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Things about Ducklings


I didn’t run/walk yesterday, because I was feeling a little sore and didn’t want to overdo it and burn out in the first week! Haha. I had thought, “three times a week, that’s pretty darn good exercising in my book.” Then I realized that Denise’s Do It For Daddy challenge has a 30 minute walk (or other cardio) every day. That’s a lot–I had been thinking, oh a walk every day, that’s not that bad. Every day!

It’s not that bad, actually–and it’s not all that much. Especially since you can break it into smaller chunks if you’re not able to exercise for that entire length of time (fitness or time wise).

I’m not doing the DIFD challenge–but it does give me some motivation to get out and move. Every day! Yesterday I walked the entire time without running, about two miles, and today I went to Ramsey since it was rainy. I used a bike with a built-in program–set it for 30 minutes on random hills, and then watched the men’s springboard competition while I “rode”. The US National Diving Competition is this weekend (apparently), and there are little overlooks in Ramsey where there are machines that face out into the natatorium. I was glad I had something to watch, since I didn’t think about bringing anything to read or listen to. Not that I know anything about diving. At the end, the bike said that I had ridden 10+ miles–which is faster than I usually ride on a real bike, but whatever.

I like my real bike better. Maybe I should ride it around. I just don’t want to ride by myself!

why do trees grow up?

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Today is another beautiful day! I did get out the door and run/walk again today. The hardest part for me is just getting out the door. Once I do that, I’m ok–but for some reason that’s just sooooo hard to do. The next obstacle is running the second little stretch–the first one, I think ok this is fun, I can do it; the second I think, I just can’t run every other one maybe I should build up to this more; after that, I just do the running/jogging half without thinking too much. How strange. But maybe now that I’ve written it down, I will be able to compel myself to get over those little obstacles.

The weather has also been very nice and cooperative. It’s much cooler than usual here, so even if I don’t get out the first thing in the morning it’s not that hot. I’m having to ignore my “you can only exercise in the morning” thoughts and just go outside and do. But, I do enjoy it when I’ve done it. I’m going to try to get outside three or four times a week and do this for a couple of weeks–then I’ll build up from there. I used to be able to run to the end of the road and back, so I know it’s doable.

In other news, my iris has bloomed! It was so pretty and I was so excited about it–and then yesterday I noticed that the bloom had broken! I think the wind just snapped it since it was so top heavy–it’s been very windy here recently. So, I brought it inside and put it in some water–and it bloomed overnight! The house is warmer than outside, so I’m sure that helped. Here are pictures of it–I’m enthralled by it, so that’s why there are so many.

Precious has been trying to eat it. She didn’t know about it until I put it on the table to take pictures of it–but when she saw it…well if her eyes could bug out, they would have. Whoa mama, I wonder what that thing tastes like–you could read that in her eyes. I put it back on the kitchen counter, but she jumped up there and scratched it a little. Bad kitty.

Also, my book came today! I couldn’t find one of my books when I bought them at the beginning of the semester, and I really forgot about it. Well, guess what–we’ve been discussing it in class the last two weeks and have to write our final paper on it for next week. And, of course, it’s no where to be found in town. So I had to have it overnighted (way to go) this week so that I can write my final paper. How stupid of me to wait until the last minute–but it’s here now and I’m going to read it this afternoon.

Photos of Jesus in the Clouds


See, this title is one that makes you just feel sorry for the searcher. I’m pretty sure that no matter how hard she searches, she’s just not going to find any photos of Jesus, in the clouds or otherwise. Maybe she’s looking for pictures of clouds that look like Jesus, but still.

Anywho, last night on my way to the vending machine during the break, I saw a poster for some upcoming debate. The title really did draw me in, so I guess it did its job. It said: “Vengeance is mine” –Jesus, Romans 12:19. The debate is about whether Jesus is loving or wrathful–or something like that. But you know, I’m not sure I would want to trust the debaters on any point when they can screw up a quote so badly.

The first clue that we’ve got a screwy Jesus quote should be that we’re in ROMANS. Jesus doesn’t do a whole lot of talking in Romans–he pretty much doesn’t do a whole lot of talking outside the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John). I did give them the benefit of the doubt when I wrote down the quote–maybe Paul is quoting Jesus or something when he wrote that part of the letter. (Which just raises the question of why you wouldn’t just go to the direct quote.) This morning, I looked Romans 12:19 up in my OxAn NRSV:

Beloved, never avenge yourselves, but leave room for the wrath of God; for it is written, “Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord.”

