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Hotel Rwanda


So, last night M, E and I went to see Hotel Rwanda. It was a great, powerful movie which you should really see, if at all possible.

It’s horrible. What is in the film itself is not actually as horrific as the reality–something that may be impossible to portray in any event–but it is the memory of news reports from that time that supplied many of my thoughts as I watched. Most people my age and older should be able to remember the photos of the river logjammed with bodies–and the hit-and-miss reporting of genocide as if it were nothing more than a story of neat pet tricks for all anyone did about it. How dare we wail about 3,000, a loss that the world shared no less.

The US barely crosses the radar in this film–and when we do, we’re either the officials on radio trying to make excuses why we’re not there, or we’re the bogeyman. And if there’s something most people know, it’s that the bogeyman doesn’t exist. Non-existence is pretty much the United States’ game in international human rights, so I think the film hit a bulls-eye.

This film also brought to mind something that was mentioned in a Sunday school discussion side note yesterday. Our pastor said that she attended a meeting last week, with a speaker from Emory. He reminded them to preach/teach attainable ethics–use local events and people, and not hold up ethical “giants” like MLK. The reasoning was that everyday people would be discouraged and give up, thinking that they could never be MLK. I can’t disagree strongly enough (which probably says plenty about me personally). Of course, this little argument of mine rests on my personal definitions of “attainable ethics” and “ideal ethical behavior”.

I dona€?t believe that “attainable ethics” are all that everyday people are capable of. In Hotel Rwanda, Rusesabagina is a gifted hotel manager. He is not an elite human rights advocate. He is a regular person caught up in extraordinary circumstances. His decisions affected an entire community and showed an understanding of his responsibility to that community.

If Martin Luther King, Jr. were an extraordinary person, an ethical genius, then what he did was nothing great–he was just himself and it came easy. Where does that leave the rest of us? The inspiration would come from the fact that he was a regular person (even though an excellent speaker and inspirational leader, however I don’t believe these skills are withheld from “ordinary” people)–but one who took steps to make his ethical, moral, political, and economic ideals reality. To do so, he had to engage the greater community, in this case regional and national communities.

Everyday people shouldn’t need to be called to everyday ethicsa€”to pay their taxes or to pay their workers a decent wage or to treat their family/pets/neighbors with respect. We should be called to the ideal–an ideal ethical standard. To practice ethical behavior above and beyond what affects just us personally and to an ethical standard that reflects our responsibility to the greater community of which we are a part. (I would argue that this extends to the global community.)

******************************* A book I’ve been reading notes that “should” statements are distorted thoughts that lead to frustration when behavior is different from what it “should” be–a result of having unrealistic expectations. Expecting people to act ethically 100% of the time, even on a personal level is, sad to say, patently unrealistic. Think of those who dodge their taxes, cheat their employees/employers, and beat and belittle their family. How then to move from thinking only about ethical behavior as it affects the person you are face to face with to the persons you do not know and probably do not like much? However, I don’t think that realizing that people sometimes act unethically means that there should be no standard. What world would that be? *******************************

In any event, Christians are called to the example of Jesus, believed to be the Son of God and without sin. I doubt strongly that because people could never achieve sinless perfection, the church would stop preaching Jesus. The difference lies in the presence and absence of grace and forgiveness in the two, somewhat awkwardly divided in this example, worlds (religious and secular).

I should wrap this all up now with some kind of concluding paragraph that hammers my points home. But, I’m tired. I won’t apologize for the political or religious views roaming around on my blog–here and in other assorted posts. It’s all me, rolled up and mixed together. I wish I could include relevant parts of my conversation with Reed about game theory and the evolution of cooperation, but it will have to wait for another day.

Also, random note to people who read my blog and are identified by letters (N, E, M)–if you want to be named, let me know.


It is rainy and cold (relatively) here. Which means that I have a case of the blahs. I was a big grump this morning and mid-day, but I think I’m over that now.

