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Again, with the sleep.


Yes. Tomorrow I don’t have to work, so I will sleep in. I brought that memo home with me, because it will be perfect. YES. Actually, it’s not really half bad, and is 90% done but I’m sort of irrationally terrified that it’s all horrible. Plus, I’ve trained myself to write while listening to bluegrass and drinking coke and eating hot fries while wearing pajamas in the wee hours of the morn. Apparently, this was not the wisest thing to do. Who knew?

Anyway. I have one more glass of water today, and I will have met that goal! If I don’t fall asleep walking around the house, I may do Pilates or I may just skip it. Probably I’ll skip it. I’m really enjoying my internship, even with the quicksand feeling–and I’m so glad about that!

My other very positive event to celebrate is a new sponsor for the 3Day! Thank you so much, Megan!! Woohoo! I really appreciate your support. :)


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Today was a great day. I have one more glass of water to drink, and I’ve walked about 4.5 miles today. Two of those miles were with Reed, and I’m really glad that we’ve been able to walk this week. One more day of walking, and we’ll probably start adding in some running to the mix!

After church today, I walked up to the coffee shop to talk with a classmate about a project she’s working on–which accounts for the remainder of my miles. I think that I will probably start walking for some errands–we’re less than 2 miles from practically any store and it would be good for a couple of reasons–it will be good exercise and one less car trip! If I get a rolling shopping bag, then it would be even easier! Woohoo!

Also, I bought The Pilates Body by Brooke Siler, and I’m going to start doing that tonight. This way I can exercise even when the weather is yucky.


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Today was a pretty non-descript kind of day. I slept in (because all the Coke I drank for dinner kept me up until 3am–that’s what I get for not drinking any during the week!), cleaned the kitchen, did a load of laundry, played online. Yeah, that was most of the day!

We did go to see Batman this afternoon–I really enjoyed it. It wasn’t as cartoonish and wacky as the last couple were–it felt more grown up.

Reed and I were going to walk, but then it kept looking like it wanted to rain. So I did some pushups and ab work, and thought about how I need to buy a book or a video to give me some structure for exercise at home. I’m halfway to the water goal today–it’s hard for me to drink enough when my day is unstructured. If pickles count as veggies, then I had a serving of veggies in addition to one of fruit. Heehee. What a slow day!


Today was the first (real) evening of Athfest! I was so excited about getting out and doing something local–and Friday is our evening for eating at Barberitos, so it all wrapped up into one.

N, Reed, and I went to the Barberitos dowtown and got caught up on what was going and how our summer was going. We had a good time hanging out–and after dinner, we wandered around down Washington St and saw art cars and the artists’ market and listened to a couple of songs from some local bands. Not too shabby!

Today was pretty much an off day for TPC–I didn’t drink a lot of water or excercise, but I had a great day with fun people at a fun event! Tomorrow I’ll have to get back on track and walk or walk/jog or hike or something!

Oh My Goodness.

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Well, I went to observe a Commissioners’ Meeting tonight–not one where they vote on anything, they’re just deciding what would be on the agenda for the next meeting. Oh. My. Goodness. I left at 5 til 10, and they weren’t finished yet–wrapping it up, but not finished. Still, it was interesting since it helped me tie together lots of threads that various people had been working on during the week–in that aspect, it was very helpful. (I’m interning in the county attorney’s office this summer.)

Otherwise, Reed and I didn’t go walking today since we slept in until really late, but we did catch up on our sleep!! I’ve been so tired this whole week, so I probably needed that. I also haven’t met my water goal for today, but that’s ok.

It was incredibly hot and humid here today, so I didn’t want to do anything at all–but I did buy some groceries and make pot roast and it was delicious! So I’m celebrating the fact that dinner turned out so yummily and we will have something easy to turn to for the next few days. (See, this is why it might be difficult for me to meet the challenge!) Also, I had 3 servings of veggies and 1 of fruit–which isn’t shabby! Ang’s goals of eating more veggies made me conscious about that–I don’t eat enough color!

Adventure pants


Today, I pulled my clothes out that I wanted to wear–my green t-shirt and my new adventure pants, that I love. My mom sent me a package with all sorts of beautiful clothes, and the adventure pants were part of that. They’re just cropped khaki pants, but they’re cute and they have a great belt with a green stripe on it. I love them! Also, on our trip I found out that it’s not just me calling them adventure pants–but inside the fly, there is a little label that says: Find adventure, find yourself. See! These pants were made for me! More of my clothes need to speak to me.