Yep, Paul’s quoting some writing–but what? So, I looked at the little notes at the bottom of the page–and I’m sent to Deuteronomy 32:35. This doesn’t look good for our Jesus quote. If there’s one thing you can be more sure of than Jesus doesn’t say much outside of the Gospels in the New Testament–well, it’s that Jesus really doesn’t say anything in the Old.

Deuteronomy 32:35

Vengeance is mine, and recompense, for the time when their foot shall slip; because the day of their calamity is at hand, their doom comes swiftly.

This comes from a song that MOSES is reciting to Israel. Moses is rather a different person than Jesus. Technically, Moses is the speaker, describing attributes of God and His relationship with Israel. The “mine” in the quote refers to God. In basic trinitarian Christianity (the most common kind), God is rather a different “person” than Jesus.

What do we have? A quote which could be variously attributed to several people (Paul, Moses, God), none of them Jesus. So. What makes me think that their debate about Jesus is going to be any good if all I have to go from is their quote? Not much. It took less than five minutes to look that up.

Apparently I miss cite checks for the journal a little too much. This little Bible exercise was very similar to the quote checking for publication–bad quotes and sourcing and all.

On a completely unrelated note, I walk/ran today! It is such a pretty day–the main road has a bunch of little roads along it, so I just ran the space in between every other intersection. It’s about a mile to the end of the road–so I ran about a mile and walked about a mile! It felt great! I think I’ll do it again tomorrow.

The great thing about it, was that I didn’t really have to play the tricks that I usually play with the time. I just ran to the next sign–this is probably the biggest trick of all, but it worked! Yay!

Economic Impact of Birds

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Yesterday, I poured the last bits of birdseed in the feeder outside. When I remembered to look at it today, there was a beautiful goldfinch sitting out there being a total pig! How fabulous! Now I won’t have to go to the Botanical Gardens to see goldfinches this summer–some live in my yard!

In other news, 007 and I did a 3Day training walk this afternoon. It was a lot of fun, and we covered huge chunks of town–we think we did about 10 miles, but 007’s pedometer fizzled out on us so nothing exact.

We had a great time–we walked on the Birchmore Trail and went to the “zoo”. Didn’t see any otters, but the bears were actually moving around today–and the turkey gobbled at us and got all fluffed up! Plus, we saw the new screech owl who is so adorable! He made funny little sounds at us. So fun!

At the very last part, I made us walk in a gigantic zigzag through the ethobotanical garden and behind Baldwin so we would “avoid” the steepest part of the last hill. We also avoided the quickest route to the car–which wouldn’t have been hilly either. I don’t think 007 is ever going to trust my directions again.


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Last night, about 11pm, there was knocking on our front door. I went to the door and turned on the outside light (which didn’t actually turn on). So, I opened the door to whoever was standing in the dark, knocking–yes, I did feel stupid at the time, but whatever.

Two things happened–the neighbor kid starts talking, and Isabelle ran inside! Apparently, she had slipped out when Reed went outside earlier and had been hanging around in the yard for several hours! She’s really friendly, and our neighbors are outside a lot–so she was probably all over them. And probably trying to get in their house, too. The neighbor kid said that she had just been hanging out, and he thought she looked like our cat–so he walked her over to the front door and knocked!

Since neighbor kid brought Isabelle home, I’ve decided he’s not so bad. It’s a good thing he came and told us, or we would have just thought Isabelle was hiding under the couch or the bed. We didn’t even miss her. We’re such bad kitty parents!

As a result, we had to put flea drops on Isabelle and Precious last night. They don’t get to go outside, so usually they are flea-free. Neither of them liked that much, and spent the next hour running around the house like crazy.

007 and I made our first 10 mile training walk today! Woohoo! I even wore sunscreen!

I wouldn’t call it a scenic walk–mostly just alongside some busy road–except for the Greenway. But we did a little over 10 miles, and we had some good hills along the way, especially at the end.

Today was the first time I needed to stop for a break, and I was glad I had a Nutrigrain bar with me (even though that was probably not the best thing to have). I don’t know if I’ve ever walked 10 miles in a day before.

It feels good to have met this milestone, even though we’re less than halfway of the mileage for each of the long days. Not until today did I really face the fact that this was going to be more difficult than I thought–this will be harder than BRAG, I think. Not impossible, especially with a great partner for support, just challenging. I’ll have to walk every step–there’s no coasting!

