunately, although domestic violence and abuse is terrible, it is not rare in our communities. An average of three women a day are killed by their husbands or boyfriends, and many more face non-fatal physical, emotional, and sexual abuse by their partners. While this problem is not limited to violence against women, women are the majority of domestic violence victims. (Fact Sheet)

Which brings me to one of my new links in the Participate! section. The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) is up for reauthorization this September. VAWA is a federal law that provides funding for services to domestic violence victims, among other things. 700 Women stands for the number of women who are assaulted or raped each day by their partners and is part of Amnesty International’s campaign to Stop Violence Against Women. They are organizing support for the reauthorization of VAWA, and if you click on the link you’ll be taken to their site where you can sign their petition and learn more about how you can help.

Of course, you can help victims of domestic violence in another way–contact your local domestic violence shelter or coalition and ask to volunteer. Not all volunteer duties include working directly with victims, so if that is something you would not be comfortable with there probably is still plenty you could do. Or you could make a donation–many would accept clothing, toiletries, or cell phones as well as moolah.

Other resources are the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence and the National Domestic Violence Hotline. The national hotline number is: 1-800-799-SAFE (7233) or 1-800-787-3224 (TTY). These are 24-hour hotlines. Be safe.


I haven’t been drinking enough water these past two days, and we’ve been eating out recently which is not so good for keeping calories down. But I’ve been around 2000 calories these past two days, so no problem. Today I had orange juice and a smoothie for my fruit, and had an off day for exercise.

Tomorrow, I’ll be back to running I hope!

Buffalo Blue Bikes!

A new alternative transportation program is launching in Buffalo within the month. For a subscription fee or a certain number of volunteer hours, you can become a member of the Blue Bicycle Program. The way it works, is you go to one of the hubs around the city and pick up a bike that can be checked out for up to two daysa€”then you return it to another hub around the city.

Three hundred bikes will be part of this program, and it is aimed towards people who dona€?t want to worry about parking downtown or moving between campuses. Similar bike programs have sprung up in several cities around the countrya€”often they are yellow bikes as part of a Yellow Bike Project.

I think these are great programs! More people need to have options other than cars, especially for short trips. Which reminds me, I need to have my tires pumped up so if I have an opportunity, I can get out and go!

You can read more about this here in the Buffalo News.

On the wonders of Cleveland


Did you know that apparently Cleveland has a regular newspaper column about area birding? How awesome is that? And how frustrating that I don’t know of a local one?

James F. McCarty, a reporter for the Cleveland, OH, Plain Dealer writes a regular column about birding called Aerial View. At the end of each column, there are local sightings and tips. How fabulous! I’m incredibly envious. Click here to read the latest: Rare sightings of tropical ibis and tern during Ohio’s steamy spell.

You might ask how I happened across such an interesting and relevant (to me) column on a Sunday morning, and I have to say that it is because of Kenn Kaufman. You know, the guy who wrote Kingbird Highway? He and David Allen Sibley, being the doyens of the birding world, were quoted in the NYT article as being skeptical of the ivory-billed woodpecker sightings and asking for more proof, and I thought–hmm, I wonder what else he’s been commenting on these days? Well, I lexisnexised for news articles with his name and this column turned up–apparently Mr. Kaufman now lives in Ohio. I love lexisnexising.

Hot, Sticky Sunday

I finally got enough sleep last night, for the first time in I don’t know when. That was great, and it made it incredibly easy to get out of bed and go for a short walk this morning. Of course, since it was later than I’m usually outside it was very warm. Ick! But, I walked a couple of miles and that was a nice way to start my day.

Urban Adventure the Second!

This morning, I went to Riverdale for a 3Day FOCUS meeting. It was very inspiring, and gave me lots of new ideas for fundraising.

Afterwards, I met 007 in Decatur and we had lunch at Sweet Melissa’s–which serves brunch all day long! I had French toast with strawberries–yum! It was good to see 007 again–and we wandered around a bit in the town to stretch our legs and see what’s what. I would have taken pictures but I didn’t have a card in the camera–yeah I know I said I learned that lesson, but apparently not very well!

A good day. My calories on fitday were about 1700, but I’m pretty sure that’s wrong since I bet the french toast and the chicken for dinner tonight were more than the values stored. Whatever! I drank all my water for today and had about 1.5 servings of fruit. Woohoo!

TPC--Run/Walk 4

Yesterday I was lazy and didn’t get up to walk, but that’s ok–my calories ended up under 2000 still, which is good. Drank all my water and had orange juice and most of a plum.