So, anyway, I wore the adventure pants in Alaska twice–when we were in Denali and on the way home. They fit just fine and were very comfortable. I threw them in the wash with everything else and today. …I found out they shrunk in the dryer!! I didn’t wash them wrong–and I certainly have not gained 10+ pounds since Friday! I can’t even button them–not even close!

Arg. My other clothes still fit, so I do have something to wear. But isn’t that discouraging!! Maybe I’ll be able to wear them at the end of the TPC. On the bright side, now I have Measurement Pants like Marla.


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Well, I did get a call from the person who emailed me last week about walking, so tonight we met up and did a six mile loop! I think it was one of the first times that she had walked that far, but she did a fantastic job and we had a good time getting to know one another. 007–I now know of a good place to train for hills–we can’t avoid them forever! Bwhaha.

So, that was my exercise tonight–and I did drink more water that I thought possible again today (heehee), walking definitely helped with that since I needed some along the way–and today I am celebrating making it over the 25% mark for fundraising for the 3Day!! Woohoo!! A huge thanks to my anonymous donor and T. How fantastic!

Of course, if any of you would like to help me make it over the 50% mark–I’d appreciate it! You can click the breast cancer icon at the top right part of my page to go to my fundraising site–which takes donations starting at $5. I would appreciate it immensely–and you’d help fund breast cancer research, education, and prevention efforts. Thanks again to all of you who have helped me make it this far.

See you tomorrow!


Denise has issued a new challenge to get back into the swing of things health-wise, the Ten Percent Challenge. Essentially, ita€?s building good habits with the goal of losing ten percent of your weight by a certain time. Her end goal is Sept. 14a€”which is not that far away!

Ia€?ve decided to keep her company, since ita€?s always good to have others around to cheer or prod you on when youa€?ve decided to do something difficult. The parts that Ia€?ve decided to take on are: exercising 5 days a week, drinking plenty of water, and celebrating something good in your life daily. All of those are healthy things that would be good for any of us. Ia€?m not sure that the challenge can be completed by the end date (not by me at least!), but thata€?s ok. Building good habits is always worthwhile.

So, today Reed and I walked about 2 miles (building up to running together) and I drank lots of water! I have 8 ounces left to go. Ia€?m so glad that Reed walked with me todaya€”ita€?s nice to spend time out together. Tomorrow I might walk with someone in town who is also doing the 3Day, but I havena€?t heard back from her yet. Woohoo!

Howdy! Reed and I have returned from our adventure in the far north!

We spent the last week in Fairbanks, Alaska, a combination of work and fun! Work for Reed, since the official reason we were there was so he could attend Evolution 2005 at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks and present his work on DAWG (aka DNA Assembly With Gaps, a computer program that simulates evolution). Fun, because I got to explore Fairbanks and we also had two and a half days of free time to play!

I’ve never flown that far before–we were in the air for about 9 hours from Atlanta to Fairbanks, with a layover in Salt Lake City each time. I really don’t like flying, especially landing, but I made it through ok. One fabulous thing was that although the sun was setting as we left Salt Lake on our way up, it never actually set and just got brighter and brighter as we made our way north. When we got off the plane in Fairbanks at about 11:30pm, it was still light–as if it were early morning.

Fairbanks is fairly flat, ringed with foothills and, way off in the distance, mountains. The weather there was wonderful–it was in the high 70’s and low 80’s almost the whole time, which meant that we’d packed clothing a little on the heavy side. Evening thunderstorms, although not as severe as around here–and definitely not as humid.

Reed attended most of the four days of the conference, but we met up each day of the conference for lunch and also went to the end of the day event together. I went to the conference to see him give his presentation, and he did very well. He got lots of questions too, and answered them well.

My favorite place in Fairbanks was Creamer’s Field, which used to be a dairy, but is now a migratory bird refuge. Just visiting for a few minutes was completely relaxing and fun–there are a few trails and elevated viewing stations amongst the fields. The big draw are sandhill cranes, which were in all the fields. They were fabulous. I made well over my goal of birds for this month, and that without being a really intense birder!