What an accomplishment, though!

My feet are actually semi-covered with blisters today–I have about four on each foot. That sounds horrible, but really only two hurt and the rest are just there. I think this is mostly because my shoes and socks are brand new, and we’re still building mileage, too. I’m going to have to start walking short distances during the week too, just to get my feet used to my shoes.

Scary Creatures Roaming America


My mom and I rode in the BRAG Spring Tune-Up today! We had planned to do the 55-mile ride, but when we found out that the 43-mile ride also went by the lunch stop–well, we decided to be a bit more sensible. Neither of us have ridden since March, so 43 miles is a lot!

It was the most beautiful ride. The weather was perfect–just a little chilly in the morning and not too hot in the afternoon. After turning off of the main route, we pretty much had the road to ourselves. There were bits of bad traffic here and there–and getting through Madison on a bike was a bit of trouble–but for the most part, just lovely.

The ride looped out from Madison, GA to Social Circle, GA. Lunch was at the Blue Willow Inn–a fantastic Southern buffet restaurant. Veggies are sooo good–I had lima beans, and green beans, and fried green tomatoes. MMM. We took our time during lunch, and then got back on the road about 12:45.

There were probably four hills that made you work on the whole ride, although on the way back, it was uphill most of the way. But it was a gradual grade for miles, which I think can be easier to ride than perfectly flat road.

We had a much better time this year, than we did last year on the Spring Tune-Up. Last year, out of Milledgeville it was HOT and very hilly. Plus, we still didn’t have our gear up to snuff–another ride without shorts or road bikes. Still, we made 42 miles by lunch, and then called for help!

I’ve said before that things like this (long rides, running, anything endurance) take more mental strength and fitness than physical. Not that I could go out and run 10 miles today because I wanted to–but mental discipline matters so much more than physical capability in a lot of situations. I have to say though, mental fitness did not make up for not riding often enough to get used to sitting on a bike for several hours. Ouch.

It’s that dreaded season again–student bar association elections. People drag out all their kitschy slogans and paper campus with their gleaming mugshots, promising us things beyond their control. If we’re lucky, they’ll give us candy or a free lunch.

Recently, the big scandal on our non-acad listserv has been about the “homeless” stealing stuff and generally being present in our hallowed halls. Some people have even seen “bums” doing whatever they are accused of doing. At least there are pictures of Bigfoot.

Anyway, one person has asked what a presidential candidate would do about the “bums in the library”. Of course, said candidate has a (completely unworkable, imo) plan all set up to seal us off from those bums who threaten all that is great and good about UGA Law.

This entire situation infuriates me. To read for weeks on end the children of privilege complaining about the unwashed sullying our precious library or daring to exist within the same space is, at the very least, tasteless. (To be fair, not everyone is voicing this same complaint or agreeing with it.) It demonstrates a lack of concern about anyone beyond themselves and apparently no desire to think about why we have non-law visitors. Why might people bathe in the restrooms? Why might people want to use the internet in a library? Why might people steal your CDs?

(Of course, these questions bring up an entirely new set of questions: Why do people who carry laptops with them every minute of the day care who uses the walk-up computers? Why did you bring CDs (plural!) to school–have you not gotten the memo about MP3 players? Why do you leave your stuff worth hundreds of dollars unattended for hours on end?)

Yes, I’ve had my lunch stolen before. It was an inconvenience. I found my way to the library next door and bought a sandwich. Yes, I’ve seen people who were obviously not law students/faculty/lawyers in our library and law school–people who look like they are down on their luck, undergraduates who hog entire tables with their Nutrition homework, and the people who put flyers up about events on campus. Yes, there are sometimes disruptions–the Reading Room is probably the worst place you could choose to actually read for comprehension, for reasons that have nothing to do with “bums” and everything to do with law students. None of these things (not even finding out that your lunch was taken out of the fridge) merit the disgust about the “bum problem” we have.

Of course, none of this argument applies to concerns about safety like propping locked doors open or people who act suspiciously or endanger others. And, yes, I’m taking the scandalous stance that using a computer during hours that the library is open or sitting in a library, minding your own business, does not endanger people.

I can’t wait until elections are over, exams start, and people have more to do than talk about how people at the computer terminals smell.

Names of Different Bees


There’s nothing like a sunburn to take your mind off coughing! Heehee. I’m going to have a love-ly farmer’s tan this year, since I’m both too silly to remember to put sunscreen on or accept an offer of suncreen after I’ve forgotten my own. Oh, well.