Today, I dragged myself out of bed and did my run/walk! Woohoo! It was nice and cool this morning–and I saw half a dozen people out running and walking where usually I may just see one other person. I ran sections back to back 3 times, which was very do-able, so I’m going to continue to do that for a little while.



Drank all my water today, and had a plum and some watermelon. What a great day! Calories about 1800–we had chicken nachos for dinner. Heehee. Yummy.

Run/Walk 3

Hooray! I did the three difficult things that are necessary to run/walk in the morning! I 1) got out of bed and put my running clothes on, then I 2) did my first running section and 3) the second running section! Once I do those three things, then there’s no stopping me the rest of the time. The first two running sections are the hardest, because I’m warming up and it’s mostly uphill.

Running again today and not lumbering! Although I have to push myself harder to actually run and not just move, but that’s ok, I can do that. I ran sections back to back twice, which was nice. I think I’m going to build up running all the way back from the end of the road. It shouldn’t be too hard, since it is mostly downhill with only a little bit of an incline in the one long section–and I’m doing at least half of it already.


No exercise for me today. But, I did drink all of my water and ate two plums and a little pineapple. Woohoo! I also entered everything that I ate into fitday.com, and ended up with only 1453 calories. That includes the glass of milk that I’m going to drink in a bit. No junk food today, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

I’ve also been procrastinating–boo, hiss! But, I’ve already started working on all the little bits that have piled up.

Well, it’s been about four weeks since the begin of the Ten Percent Challenge and I thought it would be good to take a look at how I’m doing. At the beginning of the Challenge, I decided to drink about 5-6 glasses of water a day, exercise 5 days a week, and find something to celebrate daily.

I’m doing mostly well. I’ve been drinking much more water than usual, and I’ve been exercising more regularly. Celebrating something great in my life every day is usually not a problem for me, so that one is easy.

What do I have to show for it? Well, I’ve lost four pounds and four inches overall. That’s pretty good! So I guess I’ll keep it up–ha!

For the next four weeks, I’m going to focus on being more consistent with my water and exercise. I’m going to add a goal of eating my recommended daily amount of fruit which, according to the new food pyramid is 2 cups.

One unexpected consequence of the Ten Percent Challenge is that because I’ve been drinking so much water, cokes taste very sweet. I just don’t enjoy them out of the can as much anymore–fountain drinks are still pretty good. This is a good thing, or it would be if I would think about that before I decided to drink a can of coke with dinner or whatever. I’ll try to remember that more often this month.

I’m looking forward to the next four weeks of the Challenge and building on the new healthy habits I’m forming! I hope those of you who decided to start the Challenge are experiencing the benefits from the parts you are working on! And if you haven’t been working on your Challenge, you can start again today!


This morning, the roofers came back to finish the roof so I had a good incentive to get up and get going early. I trotted out the door and did my run/walk shindig to the end of the road without too many problems. My inspiration to get out and work on the running aspect of things is a girl that I volunteer with at the shelter–she’s running a marathon in Utah next week! She just mentioned this in passing, so I don’t know too much about it–but I can’t wait to hear how she did and what it was like. Woohoo! Go W!

Anyway, on my way out I was thinking that it seems impossible that I will ever be able to speed up (yes, this is like my second run/walk this month and I’m already wondering why I’m not better than this)–I just couldn’t comprehend how I could move all that much faster than I was moving. On my way back, a guy was running up towards me and I realized–we’re not even moving the same way, how/when/why? (Accompany these whiny question thoughts with a howl and you’ll have a perfect mental image of me.) Well, I thought, I’ll just try to imitate the way he’s moving–even if I can’t keep it up I’ll know what it feels like.

And that’s when I actually started running instead of what I had been doing which might charitably be called lumbering. It’s really the difference between moving at any cost and moving forward. I flew! I even ran two of the sections back to back, because I realized that I didn’t have to stop. This was especially great because it was downhill and so it was even faster. Woohoo! Of course, after my little burst of speed my breathing wasn’t working too well, but I made myself run the last section anyway. Haha.

I don’t know why I’ve been lumbering instead of running. Maybe I just had this idea that running is so difficult and I’m too out of shape to be able to do it? This (lumbering) is the best I can do. Plus, I’ve never really run with anyone, because I can’t run very far so I’ve never noticed really how different what I think of as jogging is from what they’re doing. Not that I haven’t seen runners before, you know, but I’ve never been so aggravated with myself to just say I’m going to be like you for two steps, darn it!