Mostly the blahs were because I forgot about emailing my part of our group project last night until I was too tired to work on it–so I got up this morning at 7:30 to finish that up and send it to our group leader. I’m not really looking forward to our presentation on Wednesday–if I could turn back time, I think I would have argued that we do something very different from how this turned out. Oh well, the world won’t end if the presentation is a total flop. Which I don’t think it will be–the two team members who are presenting for us will more than likely do a wonderful job.

Anywho, so I got up this morning and did my homework, then got ready and went to Sunday school + church, and then came home. M and I had a walking date–so I called her and made sure about that. Ate an egg. I so wanted to go to sleep and not go walking–but we did go to Ramsey to walk inside again (4 miles), and I’m so glad that I went! (Is this not the story of my life?) M and I always have a great time together.

This evening I’m going to see Hotel Rwanda–I am looking forward to it. Or as least as much as you can to a movie about genocide. I’m trying to make up a list of films that might be part of a film series next year for one (or more) of the student orgs I’m part of–I just love movies so much, and they are often more accessible and discussion-building than other media. So, that’s my new plan. Right now, I’m focusing on documentaries mainly–but that’s because to me truth/reality is always more interesting than fiction. Maybe after today, Hotel Rwanda will be on this list.

Oh, the Oscars are tonight–but I don’t think I’m going to watch them. A big change for me, because usually I watch the entire thing. This year, I just don’t care. I think it may be because I haven’t seen most of the movies–usually I try to see all the best picture nominees by Oscar-time, but this year I’ve been so incredibly busy! I think the only one I’ve seen so far is Ray. There are more important things to do anyway than watch–like homework!

The Good and The Ugly

Today has been a relaxing day for the most part. I cleaned up around the house–finally! I still have more work to do, but that’s ok.

I went letterboxing this afternoon at Sandy Creek Nature Center and collected another stamp, which was fun. The Nature Center is basically just floodplain for the North Oconee River, so it’s not what I would call scenic at all, but a good afternoon spent walking. The clues said that the distance of the series was about 2.5 miles. It was supposed to be a series, but I couldn’t figure out one clue, and two others seemed to be missing (although I could just not be searching well). But, adding a new one is still good. And I saw a new bird for my list, too. The only trail that I would return for is the Kingfisher trail–or maybe the other pond trail–because it was nice to hear the moving water.

Nothing much this evening, though. I’ve just finished reading a new article by the NY Times about another “success” of government privatization–this time with regard to prison health care. Guess what–you don’t save money when you have to settle a bunch of lawsuits over inmate deaths! Privatization might be a good idea for government where individuals want and pay for the services–garbage pickup might be an example. Where individuals can’t pay and aren’t making their own decisions, it’s nothing more than a mad dash to the bottom line regardless of who is run over in the process. Unfortunately, those who get run over are usually unable to do a thing about it–inmates here, but also people who are elderly, mentally ill, developmentally disabled, homeless, uneducated, or just plain poor. Thank goodness as a society we tend to dehumanize people who end up in these groups or we might just have to rustle up some concern. The article is found here: link reg. req’d.

Fruit hawks

Well, I’ve been good about keeping the feeders filled recently, so I have lots of little birdies coming up and visiting me. Yesterday, I decided to put out this old, black, mushy banana to see if any of them liked fruit. So, I walked to the backyard, un”peel”ed the mushy banana a little bit and left it on the ground. I went back inside and waited. And waited. And waited. Nothing seemed interested in the banana.

Oh, well, I thought–I’ll just go away and come back in a bit. A watched pot never boils and all that. So, I went and did email for about an hour. When I went back to the window the banana was gone.

Gone. Not like some banana loving critter ate all the mushy insides out and left the peel. Not like something pecked it to bits and there were remnants here and there. The entire banana had disappeared. It’s not in the yard anywhere.

The obvious explanation is that we have a monkey living in our backyard. Or, more seriously (ha!) fruit hawks. I really want to see what animal carried off that whole banana (or scarfed it down entirely), so I’m waiting for the ripe banana we have to turn so mushy we aren’t going to eat it.