Other fun things that we did in and around Fairbanks were: visiting the Large Animal Research Station, where we saw teensy musk ox and caribou; visiting inside a US Army Corps of Engineers permafrost tunnel and seeing the different kinds of ice that exist in permafrost; seeing the Alaska Pipeline; and touring the Museum of the North’s collections and the museum itself. I also tooled around town a bit and poked into shops and stores and wandered around, looking at buildings and stuff in general.

What really surprised me about Fairbanks is how bike-friendly it seems–everywhere we drove in town was bikeable. Either there were separate bike lanes, wide sidewalks, or very wide paved shoulders–and many people were taking advantage of it! How wonderful!

Another interesting thing to see were all sorts of little restaurants/coffee shops in tiny little trailers, sort of like storage sheds. Those places were everywhere, and so funny! Lots of coffee “shops”, as well as a juice bar, Paco’s Tacos, greek food, cajun . … I’m sure they just pack them away in the winter, but how odd!

The plants were also very different from what I am used to–spruce, aspen, and birch trees, as well as lilacs and dahlias. I know what lilac and dahlias are and I’ve seen them in catalogs, but I don’t think I’d ever seen them in person. It must just be too hot around here for them to do well–but the dahlias were gorgeous!

The only thing that I think we would completely have skipped if we’d known what it was like was the riverboat cruise. It sounds nice, you know? But no. The tour consisted of a near constant pointing out of things along the way–but not interesting things. “Over there, you can see a hot tub”–this was one of the first comments and the ensuing commentary had me laughing because it was just so bizarre. It was the kind of tour that you would get of a town when you visit your great-aunt Sally and take her to the grocery store. “Now this house was built in 1984…” By the end, I wanted to pull my hair out–some of which was alleviated by Reed’s hysterical alternate commentary. There were neat aspects of it, I will admit–seeing the bush plane take off and land, visiting with a sled dog trainer/racer and his dogs, and seeing where the glacier-fed Tanana and spring-fed Chena rivers meet. I don’t think those good things outweigh the trip as a whole, though.

On Wednesday, we drove down to get a taste of Denali National Park. We didn’t really have a full day, so we just drove out to the Savage River Day Use area, which is the farthest that a private car can drive, and hiked the loop trail there along the river. That was fantastic, even though we were rained on as we made our way back. We saw arctic ground squirrels, which were really cute! After that, we decided that we would drive down to the North Denali overlook at Denali State Park, so we hit the road! The drive south was fabulous, there were so many beautiful snow-covered mountains it was hard to believe. We saw a bald eagle soaring over a lake, which was very exciting. Unfortunately, it was too overcast to see Denali itself when we got to the overlook–but the view was still splendid. We had a great time. On our way back, we stopped at the Panorama Pizza Pub near the national park, which had delicious crispy thin crust pizza and was a really cute place!

Our last day in Alaska, we drove to North Pole, Alaska and went to visit Santa!!!! The Santa Claus House in North Pole is a giant tourist trap, but it is one of the best ones I’ve seen! Santa really was there, and we had our picture taken with him–and he also told us where we could eat really yummy Chinese food close by (Fire Wok). You can feed Donder and Blitzen outside. The street lights in North Pole are red and white like candy canes, and there was a Santa Claus Lane and a Snowman Lane, and it was just about the cutest place I’ve ever been. We also went to the post office, which is where Santa gets all his mail. I loved this hokey little town!

We also drove down Chena Hot Springs Road, since we heard it was a good place to see meese/mooses. (Sometimes English is just wrong.) We saw nine mooses that afternoon, some right near the road. That was really a lot of fun.

To top it all off, we saw Mr. and Mrs. Smith in the theater since we had five hours before our plane left and nothing to do. It was good, and funnier than I thought it would be. Then it was off to the airport, and the incredibly long flight back. It was so good to be back in Atlanta, where the trees look familiar and people don’t look at you like you’re crazy when you say “Ar room dun’it have an arn” (Hey, I was tired!). We ate at Folks, a southern cookin’ restaurant where we could actually order sweet tea. Woohoo! Sometimes I think the best part about traveling is coming home.