So, my surprise today was discovering that running is much different from lumbering, and much more fun! It’s not much of a surprise that ornery-ness drove me to it, I guess.

TPC: I have been drinking more water recently, and exercising about 5 days a week. It’s been a great week.


I have just realized that my site has been “pinged” by all sorts of obscene spammers–luckily I think most of it happened yesterday, so I don’t think it’s infested everything yet. I noticed in my site log that I had a whole lot of really awful hits–and then had the bright idea to go looking through comments and whatnot. Boy, did I learn something!

So, I’m trying to delete all of those and I’ll talk to Reed about how I can prevent that in the future. I really apologize to any of you who have run across that stuff here in the past couple of days.

Urban Adventure

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Yesterday, I went to Atlanta to see my friend J. Our plan was to visit the new IKEA and then grab lunch and wander around to see what we could see. And we accomplished all of that!

IKEA was really neat, and even though it was midday in the middle of the week the place was full of people. I guess that’s to be expected when it’s only been open a couple of weeks, and with everyone in ATL talking about it. It made me think about upgrading some of our Walmart furniture–that would certainly improve our style! Maybe when we move, we’ll decide to toss the old and get a little bit nicer cheap furniture! I’ll keep dreaming about that.

After IKEA, we went to the Virginia-Highlands area to find a place to eat. We ended up at Belly General Store, which had great sandwiches and cupcakes. Then we walked around, looking in stores (with $85 t-shirts!!) and at homes and apartments. Of course, we didn’t explore everything there–so I’d love to take another field trip there sometime and wander about some more.

It was strange to be actually in Atlanta (and not the sprawly blob of suburbs that engulfs and homogenizes everything in its path) and have nice homes and walkable neighborhoods. When I think of Atlanta, I usually think–who would want to live there? But really I’m just thinking of the Metroville part of Atlanta–and I can’t really understand people who would choose to live in the suburbs of Atlanta, with McMansions and 2 hour commutes each way and everything a chain store that you must drive to. That does boggle my mind.

But Atlanta–the city! The skyline and shops and restaurants and museums and MARTA and people walking around wearing funky clothes and the busy-ness of it all. It makes me feel alive. When I was little and watched PBS, so many shows were about New York City–the city that never sleeps and there are sidewalks down every street and delivery trucks at night! Museums and librarys were everywhere–and exotic places were just around the corner. It was fascinating–I read books where kids lived in apartments and went to Central Park and rode buses and played on the rooftops–and where the kids would spend time talking to the mysterious “super” who seemed to always be around their apartments. I’ve never been to NYC, and although I’m pretty sure that Atlanta doesn’t have much in common with it–the excitement I had reading about the bustling city when I was little still jumps around when I’m visiting Atlanta.

After we got tired of walking, we jumped in the car to explore a little and see more of the area–we’re lucky we didn’t get completely lost doing this, but we had a good time. Eventually, we made it back to J’s place and I moseyed on home. Traffic wasn’t too bad, since it was a bit before rush hour when I left.

I had such a good time seeing J–we have a class together this fall, so that will be something to look forward to. Even though she is terrifyingly smart and I know I will have plenty of moments when I will feel completely out of my league.

Anywho, that was my urban adventure. I have to go back to Atlanta a couple of more times this summer, and I’m looking forward to it!

TPC front: I don’t think I drank any water yesterday–so I’m definitely going to have to start focusing on it again. We walked probably 20-30 minutes, and I did my hour of cleaning which I’m counting as activity now. It was good to walk around with a friend and see the sights–and the kitchen is pretty close to spotless which gives me a good feeling of accomplishment.

Today was just a great day. I practically finished my latest assignment, and I spent part of the afternoon observing a hearing, which was very interesting all around. I came home incredibly hyper for some reason, but I think it’s because I really like how my memo assignment has turned out (even though it is taking me an eternity). What was really great is that one of the attorneys found an article in the state municipal magazine about the issue (property tax appeals) that gave a pretty detailed overview of the law–and after reading it, I realized that I had found the big cases and drawn the appropriate conclusions! So that made me feel good. Not that any first year law student shouldn’t be able to do the research and writing, but I still like outside support.

Also, I’m not having any “my writing is like a third-grader’s” feelings–my little much-worked-over paragraphs are well-written and they all flow together loverly like. Probably if I spent as much time on my “real” class assignments as I have on these they would generate the same feelings. What a concept.