Plus, the idea of fruit hawks is so interesting. Fruit hawks demand to have a story built around them, especially about how they look. Perhaps they resemble fruit so as to better sneak up on unsuspecting apples or pears.

In other semi-related news, I was reading in Birds and Blooms, a magazine my mom gave me a subscription to, that orioles and some other birds like grape jelly. The magazine also had a picture of a group of Baltimore orioles on someone’s deck eating orange slices. So, I think I’ll put some jelly outside tomorrow and see what eats that. Fruit hawks, probably.



I have now missed two days of my Ramsey classes. Yesterday, it was because I was tired and that my favorite bike shorts were not washed. Today, I overslept. Really, I think it is just because I am a little discouraged that I have been working much harder than usual and not seeing dramatic (and unrealistic) results. Also, I have to pay for my new classes this week, and I think I’m trying to weasel out of them.

So, what I think I will do is continue Pilates because I enjoy it so much, and trade spinning for focusing on building up my jogging. Some reasons: the walk/jog/run(?) program is free, I don’t have to worry about oversleeping a bit to still get up and get it done, and in the past I have seen much better results from it than I have from spinning. I am also thinking about taking tennis lessons on Saturdays–which would be fun, and I have several friends who play tennis.

In addition to the changes I’m planning to make exercise-wise, I think that I will also (ugh) start paying more attention to what I eat. This means no more snacks during class and drinking more water. We’ll just try that for a little bit.

In other news, the career fair on Friday went well. I talked to a few people and gave some resumes out. Nearly had a heart attack when I showed up to something advertised as “business casual” and the vast majority of people were dressed in suits. Not that I was dressed “business casual” either, but I didn’t have my jacket with me. I have to do follow-up either today or tomorrow. Bleck.

Oh, what a beautiful morning. . .

At the end of Pilates this morning, the sky outside was absolutely magnificant! Dark blue clouds, all tinged with pink–so lovely. And, I noticed on my drive back home that the pink-blooming trees have a good start on their yearly show–I’m not sure if they are redbuds or not. Whatever they are, they’re very pretty.

A morning that beautiful just sets the day off right–and today is going to be a great day anyway! I’m so excited because I think that I have some time to play today, and I’m going to go letterboxing! I think I’ve gotten everything pretty much under control right now, so that is great.

Yesterday I did go to spinning, but I was so tired that instead of writing anything about it, I went back to bed. Heehee. Then I spent the rest of the morning getting ready to go to a Volunteer/Non-profit “expo”. I was told to wear a suit to this thing–which I think is completely ridiculous–but I did take my jacket with me, draped across my arm. I sure hope that they didn’t hold it against me when they compared me against the people in the jeans and tshirts. I am completely rebellious against the idea that anyone interacting with me and my resume, which is overflowing with how completely awesome I am, would simply stop considering me if my clothes looked the tiniest bit out of line. (I’m just the most modest person, aren’t I?) Plus, they were asking (mostly) for volunteers–are they not going to let you set up tables for them if you didn’t show up wearing heels?

Today I have to pull things together to do this career fair thing again tomorrow–for a bit higher stakes, since these will be legal public sector jobs instead of just general public sector jobs. I hope that today I can be fit in with one of the career services people to figure out how my overflowing resume can be smashed into one page. Waaarrrgg. Can’t I just leave my undergrad degree off? Everyone should know I have one and that I did well enough to get into law and grad school. That would give me so much more space.

Oh well, if I keep thinking about resumes and going to this thing tomorrow, I’m going to get grumpy. I loathe job searching. So much work just to get in the door, and so very little in return with regard to overall life or even day to day satisfaction. Ah, well, maybe working in the public sector will be different.

My wonderful day


Well, the wonderful day is not today. I actually missed Pilates because I overslept! What is that about? I’ve had more sleep these past few days than usual, and now is when I hit the snooze button 4 times before I wake up? How strange.