007 and I attempted our first 10-mile training walk yesterday–but due to conditions outside of our control, we only made about 8.5. Still, that’s pretty good! We planned to walk Cook’s Trail and back between the Sandy Creek Nature Center and Sandy Creek Park, and then finish up on the Greenway.

So, we set off down Cook’s Trail. It was a little muddy, but we could usually find a route around the mud. After we crossed under 441, we started seeing rather large puddles in the path–but nothing we couldn’t handle. There are boardwalks throughout the trail, since most of this is floodplain that we’re walking through. Well, about a mile into the trail, we walk to the end of a boardwalk and the trail becomes a “trail”. It was completely underwater–and not a puddle, a creek. There was a current and eensy fish. No way to go around it, so we headed back. As we squished around one of the largest puddles we’d passed earlier, 007 said that the first time we navigated that one she thought if we could deal with that, we could deal with anything. Little did she know.

The thing is, the creek looked like it had taken over the trail for quite some time–which would mean that Cook’s Trail is pretty much for people with rubber boots or river sandals. I know that the sign at the beginning warns you that the trail is subject to flooding–but that’s why they’ve built boardwalks. Looks like they need a couple dozen feet more of them.

Our new plan was to walk down the Greenway, which was about 3 miles, and back. Off we went! The Greenway is actually very nice to walk on–it’s paved the whole way from Sandy Creek to Dudley Park. Plenty wide enough for pedestrians and people on bikes. There were lots of people out, families with their little kids on bikes or in strollers. It was a very pleasant walk.

It’s strange how much your perceptions of a place can change when you are walking or biking through an area versus when you drive through someplace. Your car is such a barrier between you and the environment or the neighborhood you are traveling through–it really does enforce and strengthen any separation you feel about the community you are passing through. Last week, we walked from the North Deck down to Canopy Studios and around in the neighborhoods near Prince. In my mind, this is a much more urban/gritty/industrial area than what we experienced while walking.

The same thing happened during our walk on the Greenway–I was a little apprehensive about making the full walk, but my worries were completely out of place. Roving hordes of ne’erdowells did not appear and try to make off with our pedometers. (Although they could have had mine, since it refuses to measure accurately.) Instead, like I said earlier, most people we saw were families with their kids or other random people taking a Sunday afternoon stroll. Or aged cyclists who zoomed around us without warning. Once again, a minor risk reveals a major payoff.

Also, I wore my new special socks that I bought during our (me and 007) shopping trip! They were great, and my feet didn’t feel all rubbed to pieces like they often do with my regular cotton socks. Yay! 007 and I did see plenty of large bumblebees on our walk yesterday, but unfortunately I know neither the real names of the bees we saw or any other names of bees. Better luck next time, searcher.

what eats hawks?

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Wow. It’s been a while hasn’t it? This past week has been chock full of events, so in my spare time I’ve slept.

Unfortunately after having a freaky allergy attack from some stinky lotion I put on my hands, what was just a little cold has morphed into a big ol’ yucky cold. Or something. Whatever it is, it enjoys variety–first I had a sore throat, then my nose did its faucet impression, and today it is hacking cough day. Whee! I don’t really feel bad, which is a plus–it’s just irritating to be so gross all the time. And sleepy.

Last night, I had a long and complicated dream about being a museum director. I’d wake up for a while, think about what plans I had for the museum and then go back to sleep and keep dreaming about it! I would really prefer not to have dreams that require me to use concepts learned in my PA classes.

Hey, did you know that Carnesville, GA is the center of the universe? It is. That is one of the wonderful things I found out today!

Anywho, today was a lov-e-ly day. Simply fantastic. The sky was blue (mostly), and there were giant fluffy clouds everywhere. It was a bit windy, but that was fine. I had to get out. Out! Reed was still sleeping when I came home from Hands On Athens, and despite me bouncing in on the bed and staring at him, he did not want to wake up. (Me: Are you still sleepy? Reed: mmmwrrrrrr. Ten minutes elapse. Repeat.) Plus, he hates the wind and if I drug him outside I would feel bad seeing his wittle sad “I hate wind” face. He’s so cute.

So, what’s a girl to do? Call up 007 and distract her from homework, that’s what! Bwhwahah. Which is exactly what I did! Luckily, she is a fabulous sport and it did not take too much planning to abduct her and wander off towards Carnesville. (Not that this was the plan, but you try changing the center of the universe and see where it gets you.)