I didn’t have such a great day with TPC. I slept in, so no run/walk this morning and I had way too much coke (might explain the hyper-ness, but if so I should drink two cokes for lunch everyday, because it felt great! says the addict) and not enough plain water. But, I have had about 4 servings of fruit/veggies today. And I decided that an hour of cleaning the house would count toward light activity–so if I add an hour of cleaning each day I would be less of a giant land slug and have less stress over the crazy house. So I did have some extra activity today, with the cleaning. It’s not like I don’t have a couple (dozen) hours of cleaning to do. Woohoo!

Tomorrow I am having an urban adventure. Stay tuned!

The Slug!

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I just played around with a calculator from Renee’s site (because I can’t pass those things up, if I see one I have to take it…over and over again even when nothing has changed), and I had to think about my daily level of activity–Very Light/Sedentary to Heavy. Realistically, my daily activity contains something like 14 hours of being a slug! I sit and use the computer/watch the news while I eat breakfast in the morning, I sit while I drive to work, then I sit at work all day, then I sit to drive home, then usually I sit to eat dinner and then sit until bedtime. Good gracious! It’s a wonder my heart even has to pump at all.

So now I feel like a huge land slug, even after the run/walk this morning! I’m trying to think of activities that I can do to move some of those everyday hours from very sedentary to light. Although, really what happened is that I finished my estimations and had less than 24 hours in a day so I just plugged them into sedentary since I figured that was probably true anyway.

But still!

Run/Walk 1

Last night, I laid out my clothes for running so that this morning all I would have to do is jump out of bed and get ready quickly to go out the door. Which worked for the most part!

The weather this morning was so spooky–there was a layer of low-lying clouds scooting across the sky and it was pretty windy. I wondered about whether it was safe, but there was no thunder or lightning and the wind wasn’t that bad so I made a deal with myself that I would just run to Boulder Trail and back and come home. I think of this as halfway, which is a nice little lie to tell myself, but it is the steepest part of the run so apparently it gets extra distance points in my head. Of course, it’s pretty much physically impossible for my to run all the way there and back without walking/something chasing me, so once I got there I decided to run/walk to the next road, and then I decided to run/walk to the next, and so on until I actually just did the whole thing.

Not bad. By the time I’d made it to the end of the road the low-lying clouds were mostly gone and patches of blue sky were peeking through the high pretty clouds.

Unfortunately, the shorts I generally wear to walk/run in rub my leg annoyingly. Since yesterday we walked 9 miles, my leg was already a little sore–and today did not make it better. In fact, on the way back I began trying to think of a justifiable excuse to run/walk in my underwear! Ouch. So either I need to buy different shorts or think about the bodyglide conversation that 007 and I had yesterday. Or both!

Of course, once I got outside and ran to Boulder Trail I was glad to be there and starting (again) to build up to running. I hope that I can keep this up–and I think I will. I read several links from Mia’s blog about other people out running races, and I thought–I want to do that too! So maybe that will give me some motivation. Woohoo!

One down, eleven more to go for this month.

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Get Out More


Last year about this time, I asked Reed to create a blog for me like his own. I wanted a place to recount my hikes and remind myself to Get Out More, the name of the challenge from Backpacker Magazine.

The Get Out More challenge was to hike 365 miles in one year–and I started counting from last July 4th. Of course, I didn’t make it to 365 miles–but that’s ok, it was a huge challenge. Instead, I have hiked a little over 60 miles in the past year. It sounds such a short distance for a year–just over a mile a week in the outdoors!

By next July 4th, I would like to hike 100 miles. One hundred is such a nice round number.

TPC: Met my water goal for today! Enjoyed the cool and windy weather. Tomorrow I will walk.



I wanted to draw attention to a site and a cause that is very important to me–The Fund to Save Allan. Allan’s a much better writer than I could ever hope to be, so I will let him speak for himself:

Please visit this site and blog to learn more about Allan’s story, and what you can do to help him. Your ideas are welcome! Please feel free to pass this information along to those you know. I have known Allan for several years online, and he is a fantastic person who deserves every chance there is out there. And when he says he’s madly in love with that gal–well, he means it! He’s one love-struck bunny.

Allan and Jess, I wish you all the best.

Back in the Saddle, Again


I hope all of you had very nice holiday weekends and aren’t having too tough of a time going to work now! Reed and I were with my family this weekend, and had a lovely relaxing time.