Anyway! Thursday was my wonderful day!! It was all kinds of great. First of all, last week I seriously did not have any time when I could just fritter the time away, being unproductive–because I needed to use my time to get everything due done! I love that, because unstructured time and Tiffany just don’t end up being positive combinations.

The first wonderful event of my wonderful day was lunch. RA and I went to the new Salvadorean restaurant near our house, because the sandwich he bought there earlier in the week was great. Plus, we love new restaurants. After looking over the menu, we decided to both get the special–fried fish, rice, and a salad. When you think about ordering fried fish at a restaurant, what do you usually think of? I think of fish fillets–unless we’re talking about catfish, of course. These were not fish fillets.

No, our fish were whole fish! With their faces and everything! Woohoo! It was so awesome and very tasty. Mine’s name was Harvey–RA said you shouldn’t name things that you’re going to eat, but I completely ignored him. We think they were little tilapia. I kept trying to remember all the names of the bones that make up a fish’s head, but failed miserably. That’s one of those things that is going to bother me until I look it up.

After our delicious lunch and a meeting, I went to the library to read for class. I’ve been trying to find a couple of new birds a day to post in my Life List, so I figured I would be on the lookout for some more common birds that I hadn’t seen yet.

I got off the bus stop and crossed the street–and what did I see? Hordes of cedar waxwings. Literally, hordes. They were filling the trees around the library parking lot. I love cedar waxwings, because they represent to me a milestone in my birdwatching life. I used to pore over my Peterson guide, looking at all the birds that supposedly live in this area–birds that I had never seen in all my life. Not, of course, that I had been looking very hard. Cedar waxwings were at the top of the list–I’m not really sure why.

One day, as I was walking to work, I saw these flocks of birds, flying in and out of the evergreens at my building. I walked closer and closer until I could see them–thinking that there would be no way I would be able to identify them without my binoculars or my field guide, but wanting to see them better all the same. Lo and behold, they were cedar waxwings–and I knew it! That was a really great feeling–that all that knowledge from a field guide had somehow sorted itself out in my brain in a way that was actually useful. Or, to put it another way, to know that I had really learned something and was using it. (Hmm. I wonder how I can feel this way about the law.)

The cedar waxwings were around our building for about a week, so I watched them a lot and learned what they sound like. They are one of the few birds that I can identify by sound without having to think about it. Of course, like learning new vocabulary words, I hear them all the time now that I know what they sound like.

Anyway, back to the library. It was really amazing–there are these little holly bushes planted around the perimeter of the parking lot, and the birds were swarming the berries. I have never seen anything like it. Think of some PBS show about insects–like bees in their nests or something–now imagine birds acting like that! So awesome–I kept looking around the parking lot with this crazy grin on my face to see if anyone else was also enjoying the show. Passersby probably were afraid of the strange grinning girl.

Because we were in the parking lot (aka drop-off spot), cars kept pulling through the area and eventually the giant group of birds flew over to the taller holly trees up against the library building. I was pretty surprised that people were just walking by, on their cell phones, oblivious to the hundred or so birds flying over their heads.

I’m still standing in the parking lot, apparently staring at the building, when this man walks by and asks, “What are they eating?” I told him holly berries, and that the birds were cedar waxwings, and he kept walking.

After a few more minutes, I decided I actually should go to the library and not stand in the parking lot all day long–and as I got to the sidewalk, that man was still there. “How did you know they were cedar waxwings?”, he asked. It took me a while to explain–my first thought was that they just *are* cedar waxwings and couldn’t be anything else, which isn’t very helpful–but mostly I said that I identified them by their call and behavior now and knew their field marks from a guide. Which seemed to be helpful information to him.