Now it’s time to adjust back to the real world again. We have all of our pictures in a gallery online, and I may upload some of my favorites here. For the meantime, you can look at all of our crazy pictures here if you’ve nothing better to do. The ubiquitous panda is Professor Steve Steve.

Also, my parents spent this week doing BRAG! My mom rode her bike from Columbus, GA to Jekyll Island, GA this week–my dad is her valet, heehee. I’m so proud of her, since it is hard to ride all day on your own (or with 2000 strangers)! It’s hard to believe that it’s been a year since we rode that! She did 82 miles in a day!!!! That’s about 20 miles more than I’ve ever done in a day, which is awesome. My family is so adventurous.

Just a note to say that I probably won’t be posting for the next week or two–there’s a major adventure in the works! Bwhahaha. Hope all of you enjoy yourselves.

And!! A huge thank you to my cousin R and Aunt C and Uncle J! Thank you all so much for sponsoring me in the 3Day–sorry about not saying this earlier!

A lovely afternoon


This afternoon, Reed and I packed up a lunch and some goodies and headed out to enjoy a day without rain!! Finally!

We drove to รูเล็ตออนไลน์Ft. Yargo State Park, in Winder, and had lunch by the lake. Then we decided to go and look for the old fort, which was marked on the map as being up the road–so we drove up there, passing a little log building that was being relocated. When we got to area A, the gate was locked and there was no fort! Apparently, the tiny little log building is the “fort” and they’ve decided to move it to the main part of the park. Their map is just old, but I don’t expect they’ll change it any time soon with the budget cuts. Another feature of budget cuts is that parking permits is $3 instead of $2.

I was really surprised how busy Ft. Yargo was today–there were people everywhere! Swimming and fishing in the lake, hiking around on the trails, picnicing, playing on the playgrounds–loads and loads of them. I guess that is good for the park, but it’s just strange to me since usually when I visit parks there’s about half a dozen people there.

It was also one of the first actually hot days we’ve had this summer. The high was in the 80’s, and the humidity was pretty incredible. A huge thunderstorm was brewing as we left, but we outran it on our way back home. Right now, it’s 10pm, 74 degrees and 88% humidity–which feels pretty good. This afternoon, it was just hot and muggy and kinda awful. I’ve been so sick of cool rainy weather and wishing for some heat–and, well, now that it’s here…um, I take it back. This kind of weather is only good when you’re at the beach or in the pool.

I went letterboxing, but didn’t find anything. I didn’t look very hard, because I was hot and sweaty and my hair was sticking to my face, which I hate, and I just didn’t want to dig around in the pine straw. Plus, I kept hearing the thunder and didn’t want to get caught out in a thunderstorm–or have poor Reed caught out in it either. (He spent his time reading by the lake.) But the trail was very nice and flat, and it was right by the lake with little side trails branching off so you could fish on the edge.

We left right in the nick of time, since by the time we got to the highway and turned toward Athens, the entire sky behind us was black. But we zoomed along home without any rain whatsoever, and I don’t think it actually rained here any.

A nice way to spend an afternoon!

June Bug


Howdy, folks! May really flew by–I can hardly believe that it’s June! Wild!

During May, I wanted to reach these totals:

1. $470 for 3Day 2. 15 letterboxes 3. 5 pounds lost 4. 45 new birds 5. 55 trail miles

Currently, my totals are:

1. $381 (+ $90) 2. 13 letterboxes (+1) 3. 3 pounds lost (+0) 4. 47 new birds (+ 11) 6. ~55 trail miles (+~8)

Training walk miles for the 3Day: 16 (this does not count trail miles or the walking we did in NC–only miles that we did specifically for training).

Miles on bike: ~10.

So, let’s think of goals we want to reach for July!

1. 3Day: +250 2. Letterboxes: +3 3. Pounds Lost: +2 (Maybe I should actually try working on this one!) 4. New Birds: +8 5. Trail Miles: +10 6. Training Miles: +37 (Not all at once–I hope we can build some mileage this month!) 7. Bike Miles: +15 8. # of Run/Walks: +12

Why is my goals list growing? Don’t I have enough to do? The answer to that is–never! Oh, the boundless optimism at the beginning of the month. Really, though, the only thing that is a huge time commitment is the number of training miles I want to walk. Everything else takes an hour here and there.

It’s just hard to take little bites when there’s so much life to live out there! Have fun!

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