Of course, I don’t think I looked at my memo once over the weekend–but when I read it yesterday, all it really needed was a concluding paragraph anyway. So I wrote that, turned it over, and started on the next one! Woohoo! I believe the word used to describe the one I just finished was “excellent”.

Today I jumped out of bed early and went for a walk before getting ready for work, which was a great way to start the morning! There was no one out–it was 6:30, but still there are usually a couple of other people running and walking. Tomorrow I’ll run/walk if I can get out of bed again! Also, I have two more glasses of water to drink tonight and I’ll have met that goal as well! I’m just overflowing with positive thoughts today, from being more confident about this new memo I’m writing, to being glad that I got up and walked this morning! It was a good day.

Now all I have to do is write my little paper for homework and score some more dratted write-ons.

Afternoon Adventure

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Yesterday, I didn’t really have a great TPC day–but that’s ok. I’m working back up to it.

007 is in town this weekend, so we got to have lunch and have an adventure!! After lunch, we moseyed on down to Madison and shopped in the downtown and looked at beautiful old homes. Madison is known as the city Sherman refused to burn on his March to the Sea during the civil war.

(I had a wonderful entry about our visit all written out, and then I hit some button and erased it. Now I’m too tired to re-write all of it, but I wanted to post my pictures anyway. I’ll try to come back and fill in later.)

Good Grief!


Time is flying by! I can hardly believe that it’s July! I know I said that last month, but I’m having to say it again!

So, it’s goals check in. I did pretty well this month with several of them.

Where we wanted to be, with where we are in parentheses:

1. 3Day: +250 (+555) Woohoo! 2. Letterboxes: +3 (+0) 3. Pounds Lost: -2 (-4) Woohoo! 4. New Birds: +8 (+12) Woohoo! 5. Trail Miles: +10 (+5.5) 6. Training Miles: +37 (+~16) 7. Bike Miles: +15 (+0) 8. # of Run/Walks: +12 (+0)

I think overall I did pretty well this month. The weight is a result of all the crazy water drinking I’ve been doing, I bet. And I think this is a pretty good break down–about a third above and beyond, about a third halfway, and about a third non-acheived. Next month, maybe I can have a third above and beyond, a third acheived, and a third halfway.

This month, I’m going to concentrate on raising the rest of my funds for the 3Day, upping my training miles, and doing my run/walks in the morning. I haven’t decided if I’m going to go back to the C25K yet, since I had success with that before–or, if I just want to do it at my own pace. I want to make exercising in the morning part of my routine before classes start back in the fall, so that I’ll have some stress relief built in already. Of course, in the past few days I’ve made another list of goals in addition to these listed here that I want to incorporate into my life–but I’m going to exercise some self-restraint and keep them to myself as I try to work them into my life. Plus the TPC! There’s something about lists that makes me happy–I guess I feel productive when I have miles of lists of things to do, even if I’m not actively working on them.

So, what do we want to do this month?

1. 3Day: +770 2. Letterboxes: +2 3. Pounds Lost: -3 4. New Birds: +3 5. Trail Miles: +10 6. Training Miles: +72 (This will take some discipline!) 7. Bike Miles: +15 8. # of Run/Walks: +12

These 8 as well as the TPC! And my additional list of improvements! And my externship! How exciting!

Well, I hope all of you have an enjoyable Fourth of July weekend! I think we’re going to have a great weekend!



I had a good day today–plenty of water, and I got several things done that needed to be done. No exercise, because I was asleep!! How silly. I took a nap this afternoon for forever–and I don’t know why. Oh well.

The good thing is that I cleaned out everything from our suitcases from Alaska finally–which sounds kind of awful, but it was extra pairs of socks and wintry clothes that we haven’t needed to wear and things that got stuffed in all the little pockets. But, I took care of all of those things and got them all put away. I also cleaned out from underneath the sinks in the bathrooms–threw out shampoo and body wash with practically nothing left in them and things that I knew were years old and never used. That felt good, even though there’s still a good deal of stuff left. I’m not allowed to buy any new foot care stuff–ever. This must be my beauty product weakness–although from the state of my feet, you wouldn’t be able to tell.

Some days I wish that we could just skim all the extra off of our lives–all the junk that accumulates and just gets in the way. How does that accumulation happen? How did I end up just putting shampoo bottles under the sink and not throwing them out? (Well, the answer is that I’m cheap and think one day I can use that–but no, no, no!)

Sigh. Live and learn.

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