I felt so smart! Of course, this is probably the only bird on the planet that I know that much about–but I don’t care! My inner know-it-all was so pleased. Gosh, don’t you wish that there were people all day long who just wanted to listen to what you knew? I’m really good at telling people random bits of information–unfortunately, I run into two problems. One, no one cares about the random bits of information. Two, some people, whose name we shall not mention, but whose intials are RA, already know what you are talking about–and here’s the kicker–if not MORE about the subject. Arrrgg. There are actually mini-celebrations when I can tell RA about something he hasn’t heard of before that he’s interested in.

I completely blame the know-it-all informer mentality on my entire family–all of them who were so pleased to listen to whatever came bubbling out of my mouth and were so fascinated in whatever I had to say! Listen to that random bit knowledge! Where’d you learn that? Aren’t you something! I was led to believe that I was quite the fascinating and brilliant person. The rest of the world does not always conform with the view that my grandparents and parents (and otherwise extended family) have of me, which is a shame, let me tell you. It’s probably a shame for many of us.

This is a note to all of those children out there whose noses are perpetually stuck in a book–one day, if you are careful, you will grow up to be someone who says things like “a milestone in my birdwatching life” or, during an argument about the rudeness of being interrupted, “can’t you respect the narrative!?!” without any self-consciousness whatsoever at the time.


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Just because roaring is always a good thing, you know? I am looking forward to this week so much–no papers, no big assignments, no nothing! Whee! Just a few job fairs and everyday things. I have several little things I want to write about, and I’m going to try to get them posted during the week.

Spinning was truly punishing today, but I didn’t have any problem getting up this morning and I was only 15 minutes early to class. Still the first one there, though. It felt good to work hard. The only problem I had was with my right ankle feeling a bit sore–M and I walked 4 miles on the indoor track yesterday and my right foot was on the inside turn.

We had a good walk yesterday–we walked inside because it kept threatening to rain, and we didn’t have rain gear with us. I wouldn’t have minded walking in the rain with my rain jacket, but without it I would have been a big grump!

On the day of weights and measures, I found that I had gained a pound and lost a half inch. Hmm.

Also, I finally made it to the discussion class/Sunday school this year, so I can mark that off my resolutions list. It’s only the middle of February–a fabulous time to start working on New Year’s Resolutions! Haha. It was a little bit awful, though, because I got there 15 minutes late (I couldn’t remember what time it started) and no one was milling about to ask where to go. So I’m standing in the middle of the empty hallway, listening to people in the classrooms–and all the doors are wide open. I completely didn’t want to wander around past all the doors where everyone could see me not knowing where I was going–arrrgg–but then I thought how completely dumb I would look if someone came into the hallway and I had obviously just been standing there for 10 minutes. I did the sensible thing–just stuck my head in the first door and asked where to go. Guess what? They told me and everything was hunkydory. And it only took me 5 minutes of standing in the hallway to work up to it! Heehee.

Finally, I have to give a big virtual hug and a non-virtual Thank You! to Mia, for her sponsorship of my 3 Day walk! Thank you so much!


Despite my prior declaration that winter was over, I had to wear my coat to Ramsey today. It’s just a tad bit windy today. I was only five minutes early today!

I love Pilates. Have I mentioned that before? Today when we were doing some sort of push-up (from standing to walking our hands down to pushup position and then pushups), I felt like a gorilla because I was “walking” on my knuckles down the mat. I probably looked a little funny, but I just ignore thoughts like that.

Other than that, I am extremely tired since yesterday was a completely packed day, and today will be also. One more five page paper to write, and then I can work on my Note tonight to turn in tomorrow. Then that nightmare will be over, even if it means that I don’t get certified and I have to write another horrible paper to complete my writing requirement.

I can’t wait until Sunday evening. I may actually have some free time then! It will be time to start reading for next week, and I’ll get to work on my resumes! Ack.


Due to a long bout of procrastination last night, I did absolutely nothing productive after class. But, I did stay up very late doing it.

Which means, that this morning it took all that I had to drag myself out of bed, get dressed, and make it to Ramsey–20 MINUTES BEFORE class. The alarm is being reset tonight, since I don’t need the extra time built in for the chance of scraping the windshield anymore. Plus, this is getting ridiculous. I curled up on the bench outside the classroom and closed my eyes until the instructor got there.