After a yummy lunch, we were off to Victoria Bryant State Park. I would have pictures to show you, because I brought the camera–but I left the picture card at home. D’oh! Which means no pretty pictures of the creek running over rocks–I’m pretty bummed about that, but I learned to always check the camera before I leave home! We walked about at least a mile or so, judging from the (um, not to scale) map, and got our hearts pumping a little bit! We’ll walk more tomorrow for our official 3-Day training.

Anywho, after our wanderings we drove up to Toccoa and glimpsed Toccoa Falls but didn’t walk to it. I got to remember BRAG a bit, since Toccoa Falls College was the starting point last year and we drove along the route for a bit.

As for Carnesville, not only did we pass through it–we saw signs pointing us back to Carnesville everywhere. You might not have known it, but all roads lead to Carnesville–at least around here.

After allowing 007 to go home and recover from her adventure so that she can fight another day, I got a surprise! My mom sent me a package–she told me to look for it in the next few days, and I thought she was going to send me another light-blue shirt like the one Santa brought me. But I was wrong! I did get a shirt–my Wheels O’ Fire t-shirt (it is blue) in the right size. Also, Mama sent me an Indian cookbook! Wheee! So, I ran out and bought some more lentils and spices and made the Dal in it tonight–which was pretty good, but still not spicy enough for me! I can’t wait to try some more of the recipes. By the way, I found out at Earth Fare that I am cool enough.

A fun day overall for me, and I’m looking forward to a fun day tomorrow as well! Now, I’ve got to actually do some work. Curses!

Oh, and my title for this post comes courtesy of one of the search terms by which someone found my blog. I think some of them are quirky, so I’m going to start using them.

Hands On Athens

As part of my Public Administration and Democracy class, our class had to pick a public service project for this semester. We settled on Hands On Athens, which is an event each year sponsored by the Athens Heritage Foundation to help repair houses for low-income people.

So, I rolled out of bed this morning and made my way to the HQ, got my assignment and got to the house I was working on. It’s actually the middle house pictured on the linked page. This is the same neighborhood where I volunteered to help people with their taxes. (Note: When I showed Reed where we had been for VITA he told me, half-jokingly, that if he had known that he wouldn’t have let me go. Well, thanks. This is why sometimes ignorance is a good thing–you’re not defensive about places/people.)

Anyway, I got to the house, checked in and became the paint prepper–rubbing down the concrete block house with a wire brush so that the new paint wouldn’t fleck off. I set to work with a couple of people on one side of the house–the girl of which turned out to be a 1L. I think I might have convinced her to join NLG, which would be great! Plus, that adds one more 1L that I know–apparently all from the same section though.

We gave our side of the house a couple of coats of paint this morning, and got sent home when a rain cloud rolled in. So I had a great morning (if you don’t count the experience of breathing in some kind of dead thing that was really rank when the wind would shift) and met some really wonderful people. Plus, I got a semi-atrocious t-shirt. It’s gold with red letters–as Reed said when I showed it to him, at least no cars could miss me when I walk. It’s not really a bad shirt (and it was absolutely free), but it looks hideous on me.

Goals Check-in

Howdy, folks! How y’all doing? I’m alright. This weekend is shaping up to be a lovely one even though I feel like it will be a very busy week for me. That’s life, I guess.

Let’s see how we did goals-wise for March. I know I didn’t meet some of them by a long shot (aka at all), but I’ll just have to try harder this month.


So, leta€?s see what our goals for March and beyond will be. Here are my revised goals. A bit of a stretch here and there, but that should give me a little challenge. We do have Spring Break this month, so maybe Ia€?ll get a lot done.

1. Dollars raised for the 3-Day = 750. 2. Letterboxes found = 10. 3. Pounds lost = 5. 4. Birds seen = 40. 5. Trail miles = 50.

As of today:

1. Dollars raised for the 3-Day: 291. 2. Letterboxes found: 12. 3. Pounds lost: 2 4. Birds seen: 32. 5. Trail Miles: about 40.

Goals for April:

1. Dollars raised for the 3-Day: 850. (I know, it doesn’t make sense.) 2. Letterboxes found: 15. 3. Pounds lost: 5. 4. Birds seen: 50. 5. Trail Miles: 60.

PS–These are cumulative numbers; I didn’t see 32 “birds” in March, I have seen 32 “birds” since I started counting and I’d like to see an additional 18 “birds” in April to bring my total to 50.

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