Our instructor was new today–he was nice and very technical about spinning, which was different. I liked it, even though it was a hard workout. As always, I’m really glad I went even though I came back home and went back to sleep for over an hour.

I’ve since been working on the paper that is due today. It’s not hard, and I’m more than halfway done with it–but I thought I would have all afternoon to work on it, and I don’t. I have a meeting at 12:30 (free lunch!) and then a seminar I registered for at 3. Class isn’t until 6:50, so I should technically have plenty of time to work on it and also do my reading for tomorrow, but I hate that I have to push it. Tomorrow I will also have to write a paper. Both of these I was supposed to write this weekend, so that I would have this week to work on the final draft of my note. HA! So, on Thursday night and Friday I will rework my note. Arg.

Despite all this frustration, I have more good news today! I have another fabulous 3 Day sponsor to announce and thank profusely! Thank you so much, Glenn!

Warming Up.


I think winter might be over–the past couple of days have been much warmer. I didn’t even need gloves this morning! Although, to be fair, it hasn’t been all that cold here this year–I think I’ve only needed to defrost the car a couple of days. (Not counting the ice storm.) Isabelle (our other cat besides Precious) didn’t wake me up any last night trying to get under the covers, so the house must have been warm enough for her too. That helped me sleep a lot better. There’s really only so many times you want to be awakened during the night by a cat stomping around (on) your head or threatening to lick you (ick–whiskers on my face wake me up quickly so I am spared).

Also, I think something might be wrong with me. I got to Ramsey this morning BEFORE 6 am. Only someone with a strong case of crazy would do that (apparently I am not alone in this, judging by the dozens of others there at that time). Ramsey doesn’t even officially open until 6, I don’t think.

Anyway. Pilates was great–I finally did speak to the instructor about my wrist, and she showed me a modification where instead of being supported by my hands, I support myself on my forearms. So, no pressure on my wrist, but I feel like I now have very short arms because I’m so much closer to the mat.

And–last but certainly not least!–a great big THANK YOU to Martha, my mil, who is my first sponsor for the 3Day! Thank you so much!

Tired Tiffy

It was so hard to get up this morning! Ack! I did try to go to bed early, but it just didn’t work out the way I wanted.

But, I made it to and through class anyway and had a lovely time (as usual!). Our instructor was just as surprised today as we were last week that we didn’t have class on Monday–apparently, she had a sub and it was the sub who didn’t show. She’s going to schedule a make-up class for us, which is great!

I had to lower my handlebars to try to take pressure off of my wrist–which sounds backwards. But, the doctor said to try to either keep my wrist straight or bent forward and lowering seemed to work better for me. I’m sure I’ll keep experimenting to figure out what works the best! Apparently, I have a small cyst on my wrist–but it’s not big enough to do anything about right now. Also, my wrist is clicking/popping when I bend it, and he (the doctor) just wants me to rest it for a while and see what happens. I have to wear this weird splint at night–arg.

The Breast Cancer 3 Day!

As some of you might have read here earlier, my friend, M, is planning on participating in the Breast Cancer 3 Day event this fall in Atlanta. And, as of today, I’m joining her!

This is a 3 day, 60 mile walk to raise money for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and the National Philathropic Trust. These funds will support breast cancer research, education, screening, and treatment. Events like this will be taking place around the country.

I’m so excited about being part of this! I need to raise at least $2,100–an amount that seems enormous to me, but is really a drop in the bucket in comparison to the cost of scientific research and medical prevention.

If you would like to help me acheive my goal, please visit my fundraising webpage. I know that I would appreciate it very much, and I won’t be the only one. Here’s the link.

I’ll keep you updated!


M and I did another long walk today–a little over six miles again. We did a bunch of out and back type walking because I couldn’t chart out a good six mile route without doing that this week.

We changed our route because one house nearby has a little pasture that comes right up to the sidewalk, and they have goats! I wanted to walk by and see the cute little goatsies, but they weren’t out today.

But, we had a great walk. The weather was beautiful, and we walked out a pretty far ways where the view was rather scenic. We didn’t walk through the commercial area any, so it was a nice low key walk all in all. On our way back, we ran into one of my PA classmates–she lives across the street from my neighborhood, which is interesting. Maybe we can walk/jog together sometime!

When we came back home, RA was figuring out how to put the curtain I bought up in our bedroom. After M left, he had it all figured out and now we have a curtain in our bedroom! (We have blinds, too, but this makes me feel like we actually live here.) I think I want to paint our bedroom, because when they did it before, they didn’t fill all the holes in the wall for whatever reason. Plus, plain white walls are boring. One day.

Notice how I’m not saying anything about the extra exercise I didn’t do this week! Haha. I guess I’ll live somehow.


Hey, you! Yes, you there–eating an egg for breakfast! Listen up! Go to BED at a decent hour. When you come home from class tonight, put on your pajamas and go to bed.

Another day of dragging myself out of bed, much too tired. I’m just not sleepy when it is time to Go To Bed. Gar. This morning, I thought–I should just sleep in, and then…some vicious thoughts intruded “Getting out from under the covers is the hard part…after I get up, I’m always ready to go!” Shut up, shut up, you perky monkey! My blog is haunting me. So, of course, I got out of bed and put my clothes on and went outside.

Outside in the freezing cold RAIN! Ahhh! I yanked myself out of the toasty hot bed to run around getting cold rain in my shoes? Oh, woe is me.

But, as usual, once I got to class (early), I enjoyed myself and worked pretty hard. Poor little abs! And poor little wrist! No, I still haven’t asked the instructor what I can do differently–but I have an appointment with the Sports Medicine clinic tomorrow.

Because I was lazy and didn’t do anything on Monday when our spinning instructor didn’t show up, I don’t get Friday off. I’m going to go to Ramsey and do something for at least 30 minutes. wah. (I’m such a baby today.)



My sweater was on backwards half the day. Only half because I only wore it half the day. arg.

Another Day

Well, this won’t be an early morning entry today, even though I did get up and go to spinning today. I just didn’t feel like sitting still long enough to write–which isn’t very productive because now I don’t really remember exactly how I felt. Oh, well.

Class today was great–not too bad for having missed Monday. Of course, I used the magic of “not starting with the resistance turned up” to feel really good. How obvious is that? I could actually keep up with the class when I’m not cranked up a turn or two past everyone else. The news is that soon 5 bikes will have clip-in pedals instead of just toe cages–quite the topic of conversation.

I have had another busy and productive day, all told. And I still have to go to class! Our reading for tonight included some wacky article about returning to taxing the way we did it under the Articles of Confederation. Whoa nelly.

By the way, the case study we discussed yesterday in class was about the management of the รูเล็ตออนไลน์Audubon Zoo in New Orleans–and how it went from an “animal ghetto” to one of the nation’s best over the past 20-30 years. Anyone familar with Zoo Atlanta will certainly understand that progression. The case study was a really great advertisement, too–now I want to go visit it!

Oh, and now that I’ve mentioned Zoo Atlanta…what can I say but PANDA CAM! heehee.

sleepy girl


I should know when to go to bed–but I don’t. Actually, because RA had to work late at the lab last night, I did have to stay up until 11:30 when he was ready to be picked up. I did not have to continue to stay up and watch Aqua Teen Hunger Force (both episodes) and then read–in two different books!

After I roll out of the bed, I’m always ready to go so I shouldn’t act like it’s such a big deal! It’s the getting out from under the covers that is the hardest part.

Pilates was great again today–I’m crazy proud that I can keep my feet on the floor for the roll up move for the most part (yeah, on the last couple we won’t boast). I’m pretty sure that I will sign up for it again in March.

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